Illamasqua Cream Pigment Androgen Review, Swatch, FOTD

Illamasqua Cream Pigment Androgen Review, Swatch, FOTD

illamasqua cream pigment androgen

This is part of Illamasqua new collection Theatre of Nameless.ย 

Claims :Cream Pigment is an intensely colour-rich, crease resistant, matt formula, available in a variety of shades.
It creates the ultimate in textures on the face, eyes, lips or body. Apply with an Illamasqua brush or simply use your fingers for a buildable, water resistant, highly pigmented finish.
Layer under Powder Eye Shadow and Pure Pigment for added intensity.

Price : 1,260 approx

androgen packaging

Like and Dislikes :

  • Illamasqua cream pigment is quite versatile product. It can be used for cheeks, eyes, lips or body.
  • Cream pigment ,imo, is an excellent concept considering that you don’t have to work with messy loose pigments any more.
  • Androgen is a milky peach color, which is quite suitable for those with very fair skin tones. It does not have any shimmers in it.
  • It is quite pigmented but I have to build it up for it to show on my NC 35 skin tone.
  • It blended seamlessly and easily with both a duo fibre brush and finger tips.
  • Although Androgen can be used various purposes, I preferred using it mainly for cheeks. On lips (as you’d see in pics below), it looks quite light and clashing against my skin tone. It looks more like base color for lips than the color itself.
  • I have been using it from a couple of days and I noticed that when I use it as a blush, the staying power on its own is not that great. My skin drinks up the product within an hour. However, when I used it as base under a powder blush, my blush stayed all day long.
  • It creases on eye lids on its own. You HAVE to apply a base to make the cream pigment work.
  • On lips it is super opaque and gives a semi matte finish. It does not have a fragrance or taste. It accentuate the fine lines of lips and the staying power I noticed was around 4 hours. Also since the product is super opaque, you always have to ย smooth it out with fingers or else you’d end up with streaky application.It is quite water proof and transfer resistant as well.
  • You can purchase it online at it . It is not available in stores here in India.

androgen packaging

illamasqua cream pigment androgen

And this is how Androgen Cream Pigment looks one me.


androgen cream pigment by illamasqua

Overall, I feel the color is too light for most Indian skin tones. ย It mainly see it as cheek product and I don’t think this color is anything special. ย If you are using it for eyes, use a synthetic bristles brus I just use Q tip and blend it with fingers.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 2.9/5

I found this on how to use cream pigments. This is by Illamasqua :

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56 thoughts on “Illamasqua Cream Pigment Androgen Review, Swatch, FOTD

          1. tickle me pink …. only because it looked so pretty on my cheeks :love: :love: :love: :love: but on my lips it was scary whitish ! but the mua gave me a good trick … she said use it over a dark lip pencil and it will look nice … maybe if you try the same with this one iska kuch bhala ho sakta hai ?

              1. use dark pencil all over lips and then soften with creme color base all over … at the store she tries it with Plum lip pencil … but i have a shade called hover which is brown ish and with tickle me pink over it it turns into a soft brown pink shade somewhat like cosmo/midimauve ….

                  1. you have 4-4 lip pencils …. i have only two :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: but try and tell me if it worked for you … i bought make up after almost a month .. i was really ill for the past week but i swear the moment i walked into MAC i forgot all my sickness … :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: and the moment i walked out of MAC all the pain came rushing back … yeeesh .. talk about make up addiction !

        1. blussh toh it makes very nice bt i have to layer it up to make it show on my skin. I am wearing it in pics bt again it no shows up very light light. looks nice. ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. For the first time in IMBB i didnt liked ur FOTD…. :worship: :worship: …. Its surely not for indian lips… ๐Ÿ™„ .. Bt i liked the cheek part though… :kissed:

  2. geee that sucks !!! I really want to buy that OCC Lip Tar but i cant tell which is the right shade only by looking online ๐Ÿ™ same with illamasqua.. cant spend meri mehnat ki kamai until i know for sure na

  3. the color looks awesome in the dabba ๐Ÿ™‚ but ya after application…for average indian complxion type, its too light!! :nababana: :nababana:

  4. Hi Rati…It’s a really lovely colour, but yeah a bit too light….all the same you are looking so cute with the flower and from sideways your lips look like a baby’s pout…sho shweet…. :)) :))

  5. Yup, this is too light & camera did not catch any colour at all on ur cheeks. :nababana:
    But u still look so pretty & I love that clip

  6. Illamasqua is a really story-telling brand and my experience with their support staff is really the best. They belong to Kryolan, by the way.

    The only reason why I do not use Illamasqua product are the ingredients used for their products which could have been considered modern in the 1960ies, but not today.

  7. I like the color and texture a lot but as you said it is not going to show up on my skin at all ๐Ÿ™ During the very initial stages of my makeup craze I ended up buying blushes that hardly shows on my skin ๐Ÿ˜› Not going to do that mistake ever again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. the color looks so pretty in the pan! it can be used as cream blush ! but its better to buy mac creamblend blush than this and ya as a lip product, it looks quite scary! :tongue:

  9. I guess the only complexion jispe it wont look washed out is that of a polar bear or an arctic fox! ๐Ÿ˜€ Baki sabpe washed out hi lgega..but is a great cheek color! But then again, this color is a very common blusher color, so u have 1 u neednt buy this one i think ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Di u luking gud…..but seriously the colour pay off is really bad…i jst cant see d colour….Apart from it Did u applied it in ur lips too kya????I dint lyk d colour on the lips….But overall u luk guwjus as usal… :puchhi: :puchhi:

  11. This shade is nice….and the cream pigment has excellent quality..but I guess the other shade of their Nameless collection would suit indian skintones better!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Me louued your flower!!

  12. I just love this thing to bits…..Because I love neon-ish peaches…but I can’t wear it without looking like a corpse. :nono:
    Bt you look sooo cute with your clip and pillow! :love: Pappi dene ka man kar raha hai. :puchhi:
    ..Also,I DID SOME MAJOR HAULING RATI! :yahoo: :yahoo: :jalwa: :jalwa: :makeup: :makeup: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    Magar mere paas dhang ka camera nahi hai isliye no haul wala post! :pan: :waaa:

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