How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Being an overweight person is, at the first sight, unhealthy and looks unpresentable most of the times (unless you don’t have a problem being overweight). Exercises help a real lot to get some pounds off the body, but when you’re busy and do not have enough time to exercise, sweat out and gym; you need something that’ll help you lose some pounds without exercise.

A slim woman is showing how much weight she lost

1. Replace junk food with funk food – without missing the ‘food fun’:

Fresh vegetable salad,healthy food

Eating too much can rather not be dangerous, at least, not more than eating junk food. Junk food adds bad calories to your body and causes body fat, rather adding to your weight. What could be more helpful than ditching junk food and eating the right food? And as most individuals believe that ditching junk food is letting off the ‘food fun’. No, it is not. How? Instead of taking this new good habit as a compromise, you should actually take it as a normal habit. Missing the richness of junk food? Here’s how not to ‘compromise’.
• Oily food lover? Switch to a healthier and tastier option – OLIVE oil.
• Veggie-hater? Blend them into soups, cuisines so they become less visible to you, yet you’re consuming them.

2. The elevator thing – stairs are must!

Portrait of lovely brunette walking up the stair, view from above

In the office or the apartment, you’re given both the options – elevator and stairs. What do you mostly use? The elevator is extremely helping, but they definitely don’t help you to lose calories and pounds. But, are the stairs too tiring for you? Here’s how to get the benefit of both.
• It’s harder to use the stairs to go upwards. Start with the easier option and walk down the stairs while using the elevator to elevate upwards.
• 1-2-3! Start with walking a single staircase a day. For if you have 4 staircases to step upwards, get to the third using a lift and walk the last staircase yourself. Slowly increase the number of staircases and ditch the elevator.

3. Green tea – for boosting the metabolism:

cup of green tea and spoon of dried green tea leaves on wooden background

What is the easiest option to lose fat? And that too by consuming tea? Green tea it is! The ideal amount of green tea to be consumed daily is nearly about 5 cups. But, some may not like the taste that the magical tea offers. What to do?
• You can simply add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to boost the taste of the green tea.
• Or, dilute your green tea with water so that it doesn’t taste like it is.

4. Keep a track of your calories:

To lose weight, you do not have to follow a diet plan or anything like that. Keeping a track of calories can help you to consume lesser calories every day, and thus, let some weight off.
• Get a calorie tracker – a watch, an app or anything equivalent to that. If any of these are not available to you, make a list of stuff that you eat and calculate the total calories that you have consumed in a single day.
• If possible cut off some calories next time.
• Google the foodstuff to know about the content of calories present in them.

5. Play your favorite sport – football, tennis, anything!

Rear view of tennis player serving during a match

Play your favorite sport. Sports help you to lose weight in the easiest way. And if they are your favorite, you enjoy them as well!

6. Walk to your favorite places – just a simple walk:

Walk as much as you can. Walk to the park, walk in the park, and walk when you have nothing to do!

7. Do your chores by yourself!

Beautiful young woman makes cleaning the house. Girl rubs dust.

• Clean your room.
• Make your own food.
• Make new healthy good calorie recipes for yourself.
• Clean the back yard.
• Experiment with house interior by lifting things from one place to another.

What is your favorite way to lose weight without exercise? Let us know in the comments.

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