Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush Review

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Hello Everybody,

Today, I am sharing my views on Kent Twelve TWMU2 eye contour brush. This brush is made of natural hair and can be used for combing, shaping and grooming eyebrows and eye lashes. To know more, please continue reading.

kent eye contour brush

Price: INR 399/- after discount
Product Description: Kent eye contour brush is the perfect tool to comb, define and groom your eyebrows. It will help you to better enhance the beauty of your natural features.This is a must have tool for any make up bag and is perfect for shaping and defining or simply touching up your brows.
Directions for use: For long lasting results use hairspray on the tips of the brush before use; to keep brows in place all day. Gently brush and smooth your eyebrows into shape with the natural bristle brush. Use the curved comb to separate upper and lower lashes for better definition.

kent eye contour brush details

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My Experience with Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush:

Kent eye contour brush has a comb made of good quality plastic and a brush made of natural hair. It comes packaged in an off white wooden handle, with a soft textured black coloured gripper. This brush comes packaged in a plastic pouch with a zip, which makes this product absolutely travel friendly.

From the very beginning I have always used and found an eye contour brush very handy to comb and shape my eyebrows. Even when I never wore much of makeup, only a normal compact, lipstick and kajal, were the items in my makeup kit, I used eye contour brush from Vega and Clinique. After using the same brush for so many years, I decided to change and buy a new one. I wanted a decent eye contour brush at a reasonable price. I felt Kent would meet my needs, a good brush and an affordable price tag. So along with the lipbrush, I also bought an eye contour brush from Kent.

kent eye contour brush bristles

This eye contour brush has a curved shaped comb and a brush. The comb is made of good quality plastic and is useful for combing the eye brows, as well as the upper and lower eye lashes. On the other hand the brush is made of all natural hair and is useful to comb, define and shape eye brows and apply brow shadow. I personally use the plastic comb to shape my eyebrows and the natural hair brush to further define and shape my eye brows on daily basis. I also use it to apply brow shadow, to enhance the look and colour of the eye brows on special occasions.

I hardly use the plastic comb on my eye lashes, but for review purpose I did and found it very useful and handy. Combing the eyelashes, helps remove any residue of shimmery eye shadow which tends to fall and settle in the lashes sometimes. Texture of the plastic comb is smooth, does not hurt or irritate my sensitive skin around eye contour. However the natural hair brush feels rough on the skin, but luckily did not scratch, irritate or cause any rash on my sensitive skin.

Pros for Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush:

• Helps comb, define, shape and groom eyebrows.
• Can be used to comb and separate the upper and lower eyelashes.
• Made of good quality materials and natural hair.
• Travel friendly packaging.
• Pricing is very reasonable and affordable.

Cons for Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush:

• Bristles of the brush made of natural hair feel rough on the skin, may not be advisable for very sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush?
Yes, I recommend, but those with sensitive skin, please test the brush bristles before buying.
Would I Repurchase Kent Twelve TWMU2 Eye Contour Brush?

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