Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash Review

Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash

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How have you all been?? I hope super good. Even though I am not able to contribute much on IMBB nowadays (EXAM ALERT!!), but I do find time for reading all the lovely articles and commenting on them. Nowadays, all my time goes in classes, studies and some entertainment on regular intervals which is absolutely essential for me or else I will go mad!!!! Seriously, no wonder people are so scared of CA. You study like a mule day and night and still are never sure whether you will clear or not. Pardon my random blabbering, it is going to be on till I finally get rid of studies. *sob*


The product which I am going to review today, is Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash, which is incidentally my first ever Khadi product. I was actually searching for Olay ones, but then purchased this one when I came across this online. I have been using this well over a week now and I think now I can review it for you guys. Read on to find out whether it is a hit or a miss.



Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash comes in a pack of 210 ml at a price of Rs. 220. I don’t like the packaging. It is just so boring and not even close to classy, if you forget the funky factor even. I know contents matter, but then, first impressions are also necessary, and this one fails miserably on this count. I felt like I had purchased a “kitchen masala” for my body (It looks like that, those jars on kitchen shelf).

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The bottle itself is transparent, with a sturdy flip top cap, which shuts in securely. So, this one is travel friendly because of the compact size and firm shut cap. Check out the pictures below for more details on packaging.

My Experience with Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash

The main thing which attracted me towards this was mainly the ingredients which claimed in capital letters “SLS & PARABEN FREE”. Now I am one person who is forever in search of such products which are free from the otherwise harmful chemicals. Also, it claimed to have ingredients like aloe vera, jasmine and mogra, and had me just skipping.

The first thing you notice about any product is the smell, and this one has an awesome one. It smells strongly of jasmine and mogra flowers. I can almost imagine standing in a garden if I close my eyes and smell it. It is, in one word, heavenly. So far, so good.

The body wash itself is semi-transparent white, and runny in texture. Don’t know, but I prefer my body washes to be thick. A thick texture somehow gives me a psychological satisfaction that the body wash is nourishing my skin and at the same time cleansing it. Anyway, I poured this on my loofah and started using it. To my surprise, in spite of the runny texture, it lathered really well.


The after effects of using this body wash, were not impressive. I have normal body skin, which could survive dryness without using body lotion, on few days when I was feeling lazy, when I used my Olay body wash. However, my skin felt dry and stretchy after using this one. Only when I had lathered on a thick layer of my body lotion, my skin felt soothed. The smell, which was one of the things which I liked about it, also did not stay for more than an hour. At first I thought, that, may be if I use it for a week then it would improve my skin, or nourish it, or at least the ingredients will do something good which they are supposed to, but the result was same, just a normal cleansing of body, with not even the slightest hint of the tall claims made. Initially, I was using it with a desperate attempt to make it work (it being “Khadi”), but, now I am just using it to finish it up as soon as I can.


Pros of Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash

Herbal Ingredients – SLS and Paraben free.
Smells nice.
Lathers well.
Travel friendly.

Cons of Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash

Makes skin dry and stretchy. Body Lotion is a must.
No nourishment to skin.
Limited availability.
Although affordable, but costlier compared to better alternatives in the market.


I rate the Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash 2.5/5.

No. I will not repurchase or recommend Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash. It is a very average cleansing body wash, which does nothing to skin, let alone the tall claims made. Skip it.
I will switch over to my beloved Olay body washes or even Dove body washes as soon as this one gets over.

Hope you all found my review useful. Till the next time, love you all. Take care and stay gorgeous :* :* :*

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6 thoughts on “Khadi Jasmine & Mogra Herbal Body Wash Review

  1. Jasmine and Mogra…..I am bowled over by that scent Kadambari…..but this one makes skin dry and stretchy na *nababana*

    1. yes jomol…unfortunately it does…n mind u i have normal skin…it leaves ur skin parched *headbang* *headbang* i dread to think wat it wud do to dry skinned people *scared* *scared*

  2. I am yet to try any khadi products, this one is def a skip *hunterwali* even I am waiting for my exams to get over, they are due next month *specs*

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