Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack Review



Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack

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Sandalwood or Chandan is, inter alia, antidepressant, antiviral, astringent, antiseptic and tonic in nature. Since time immemorial, it has been employed to alleviate acne and wrinkles. Hence, when I found it while shopping online, I was tempted to try the Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack, expecting benefits galore. Let us see whether or not it lived up to my expectations.

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INR 85

Quantity: 50 grams

Product Claims: No claims mentioned.

Key Ingredients: Fuller’s Earth, Sandalwood Power, Ocium Basilacum, Neem, Wild Curcuma Armotatic, Roaese Symplocus Racemosa

Directions for use: Mix 10gm of face pack in milk or cucumber juice or water. Make a thin paste and apply it on face, neck or body till it dries. The longer, the better. Moisten the paste and massage it for better results. Rinse it with cold water.

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My Experience with Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack:

The sturdy steel can the face pack comes in, reminds me of hermetic kitchen jars that we store spices in. 😛 The powder is secure from dust and moisture within a zip-lock pouch inside it. The fine powder is redolent of sandalwood, a treat for your olfactory lobes. It is beige, the color of its predominant ingredient. While the instructions specifically mention the use of milk, cucumber juice or water as the liquid medium, I have pinned my trust on lemon juice that has been my loyal combatant against acne and scars for years. I used the juice of half a lemon to make a consistent paste. (If you are willing to try this combination, be sure to suffer from intense irritation. And if it is your first time with undiluted lemon juice on acne-riddled skin, you might as well get your hands tied post application or you’ll start scratching your skin no sooner than you apply) The initial irritation wanes away in about five minutes and the paste takes another fifteen minutes to dry completely. As per the directions given, I massaged it while washing it off and the dried pack doubled up as a scrub. A word of caution: Be very gentle while massaging. The pack hardens upon drying and could hurt your delicate facial skin. Coming to the aftereffects, there were no visible results. A feeble lighting, maybe, if you’re too keen on finding its impact. However, you can feel significant effects when you touch your face. It is smooth and soft.

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The sides of nose are distinctly free of blackheads. But aren’t these the results you achieve through application of lemon juice by itself? Honestly, I cannot accord any of these aftereffects to the face-pack. Neither can I notice any other difference, good nor bad, that is possibly an outcome of this product alone. I tried it again in combination with water. The face pack still failed me. I could wash it off with greater ease this time but the blackheads stayed put. I believe lemon juice enhanced its exfoliating properties. Although free of grime and remarkably smooth, I couldn’t observe the slight brightness on my face that was brought about in my previous use. Partial though I might be towards Khadi, I conclude, its Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack is thoroughly ineffective.

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Pros of Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack :

1. Inexpensive
2. Easily available (both online and in Khadi Bhandaars)
3. Agreeable fragrance
4. Removes dirt


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Cons of Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack :


Will I repurchase this product?
No. It might not have any adverse effects on skin, but guess what? No good ones either.
Who will I recommend this product to?
No one. Why would one want some otiose powder in their vanity?

 Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack

IMBB rating: 1/ 5

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18 thoughts on “Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Face Pack Review

  1. Aww sad it didn’t work Ankita *hunterwali* . Somehow I never wanna try facepacks from khadi as all the reviews that I’ve come across doesnt attract me at all *spank* . And drying out the skin is constant part of khadi packs.
    Nice review but. 😀

    1. A lot of people have advised me on that. But I’m too lazy 😛
      It might be worth the effort, now that I think about it. I’ll try soon 🙂

  2. These khadi face packs are a full on flop *headbang* *headbang* *hihi* rather using multani mitti is better than these *haan ji* their facials gels are quite good though *happydance*

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