Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack Review

Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack

By Parul Yadav

Hello beauties,

This is my very first review for the blog, and I am super excited about it! Since last 1 month I have been religiously following this website, because I got done with my BDS in August and waiting to join my job in October. I am totally loving this website and its open on my lappy 24*7…. Believe me on that!

Being badly affected by oily skin and acne problems since my teenage, I have developed an OCD for any product that reads *acne* in its description. I have had my share of visiting dermatologists and it did affect me while I was in my early 20’s and now reaching in my mid 20’s I come across some zits every now and then. But now I treat them on my own with home remedies and commercially available treatments ofcourse with the help of imbb :*. So by now I have a whole cupboard filled with acne facewashes, creams, gels, facepacks, prescription drugs, you name it and I’ll get it .

But writing a review for a product was a tough job because almost every product I’ve used has been covered . But one product which hasn’t been written about is the Jovees anti acne antiseptic face pack. I bought this product some 2 months back from a local cosmetic store when a SA (with whacky make-up) literally forced me to buy it *irritated*. Though I have used jovees products (tea tree facewash, toner etc I don’t remember other products! They aren’t anyways worth remembering) quite a few times I was never impressed with them, still I decided to give it a try.

Price: It comes in a 120g flip open packaging for Rs. 195. It claims of containing tea tree and clove, mentions *need for clarity* and for all skin types.


My take on Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack:

Since previously used jovees products have never satisfied me, I decided to use it for a month once a week (as mentioned on the product) to make out whether it’s my preconceived notion not to accept this particular brand or is it really ineffective. Once again disappointment held me…. It did nothing to my acne (nothing at all, not even reduced the existing ones forget about new eruptions). Moreover, after 20mins when you wash off the pack, your skin seems duller than before 😮

The colour is pale yellow with a horrible smell of clove and sulphuric acid! Yes, it does smell like acid or hair remover cream!


Pros of Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack:

• NOTHING! Believe me!

Cons of Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack:

• Does nothing for your acne
• Horrible smell of hair removing cream
• Highly priced (there are much much better products available, priced lower than this one)
• Leaves off dull patches on the acne site after being washed off


Will I recommend?

NEVER! Not even to my enemies! There are so many better and fairly priced face packs available for acne affected beauties like Himalaya neem pack…. Go for them! The sales girls for jovees are wisely trained who burden their products on you…. Don’t fall in their trap!


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8 thoughts on “Jovees Anti Acne Antiseptic Face Pack Review

  1. Hahahahaha *hihi* *hihi* great that you were soo honest *jai ho* i have tried the pimple and acne cream and that worked fine *pompom*

  2. True. After using this i have got more pimples than before and when i apply it, it starts burning as if i have applied a mixture of toothpaste & spices.

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