Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss: Lip balm 27 Review

Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss: Lip balm 27 Review

Hello Beauties,

I am back with one more lip gloss review, but this time unlike my taste this one is a light shade. I am more of a n*de eye, dark lips girl, as that look is easy to attain and takes less time compared to smoky eyes and n*de lips look. I have used Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Glosses before and loved them. This one is from Incolor Glam Shine range in the shade “Lip Balm”. Let’s see how much I liked it.
incolor glamshine lipgloss lip balm 27


Rs. 160 for 6.5ml

What the product claims:
incolor galmshine lip gloss lip balm 27
There is nothing written on the gloss tube, but from the online shopping site this is what I found –
• Type: Lip balm.
• Gives a soft and smooth texture.
• Heals your lips.
• Gives intensive lip care.
• Has a great lip care formula.
• Amazing package that does not cause wastage.
• Stops cracking and bleeding of lips.

Well, I feel the site went confused after seeing the shade name Lip balm and though this is a lip balm in a lip gloss tube and gave the description similar to a lip balm. I could not find any site of the brand Incolor to get the real info.
1 incolor galmshine lip gloss lip balm 27


Not mentioned

My experience with Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss Lip balm 27:

The claim of this being a lip balm which was made by the selling site is very misleading. Though this lip gloss is very moisturizing, and lips feel soft when used, still it cannot be called a lip balm. It is a lip gloss in very light shade, which looks same as lips with just lip balm on them.

This gloss looked baby pink in color on the site where I bought this from; I believed it to be of same shade and bought it. But in reality this gloss looks creamy brown + pink, very soft cool shade. Though when used on skin it does not look the same. It leaves just a shiny very light pink tint on my lips with some silver shimmer in it. Shimmer is not much visible all the time, so people who dislike shimmer gloss can also use it. I mostly use it when I want to have no makeup look still need some shine on my lips. I have also tried using this lip gloss on my matte lipsticks to add some shine and it worked well there too.

Packaging is a bit different from the Incolor Crystal Brilliance range. This tube is thinner and taller; still it fits easily inside any hand bag or clutch. Applicator is nice which works fine. Staying power is bit better here then the crystal brilliance one, even after some light meal this gloss is there on my lips. It gives a bit stickier feeling then the other one but still not heavy on lips. I feel this is nice shade for people who love n*de lips and for teenage girls who want to use makeup without their Mom noticing it.
incolor galmshine lip gloss lip balm 27 lotd

Pros of Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss Lip balm 27:

• Gives light pink n*de lips.
• Moisturizing lip gloss.
• Not heavy or very sticky.
• Inexpensive.
• Sturdy packaging.
• Decent staying power.

Cons of Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss Lip balm 27:

• No ingredients mentioned.
• Not flattering on much pigmented lips.
• Girls who love dark lip colors won’t like it.
• Availability can be an issue.
• Misleading claims by seller site, though it is not directly a con of the product, but as there is no site of this brand, it is difficult to verify the information.

Final Verdict on Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss Lip balm 27:

If you want just the lip balm look on your lips try this out. You can also use it on your matte lipsticks which tend to be dry. Good choice for teenagers.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Incolor Glam Shine Lip gloss Lip balm 27:

No for the same shade, but will try a different shade from this range.

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  1. nice review…I have never tried any products from this brand…nice snaps…and I like the glitters reminds me of Loreal Glam shine

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