Inverted Triangle Law Of Food

Inverted Triangle Law of Food

We usually have food based on the products available at home, time available and place where we are. If it is in the morning, we usually are in a hurry and we hardly remember what we had. Especially women skip their breakfast in making their kids eat, serve and pack food and due to other usual day to day work. So it is never uniform and keeps fluctuating. It is always necessary to have a balanced food also at the right time of the day. In this article I am sharing all such details so that if not all we can follow at least a few.

The inverted triangle shows the quantity of food that has to be taken from morning till evening.


Break Fast
Just imagine the wide triangle base which forms our breakfast menu. Our tummy is as open as the wide triangle base, after a long gap of 10 hours. It is very essential to hydrate our body by drinking heaps of water before we actually consume solid food. Many of us do not do it. Drink at least ½- 1 litre of water and give a gap, then take your breakfast.

Time – Finish your breakfast before 10 am.

Quantity – Eat a good amount of food that includes fruits and fresh juice as well. Also take considerable time to finish your breakfast. Do no thrust in the food and run away. This is not going to help you in anyway. Make sure you give at least 4 hours break between each meal.

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You can have a healthy lunch and compare the lunch to the mid part of a triangle. Our tummy shrinks a bit after filling a part of it with breakfast. Again hydration is very essential. Be it any time of the day keep drinking lots of fluid.

Time – Finish your lunch before 2 pm.

Quantity – How much ever you take your breakfast, lunch should be just 2/3rd of the quantity of your breakfast. We usually have a small breakfast, so please do not compare it with it. Have a good breakfast and then do this comparison. Make sure you add veggies and sprouts to your lunch.

Though this is not in the chart we make sure we take a snacks break these days!!!! Just keep it simple with Tea/Coffee/Juice and just nuts, dates, raisins. Do not end up eating all these puffs, cakes and aerated drinks. They just satisfy your tongue and not your body. This is just to balance the long gap between lunch and dinner and thus not a meal as such.



Again making a comparison with the triangle, you can have just half of what you had for your breakfast. We come from work, relax and this is when we get time to relish our food. So we don’t have any limits and end up having too much food which is absolutely bad for our health.

Time – Finish you dinner before 8 pm.

Quantity – You can keep your dinner as simple as just milk and fruits. Sleep with a light tummy to get proper sleep than having food that fills all parts of your body till your throat 😛 Also don’t forget to drink heaps of water. Make sure you have your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Try having this diet for a period of 3 months and you can see major difference in your health, metabolism and energy levels.

This information was shared by my friend who has done her course in Nutrition and Dietics.

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34 thoughts on “Inverted Triangle Law Of Food

  1. just milk and fruits should suffice for dinner? thats good to hear..just one question- mornings I generally go for a walk so right now I am just having a glass of milk before i go. is there something else I should be having?

  2. Woww its really nice one, my mom always tells me to have food if time and also amt of food, kaash ke me sunti ! 😀 :thumbsup: :thanks:

  3. wowww great aarthi.. :thumbsup: but very difficult to follow it ..specially dinner timings :bully: ..but want to try :thanks: :thanks:

  4. When we try to apply this. It never works 🙁
    I don’t feel like eating early morning when I start my day…dinner always ends up at 9.30-10….. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
    should really change my habits…..I should really follow this inverted triangle law….as my energy levels are really going low day-by-day :tremble:

  5. this is something i religiously follow, aarthi. it makes sense and really makes a difference to energy levels and weight, as you mentioned. this is the best health article on imbb. keep more coming! 😀

  6. Hey Aarthi… have perfectly explained the triangle……I tho eat breakfast before 8 AM…..and never in a thrusting manner….I spend a helluva lot of time on the dining table…… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: …and as you said, I do agree, dinner is the least important meal….my mom always emphasizes on sleeping with a lighter tummy……good one Aarthi :waytogo:

  7. I agree with all your points Aarthi….but my major diet sabotage lies in weekend parties when dinner is like “so many varieties” and I am with friends and family and then it becomes like a big meal. Mon-Fri I can pretty much do any diet if I have my heart set on.

    Its a real comedy scene sometimes…all thin women have their plates loaded and all the fat women have it at minimum. Then fat women will go for second or third helpings and thin women will leave half the food on the plate….or will eat in span of 2 hours aaram se…..

  8. aarthi such awesome article… just found time to read it. 😐 😐 I will try to follow this rule “Make sure you give at least 4 hours break between each meal.” thanks. 🙂

    I try to eat before 8 a lot of time but sometimes i kind attend to forget that and my dinner happens really late. :(( A good reminder article for healthy living. 🙂

    Nia, hehehheh I agree. :laugh:

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