How To Look Gorgeous When You Step Out Of Swimming Pool

Many of us, including me, love to play the water splash. It includes fun, relaxation and a full time enjoyment. Most of the swimming pool or ocean requires cloths made out of nylon and Lycra. The best thing you opt to choose for your perfectly toned body is bikini. Bikini helps to make you look sexier and seductive, no matter what’s your size. The time, when you want to come out of ocean or a pool, you always want to look like Deepika Padukone or Miss Lopez isn’t it? Here’s how you can follow some steps and come out of ocean looking great. Some spice over you hot bikini will surely glam up the day.

1. Waterproof mascara:

Well, this can be the worst when you actually step out of water and your eye starts watering and this becomes a bad black day for you. Beauty market is flooded with a ton of water proof mascaras that help to stay on your eye lashes, even in the deep ocean and avoid you from getting panda eyes. You can also choose from bright color mascaras to look bright and glamorous. You need to be bold with your mascara so that when you step out of water, they would surely speak volume.

Ocean Makeup (4)

2. Waterproof eyeliner

Waterproof eyeliner is must, to avoid getting a messy look when you emerge out of water. Black and brown is something which everyone wears usually to highlight the hair, but if you are going on holidays be cheerful and colorful too. You can pick any dark blue, emerald green or maroon shades of eyeliner which would highlight the eyes properly and also appear good.

3. Make up kit

Carrying your makeup kit for your holiday is must and more important is to carry them at the time you are supposed to get a dip in the water. You may require many products and essentials once you step out of water. Remember to carry each and everything which you would need to make you skin glow. As soon as you come out of water, apply some toned moisturizer to get a slight tanned look in the blue ocean.

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4. Tanning

Self-tanning is now a new black in the market and you can get thousands of tanning cream which you make your skin appear more of orange or golden brown in shade. Tanning should be done a day before you are visiting the land of water. If you want to look sexier, tan them in equal parts and proportion. The biggest mistakes we tend to do while tanning is we tan the face completely and forget the neck area, which makes us look dark in the ocean.

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5. Hair tricks

When you dip in the ocean, what is your biggest concern? It would be hair. A little twist and turn of the hair and its parting style may add to the disadvantage to your face. The trick here says, pull all your hair back and comb them with the finger tips. Once you have used your fingers to comb, the hair frizz cuts down and your hair look super sleek. Now dip back into water straight, and come up again and use the finger tips to take them back again. Keep repeating this for 2-3 times and then the hair tend to set itself in the same direction.

Ocean Makeup

6. Lip balm

Can you actually take up a risk of wearing a glossy pink or bloody red lip gloss under water? These are old colors and the gloss mostly tends to fall out of lips. Any lipstick or lip-gloss is not going to stay for long over your lips. So, it would be better if you pick up some natural color lip balm with SPF which would protect the lips from tanning and also gives a natural effect over lips.

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7. Using SPF

How can SPF miss out from the list? Wearing SPF a few hours ago before you take a dip into ocean is the best way to avoid skin tanning. You are advised to use a self-tanner a day before and use SPF hours ago. Remember to reapply them in few hours. The perk here is come out of water, towel the skin and apply sunscreen. The more the SFP the more the effective the sunscreen will be.

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  1. It is a really interesting topic Rima. 😀 But, I would not prefer wearing even mascara to the pool or beach, it would make me uncomfortable. But using an spf and lip balm is a must!

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