Innisfree Nail Base Coat Review

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Today, I am going to review Innisfree Nail Base Coat. I have never tried Innisfree nail polishes earlier as they have beautiful colors too, but I picked this clear base coat. Now, let’s get into the details.

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Review

Product Description:
A base coat that keeps your nail colour vivid for longer
·Maintains vivid nail colour for a long time
·A base coat for bright and rich colouring and long-lasting colour
·Tangerine extracts for nails moisturizing nails with lower irritation

INR 300

My Experience with Innisfree Nail Base Coat:

Innisfree Nail Base Coat comes in a pretty clear glass bottle with a white cap. It has a very nice, flat, large applicator brush that possesses a good density of bristles. Thanks to its flat size, it covers my entire nail in one go. It goes on smoothly on the nails and picks up a good amount of the product at once. I like the overall packaging. The product is also decently priced.

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Packaging

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Innisfree Nail Base Coat With Cap

This is a clear nail paint that is perfect as a base and it gives the right shine to nail as well. On the bottle, it looks like a white paint, but on nails, it is actually a colorless paint that it covers up my nails nicely. It helps to tone down my normal nail color and acts as a nice base coat. As a clear base, it can’t hide the yellowish tone on my nails, but it definitely gives a glow to it.

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Cap Open

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Bottle

Its medium-thin texture spreads smoothly on the nails and it dries out so quickly. It adds a nice glossy finish to my nails and makes it look healthy. Home manicure and filing reduces the shine and natural smoothness on nails, but the base coat instantly gives that smooth flawless effect. It enhances the color of my nail polishes and keeps my nails smooth.

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Applicator

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Nail Swatch

This polish hides the uneven texture of my nails and helps to glide the actual color effortlessly. It never makes my nails dry or rough and protects them too. When I remove my nail colours, this base coat safely removes the colour without peeling or scratching my nails. It hides all the imperfections and makes my nails smoother and even toned. It also helps to stay them nicely. But, it can’t increase the longevity of the nail paints. They are pretty much same like usual. Overall, I am happy with the results, and this product actually acts nice as base nail paint.

Innisfree Nail Base Coat Nails

Pros of Innisfree Nail Base Coat:

  • Nice packaging and good quality.
  • Nice flat applicator.
  • Affordable.
  • Pretty clear nail paint.
  • Works well as a base coat.
  • Helps to enhance my other nail paints.
  • Provides a nice, healthy shine.
  • Hides the rough texture.
  • Makes nails smoother.
  • Helps to glides the nail paint easily.
  • Provides hydration and improves texture.

Cons of Innisfree Nail Base Coat:

  • Can’t increase the longevity of the nail paints.
  • Can’t hide the yellowish stain.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Innisfree Nail Base Coat?
It will last long to me and I’m not so sure about repurchase, but it’s definitely a good product as a base nail paint.

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