Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush Review

Hello everybody,

Today, I am sharing my views on a recent addition to my brush kit, Kent Twelve Lip Brush No.6. It is made of synthetic hair and this lip brush helps define, shape and shade lips, to get the desired lips and pout. To know more, please continue reading.

kent lip brush

Price: INR 479/- after discount
Product Description: Be your own makeup artist and try out some top tips using this Kent Lip Brush to define, shape and shade your lips exactly as you like. Use this brush to apply lipstick, lip gloss or lip conditioner and define, fill, shape and shade as you wish to reach your desired effect.

Claims: Kent twelve lip brush is a very high quality, premium makeup brush from Kent twelve range. Sold individually, with usage and tips printed on the reusable travel pouch. Taken care of well, Kent brushes are known to last for ages.

Expert Tips: Why not try this make up artist tip to reshape your lips by first applying foundation and then accentuating or minimising peaks and dips to create a new lip definition.

kent lip brush description

Directions of use:
• For a really clean line apply lipstick over a foundation base
• Apply lipstick, lip gloss or lip conditioner
• Load the brush with colour and distribute evenly starting at the centre of the lips working outwards

My Experience with Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush:

Kent lip brush is made of synthetic hair, has a black coloured soft touch grip and an off white coloured wooden handle. Twelve from Kent is inscribed on the brush. A tiny plastic open cap is provided to keep the brush bristles covered and protected. It comes packed in a transparent plastic pouch with a zip, which is very handy for on the go use; overall a travel friendly packaging.

I always used to apply my lipstick in the old fashioned way, directly from the lipstick tube. However a recent purchase of lipsticks from some brands like Lancome, I felt the need to use a lip brush to set the lipstick well and avoid smudging and transferring. I used to use the tiny lip brush provided with Clinique lip liners, but was not satisfied with the results. Hence I decide to buy a good lip brush. Most of the brands which appealed to me, i found them very expensive, accept for Kent which suited my budget for a lip brush.

lip brush

TWMU6 lip brush is made from synthetic hair and bristles are set firmly together in a straight line which has a tapering tip. The tapering tip and the compact setting of the bristles enable easy and smooth application. Soft grip with a wooden handle gives a firmer grip which results in easy application of the lip colour. The bristles are soft and smooth to touch and do not irritate my sensitive lips. I first outline / define my lips using the lip brush and then fill the lip colour to get the desired effect. I apply by starting at the centre and working outwards as if I am painting my lips. This method works well for me and gives a beautiful definition to my lips.

kent lip brush bristles

Kent lip brush no.6 is very easy and smooth to use. It is also handy and easy to carry in the plastic pouch provided. I usually use a wet wipe or dry tissue to clean my lip brush after each use/application. The bristles flatten out, on wiping or cleaning, but can be easily brought back to the normal shape with the tapering tip. After several uses and cleansing the bristles are still in tact. I had bought this lip brush for applying tricky lip products and guess what? I am getting addicted and using it more often, than required. I love using this brush; it gives a beautiful definition to my lips. I have attached a lip swatch of Lancôme L’absolu Rouge Prune Amethyst lipstick which I applied using Kent TWMU6 lip brush.

kent lip brush with lancome lipstick

Pros for Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush:

• Helps define, shape and shade your lips to get the desired effect.
• Can be used to outline the lips, apply lipstick, lip gloss or lip conditioner.
• Made of good quality synthetic hair, which is safe to use on sensitive lips.
• Soft grip and wooden handle ensures a firm grip.
• The bristles are firmly held together in a straight line, with a tapering tip which enables easy and smooth application.
• Travel friendly packaging.

kent lip brush applied lipstick

Cons for Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush:

• None in my opinion.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush?
Yes, definitely if you are looking for a good lip brush at an affordable price.
Would I Repurchase Kent Twelve TWMU6 Lip Brush?
Surely would love to gift it to someone.

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