How to Save Money while Buying Makeup and Cosmetics

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

Since the time IMBB has entered into our lives, our makeup and beauty shopping expenses have gone up. We keep splurging on some or the other new launches. But at times, some products cost us a bomb. So, what can you do in this case? Well, I’m sharing some easy tips and tricks that will help you same some major bucks. Take a look!


Finish what you have


We all tend to make this mistake. We keep buying products without finishing the previous ones. So, first empty your stash, list down the essentials and then buy new ones.

Keep looking for discounts

If you are a beauty and makeup enthusiast then you must be aware of what is the correct sale time and when does your favorite brand offer discounts. That is the time when you should go ahead and stock up on your essentials.

Check reviews before buying


Be 100% sure of the product you’re buying. Read a detailed review and know your product completely before you buy it. If you feel the product will work for you then it’s an investment; you might end up losing bucks without proper research.

Patch test

Make sure you do a patch test when you’re going for new skin care products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also, try makeup products at the counter before buying them. Give them some 2-3 hours to settle on your skin and then buy after seeing the results.

Multiuse your products

There are a few posts on IMBB that show how you can multiuse your favorite products. Develop this habit. This way your products will get finished and you will save money too.

Go for bigger sizes

If you are a pro when it comes to shopping, then you might have observed that bigger bottles are always cheaper. So, if you are buying something that you will be using daily then try to go for bigger bottles.

Opt for combo offers


Combos give us the opportunity to try out various products at once. They save money and are perfect for people who travel a lot. So look out for combos and complementary products.

Collect samples


This is another fab way of saving money. Women who are way too choosy or have a sensitive skin must start with samples. Try to get samples from various counters and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Switch to organic or ayurvedic brands

There are many Indian organic brands that offer good products without damaging your bank account. Explore them and see what works for you.

Trust natural products


There are a lot of products which you can substitute with your kitchen ingredients. For example, instead of buying a makeup remover, go for natural oils. Similarly, you can use aloe vera gel as a makeup primer.

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