Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review

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Makeup removers I feel are often ignored in my opinion. Having a good makeup remover or cleanser is probably the most important part of your daily routine especially if you use makeup on daily basis like kajal/eyeliners/compacts etc. Maybelline Eye N Lip makeup remover is my absolute favorite and I don’t know remember the no of bottles I have used up. For face I love love cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin, its very gentle and perfect for everyday cleansing rountine. But there are times when you need a strong cleanser especially when using cream based foundations and concealers. I feel Cetaphil is too gentle for that and does not remove complete makeup.

Kryolan Cleansing Cream

Kryolan Cleansing Cream


So during my last visit to Kryolan store in Mumbai I picked up their cleansing cream. The SA at the store mentioned that this cleansing cream can be used for all kinds of makeup removal and is gentle on skin and will not break me out. Looking at the ingredient list I highly doubted their claim but then the quantity was great for the price so I got it anyway.


Kryolan Cleansing Cream review

Kryolan Cleansing Cream

My thoughts:- I have used this cleansing cream quite a lot of times especially when I use my kryolan paint stick as foundation. The first time I opened the tub I was surprised as it looks exactly like vicks vaporub minus the strong smell. The consistency of this cleansing cream is quite confusing as it looks quite stiff in the tub but when it comes in contact with the skin it melts! It removes every single trace of makeup! Yes! I have even used this to remove my eye makeup and it does the job effectively. Though I found it does not remove mascara that well. I think this basically works well for all cream based makeup.

Kryolan Cleansing Cream


The only problem is that it leaves the skin a bit waxy and oily though this has never broken me out but I hate that oily feeling on my face. Using a face wash is a must after the cleansing.

How I use it:- I take a small quantity of the cream between my fingers and apply it all over my face gently massaging. As soon as the cream comes in contact with the skin it melts the entire makeup. Later I use cotton pads to clean my face.

-> Extremely effective in removing makeup
-> Gentle on skin
-> Did not break me out
-> Did not cause any irritation or rashes
-> Huge quantity and reasonably priced
-> Removes eyemakeup including eyeliners and eyeshadows pretty well

-> Leaves waxy/oily residue behind
-> Does not remove mascara effectively
-> Not suitable for extremely oil skin girls
-> Not available easily

Eyeliners, lipstick and mascara swatches

See how effectively it cleans in single swipe?

Price:- 450 for 150 gms

Rating:- 3.5 out of 5

Do I recommend:- Yes and No..Yes if you use heavy makeup or if you a makeup artist this cleanser would come handy but definitely not for everyday use. Extremely oily skinned beauties stay away from this though it never broke me out but why take a chance 🙂

Hope this review was helpful, until next time tc and stay beautiful.

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  1. I loved the whole idea of using a luscious cream to remove makeup. I guess i’d pick it up if i am able to find it here. and thank god for normal to dry skin. loll! great review! 🙂

  2. nice review parita 🙂 although i dnt use make up on daily basis bt in cuming mnths durga puja,diwali and my brother’s wedding is there so i will buy it for sure. it seeems to do its job well 🙂

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