Jovees Kajal Review, Swatch

Jovees Kajal Review

Hello all,

I am back with another post.

Until I got used to reading IMBB, I used to be only a kajal lady. That too home made kajal. It is because of IMBB I have started playing with colors and kajal’s available in the market. Of course, none of the kajal’s in the market can replace my home made kajal.

Few months back, strolling casually in between the racks of Big Bazaar, I saw the Jovees Kajal. My instincts suddenly told me to pick it up. And I obeyed. Sigh…!!! How I wish I had not obeyed…!!!

jovees kajal

What Jovees has to say about this product:

Jovees Kajal helps to keep eyes healthy, facilitates the growth of lashes and shall help to maintain and improve quality of vision.

I used it on my eye in the lower water line.

It costs Rs.90.

Jovees Kajal contains Triphala, Almond oil, natural carbon and other herbal extracts.

Triphala – is an Ayurvedic herbal rasayana formula consisting of equal parts of three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Triphala offers antioxidant, bacteria-killing, and immune-enhancing benefits.

Almond oil needs no introduction.

Shelf life:
3 years

Sorry ladies!! I have disposed off the outer carton of this product.


My experience:
This kajal is in a conical form in a retractable tube. It has a transparent cap. This type of packaging is easy to handle and carry around.

The color pay off of this kajal is good and it glides on the waterline easily. It gives the eye waterline a great black finish. There is no effect on the eyes when applied on. Neither stinging effect nor cooling effect.

But, the kajal when used in many swipes smudges like hell within half an hour.

If swiped only once or twice, the smudging is not too visible. But the kajal fades off without any trace within half an hour.

This is lying in my shelf without any attention.  Not worth a buy.

Over a period of time, the kajal has become so soft that it might break off from its case. There are tiny droplets over it indicating that it is oozing out oil. On the whole, Rs.90 wasted…!!!

I cannot comment on growth of lashes and improved quality of vision since I have used this kajal only twice or thrice.

2 days ago, I saw that Jovees Kajal was a free product offered along with some Jovees skin care products at Big Bazaar. I didn’t give a damn since I was not interested. This is where it struck me that I have to inform you all “Jovees Kajal is not worth a try”.


Jovees Kajal swiped 2 times

Pros of Jovees Kajal:
1. Jovees kajal is herbal. A major positive point to ponder about.
2. Packaging is neat and easy to handle.
3. Black color of the kajal streak is good.

Cons of Jovees Kajal:
1. Smudges very easily and gives a black ring around the eyes.
2. Fades off without any trace.
3. The kajal has a tendency to melt in its tube.

2/5. Don’t even think of trying it.

No. Never will I buy this again.

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21 thoughts on “Jovees Kajal Review, Swatch

  1. thanks for sharing joves……. :thanks: :thanks:
    m in love with lakme satin….. thats ma fav so far 😉 😉 😉

  2. melts in tube??? forget kajal this dilli ki humidity gets me molten :pissedoff:
    thnx for the savior review 🙂

  3. yes…same here Chand. I used this some 2 years back. I have veryyyyyyyyyy oily skin. This jovees kajal was no good to me. It faded, smudged a lot.
    But, m happy with maybelline colossal now :dance:

  4. Wow! this one melts!!!? others usually harden up na. But I have the smudging and fading problem with most kajals, the vlcc, shahnaz Hussain’s one and the biotique. I want to pick up that new lakme satin kajal once I go home :makeup:

  5. u know Chand……i was thinking of reviewing this product and i found this one today… good one :waytogo: i too agree with u with all ur points! i have found a way out 🙂 i apply it on my upper lids and smudge it with earbuds….this helps to maintain the look u want to 🙂

  6. Hi all….. sorry. i am so late. 🙁 Was a little busy over the weekend. I could not check the blog… Thanks all for appreciating and agreeing with my review.

  7. True! It smudges. En it’s lying in my shelf too… It’s too soft en mine has got a crack slightly so i stopped using. Buh this one is purely organic.

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