Amway Attitude Eye Pencil: Kajal Coal

Hi ladies! This is my first review ever!
amway attitude eye pencil
Searching for the perfect Kajal, I have tried Kajals / Black eye pencils of almost every brand – Lakme Kajal, Lakme Eye Pencil, Maybelline Expert Eyes, Maybelline Unstoppable (quite forgettable!), Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Oriflame Black Eye Pencil, Revlon Colourstay Eye Pencil, Revlon Streetwear Kajal, L’Oreal Pencil Perfect in Black, Himalaya Kajal, Chambor Kohl, Faces Black Eye Pencil, Colorbar, Mary Kay… PHEW!! Yes, I HAVE tried ALL of these! And I have found only one Kajal that does everything I want a Kajal to do- Amway Attitude Eye Pencil – Kajal Coal.

We all want our Kajal to be sexy black, silky smooth in application and of course not smudge!! (As if having dark circles wasn’t bad enough!) For me, the Amway Attitude Kajal has worked, and boy! Has it worked!!

During my pregnancy, this lady used to come to give me a massage. She also used to go to some lady’s place, who was an Amway agent. While, giving me a massage she mentioned that if I need anything from Amway, she could get it…..I had been wanting to try the Kajal after seeing the product online on the Amway website, and so I told her to get it for me. I opened the cap, with bated breath took the Kajal to my eyes and…WOW!! I was in bliss-land! The application is really smooth, the pigment is deadly black and it stays on for hours! It lasts for my work hours, for Sunday shopping sprees, for movie and coffee with hubby, for everything!!!
attitude pencil
The Kajal is in Pencil form, and the Net Weight is 1.2g.

The Amway website states the Product Description – Highlight your eyes like never before with Attitude Eyeliner Pencil. This allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision.

The Product Benefits –
1. Eyeliner formula which gently defines eyes with rich luxurious colours, and a velvety appearance.
2. Super long wear, waterproof & smudge-proof.
3. Extremely soft and smooth application with excellent colour payoff & coverage
4. Product not tested on animals

The price on the pencil listed as Rs. 275, and the website it’s Rs. 280.

The Pencil comes in 4 shades – Kajal Coal (mind-bogglingly awesome), Cobalt Blue (super-good), Deep Purple (pathetic colour pay-off!) and Dark Brown (not tried).

I am SO happy I found this Kajal!! Very recently, I bought the Maybelline Colossal Kajal thinking maybe my kajal has met its match. But it wasn’t to be, I was disappointed. Since all you beautiful ladies are make-up mamas, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say the “feel” of the Colossal Kajal didn’t work for me. Do you get me? Just a little something was off! Be it the application or the thickness of the pencil or the colour. It wasn’t quite “there”! So I accepted the fact that Amway is the BEST bet for me!
Here are the swatches –

Pros of Amway Attitude Eye Pencil

1. Awesome black, pigmented colour
2. Deadly smooth application
3. Good staying power
4. Doesn’t smudge and settle in the creases under the eyes
5. Amway agents are quite a few in number. You’re sure to find more than one in your neighbourhood.

Cons of Amway Attitude Eye Pencil

1. One has to sharpen it with a Kajal sharpner. I use Lakme’s.
2. You can get it only through an Amway agent.
3. The Purple shade is the black sheep of the family! Ultra-bad colour pay-off!
4. Sometimes stock can be a problem and you might have to wait to get your order (I had wanted the Cobalt Blue one but couldn’t get it).

I use it every day and will continue to purchase it till the day I find an alternative that matches up…. And that day might never come… 😛

My Rating– 4.95 (-.05 because, well, I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to perfection :P)

P.S.– My mom uses the Amway Attitude Eye Pencil in Cobalt Blue and it is just as good! Super-smooth application…And the blue looks really nice as a Kajal!!
Next on my Kajal-To-Try list is MAC’s Kohl, which have heard rave reviews about. Since the MAC brand isn’t available in my city, I will wait till my aunt sends it from Delhi, and then I will finally try it on!!

Till then, ciao ladies! 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Amway Attitude Eye Pencil: Kajal Coal

  1. have seen it & tried it too.. yeah .. ts the blackest black :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .. & thanx for the review..i’ll try to pick it in my next amway purchase.. :haanji: :haanji:

  2. Nice review Shweta, I’m in search for the blackest black kohl, will surely try this :thanks: :thanks:

  3. nice review Shwetav, I have used ocean green and cobalt blue from this range, good pigmentation , i think this is not waterline safe, my eyes turned red when applied to waterline

  4. The Colour seems really dark :announce: but i’ve purchased maybelline colossol yesterday only. :headbang: . nd i don’t have any amway rep. here. :headbang: :headbang: . :scream:

      1. Neha frankly speaking after reading so many gud reviews here for Collosal, i still didn’t find my HG.. :nababana: it breaks me out coz it fades so quickly.. :shocked: like you will not be able to see it after 4-5hours i think.. :smug: :smug:

        i’ve tested Colourbar at the counter & i think it suits me very well..coz it stays for more than 12hrs & havn’t faded.. :secret2: next time after finishing this maybelline, i will head towards Colorbar i think.. :huh: :huh:

  5. Nice Review! I have tried kajals and liners before but some how I am never happy with the results, I think my eyes looks smaller after I apply Kajal. Is there some special technique?

  6. fun review shweta.. product seems promising!! but have no clue abt amway representatives here..
    but thanx for the review :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  7. Oh yes it is amazing and nice review. I have tried the black one. However, comparing it with maybelline colossal, I’d prefer colossal only and only because of the sharpening problem. I am not a fan of pencils. But yes if they had it in revolving ones, amway kohl would definitely be my HG.


  8. Hey hey hey…!!! I had no clue my review was already on the blog!…bah!

    thanks for the encouraging comments, ladies 🙂 makes me wanna write more reviews!

    this is the best kajal i hv used EVER!! tried out MAC Powerpoint in Engraved a fews days back…UGH!!

  9. Gals,
    Please don’t use the cobalt one. My friend and I bought them from one of our
    collegues and both are eyes had problem. Hers was watering and I had
    irritation of my eyes the whole day yest. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.


  10. :hughright: I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. it is very good :tha :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: nks: :thanks:

  11. I too using the above kajal its very good but as i carry it with me while travelling its tip broke preety soon. i have to sharp it almost ecry second day. does it happen with you as well? 😐

  12. i m a big fan of chambor writes on d water line n by far d blackest i ve noticed till date…….collosal didnt wrk for fades n settles in the lower lid..givin a dark circle appearence..i tried MAC graphblack- wanted to throw it in d bin….*head bang* it just would not write on the waterline…hashmi wasnt a hit it wid me either.Since my skin is oily…..sumhow d kaja; seeps out from d sides of my eyes towards d outer corner…..

    shud i try amway? wud it work for my kind a skin..n write on waterline?

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