Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow Review

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This is my fifth eye shadow from Kiko and it is called, Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow.

Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow

Innovative, highly pigmented eyeshadow for our repositionable [CLICS] System™ for instant, intense and even color release. Extreme coverage and can be used wet and dry. Its technologically advanced formula contains special ingredients that guarantee the highest performance eyeshadow for outstanding results.Its texture is surprisingly velvety and comfortable to the touch and with a unique consistency for buildable, perfectly blendable color.  Infinity Eyeshadow is pure, shiny and has long-lasting hold of up to 12 hours*. With a range of 96 shades, there is an Infinity Eyeshadow color for every occasion. They are available in matte, satin, metallic and ultra-pearly finishes. Infinity Eyeshadow has a patented [CLICS] System™ attachment that allows it to be placed in the KIKO Eyes Clics empty palettes. Sold separately, the palettes are available with 1, 3, 4, 9 or 24 compartments. Inside, eyeshadows can be removed and repositioned whenever necessary. With Infinity Eyeshadow it is therefore possible to create a fully customized professional eyeshadow palette. Ophthalmologically tested. Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum risk of allergic reactions. Paraben free.

GBP 2.80


Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 3


Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 2

My Experience with Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow:

The eyeshadow comes in a small round pan, which has a lid to it. The pan is packaged into a plastic tray that secures it firmly and the tray is packaged in a cardboard carton. One can either use the pan along with its lid or remove the lid and put the pan in magnetic empty palettes available separately with Kiko. The ingredients are mentioned at the back of the cardboard carton and the shade number is written at the top. The shade number is also mentioned at the bottom of the eye shadow pan. Although, the name is mentioned on the website, it is nowhere to be seen on the eye shadow pot or the carton.

Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 4

#259 is a very different, mushy, olive green shade. It definitely has a golden tint to it. But, it is not very loud; it is an absolutely subtle color. There are no shimmers in it. But since it has this golden metallic tint, it does not look matte either. The texture of this eye shadow is super soft. Although, it looks a little chalky on the finger but it is not at all chalky or dry, when you apply and blend it. This shade also has a little pearly finish and does not look outright flat. It can easily be blended with other shades as well.

Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 5

It is pretty good, pigmentation wise. A single swipe will deposit a thin, sheer layer of the eye shadow on the lids. The color can be built to a darker shade. This color is not supposed to be too bold and dark because otherwise it will look very garish. The staying power is around 4-5 hours, after which only shimmer remains and the color starts fading off and it also loses its shine. It looks a shade brighter with the eye shadow primer and stays a bit longer too. It is not waterproof.

Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 06

I loved this shade and want to play around with it to mix and match with my outfits.

Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow 7

Pros of Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow:

  • Mushy olive green shade.
  • Has golden tint.
  • No shimmers.
  • Pearly finishing.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow:

  • Not waterproof.
  • Availability in India.

Would I Recommend Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow?
Yes, I would.

Would I Repurchase Kiko #259 Golden Green Infinity Eyeshadow?
No, as I will not be able to finish this any time soon.

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