Khadi Herbals Ginger Lime Shampoo Review

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Khadi Herbals Gingerlime Shampoo

Hello everyone,
This will be my third and last review from Khadi and this one is a shampoo. So, let’s see how this one worked for me.


An herbal shampoo from Khadi for oily hair with ginger and lime that would cleanse and energize the scalp. This product is SLS AND PARABEN free.


Price: Rs. 210 for 210ml/ 7.10 fl oz

Shell life: 2 years

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My Experience with Khadi Herbals Ginger Lime Shampoo

Packaging: If there’s any complain I have with Khadi, packaging would be the one. A boring packaging that has plastic bottle and sturdy black cap. But, there’s one good point – it is safe for travelling.

Smell: Exactly how ginger and lemon smell. It is a light smell and won’t give you a headache definitely. After washing your hair with that, the lighter version of that smell lingers and I must say it is very refreshing. I hate those shampoos which give my hair/scalp some weird smell.


Texture: It has quite a runny consistency and the color of the liquid is yellowish in color.

Performance: Now, this is the most important part. I have an oily scalp with dry hair. I used to have long natural curls in my mid-length hair but due to excessive torture my curls are hardly there. I first washed my hair with this shampoo around 2 weeks back. In the first wash, it didn’t lather. I kept on massaging but there was absolutely no lather. In the second wash, however, to my surprise it lathered quite well.

The shampoo cleaned my scalp completely and every bit of dirt and oil was taken out from the hair. Impressive it was! But, somehow in the process it dried the length of my hair. I have a slight dandruff problem due to dirt and sweat with was effectively removed with this product. Though this shampoo will clean the hair it would not give any shine to it. But, it wasn’t a big problem as conditioning will restore the gloss and shine to your hair. I believe this is perfect for summer as the scalp needs to be clean often due to sweat and dirt. Overall, I am very happy with the product. I wanted an herbal shampoo that would clean my hair and scalp thoroughly.

I sometimes use this shampoo post a homemade hair mask with curd. It is very effective as the herbal ingredients don’t harm my hair at all.

Pros of Khadi Herbals Ginger Lime Shampoo

1. SLS and Paraben free herbal shampoo.
2. The use of natural ingredients and presence of lemon.
3. Affordable price.
4. Thoroughly cleans the hair and scalp – perfect for summers.
5. A lovely smell of ginger and lime.
6. Though it won’t lessen the hair fall but it won’t increase it either.
7. Packaging is safe for travelling.

Cons of Khadi herbals Ginger Lime shampoo:

1. Not for dry hair .
2. Doesn’t add shine and gloss to hair.

Will I recommend Khadi Herbals Ginger Lime Shampoo?

If you have oily hair/scalp, you can go for it but keep in mind that it won’t give any shine. It will simply clean the oil and dirt. Surely, I will repurchase it. I was in search of such a herbal shampoo .

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for no shine and gloss)

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13 thoughts on “Khadi Herbals Ginger Lime Shampoo Review

  1. i too hv oily scalp my scalp bcms oily d very nxt day of shower *cry* do this work for that prblm nd cn u suggest me any shampoos which in budget for this prblm *scared*

    1. For the oily scalp, this will surely work. Given the fact that its herbal, it’s safe for long term usse as well.
      I faced this oily scalp issue once upon a time. Try using multani mitti hairmask once a week. Avoid hot water. Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly.
      Hope I could I help you 🙂

  2. I have dry hair *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* i mean at times they look dry *headbang* *headbang* i liked the combo and the colour of the shampoo *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. Sounds like a decent shampoo…In summers on few hot days I also like to use shampoos who give refreshing feeling and sqeeky clean feeling to scalp 🙂 Will give it a try 🙂 *thankyou*

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