Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick – Tropical Juice Review

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After reviewing some polka-dotted nail polishes from Kiko Cosmetics here, I am back with a review of their polka-dotted lipsticks. Read on to find out what I am talking about. I bet you would not have seen such a cute makeup product ever 😛

Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick Tropical Juice


Product Description:
Shiny, wet-look lipstick decorated with contrasting polka dots.  The formula containing the most advanced oils melts onto the lips for a soft and shiny look. The lipstick awakens the senses, leaving your lips feeling wonderful.  The supple texture with bright, semi-sheer pigments brings out the smile’s sensuality. The colour is buildable.  Deco Delight Lipstick comes in a contemporary, purple case decorated in the “Miami Beach Babe” style. Gently fragranced with a vanilla aroma. Available in six colours.

Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick Tropical Juice


Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick Tropical Juice

My Experience with Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick – Tropical Juice:

Packaging: The packaging is what catches your attention immediately and I must admit that I bought the lipstick only for that. The lipstick comes in a bright purple-colored tube with a yellow dotted cap. The cap clicks shut tight. For reasons beyond me, only the number of the lipstick is printed on the sticker at the bottom of the tube. The name of the lipstick appears on the outer plastic packaging (which no one is going to store).  But what is most unique is the lipstick bullet itself. The bullet has polka dots on it 😛 But the polka dots are there only for the purpose of making girls swoon as they do not add any extra color or shine.  Whatever the case, I feel Kiko Cosmetics has really taken attracting its customers to a whole different level with these polka-dotted lipsticks.

Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick Tropical Juice

Shade/Pigmentation:  Tropical juice looks coral in the bullet, but it swatches more pink than coral on my skin tone. On my lips as well, it appears as a very light pink shade. The pigmentation is very sheer and almost balm like. It gives a lovely barely-there touch of color to my lips. I personally like more pigmented lipsticks, but those of you who like light sheer lipsticks will enjoy wearing this. Since this is such a sheer shade, it will look good on all skin tones. Kiko says that the color is buildable but I did not find it so.

Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick Tropical Juice

Texture/Finish/Lasting Power:  The lipstick is very creamy and glides on the lips. In fact, it is a bit too creamy and I am worried that it will melt in extremely hot summer conditions and hence I don’t think I will carry it around in my bag.  The finish is glossy and satiny and makes the lips look juicy and plump.  The lipstick feels moisturizing and does not dry out your lips at all and this can be attributed to the presence of advanced oils.

Kiko lipstick

Since, this is such a creamy lipstick, its staying power is pretty average. It does not last on me beyond 2-3 hours, but it manages to keep the lips hydrated for a long time. It transfers a little too.

Coral lipstick swatch

To summarize, the formula and pigmentation of the lipstick is just okay, but the packaging is something else altogether. I am willing to overlook everything else and just keep this lipstick with me as a collector’s item 😛

Coral lip swatch

Pros of Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick – Tropical Juice:

  • Adorable and unique packaging and lipstick bullet.
  • Beautiful pink shade.
  • Glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Keeps the lips hydrated for a long time.
  • Nice glossy finish.

Coral lips

Cons of Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick – Tropical Juice:

  • Sheer pigmentation.
  • Color is not buildable as claimed.
  • Poor staying power.
  • Very creamy and likely to melt in hot conditions.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kiko Milano Deco Delight Lipstick – Tropical Juice?
If like me, you get swayed by everything cute, you will love this lipstick.  I already own one more shade from the range and would not buy more.

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  1. Packaging is very attractive and eye catching but pigmentation did not match the packaging..Thanks for the review..:)

  2. Omggg…such cutesy lipstick…Manaswini I believe it’s a perfect gift for someone… I’ll toh buy it for the polka dots alone ?

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