Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review


Today’s review is about the non-latex wedges from the popular brand “Kryolan“. I got these wedges without giving it a second thought by just looking at the brand name. Moreover, these are affordable too. So, let’s get into the review.

Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review3

Price: INR 150
Product Description:
Packet of washable non-latex wedges best used for applying cream and grease based products.

My Experience with Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges:

Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review

Recently, I purchased L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer to hide and conceal my dark circles, and I was on a lookout for a nice sponge applicator, which would blend in the product perfectly. Then, I had a look at my post about the different types of sponges, which I wrote two years back when I was new to this blog. It helped me remind that wedges are best suitable for blending cream or liquid concealers.

Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review2

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Then, I visited a cosmetic store near to my place and asked the sales person if they had makeup wedges. At first, the sales person showed me a couple of wedges that were of random unpopular brands, and I didn’t like their quality much. Then, she showed me these Kryolan wedges, and I was shocked to see the price tag as Kryolan is a well-known brand that offers good quality makeup products at a higher rate. But, these wedges were super affordable. I asked her if the product was authentic for which, she said yes. Also, I had a doubt regarding its authentication as the packaging was not up to the mark. Still, I purchased the wedges. Once I came back home, I checked this product on Kryolan website and found it under the category of tools and application. I was happy that I got them for such a reasonable price.

To be honest, I am not really impressed with its packaging. The wedges come in a normal, poor quality cellophane-wrapped packet with the name and logo printed on the top of the cover. The wedges are further sealed in an airtight plastic cover. I wish they had at least provided a good quality plastic zip lock bag, which could have been more convenient for storage purposes. The wrap for my pack of wedges already got torn, and I am looking for other options to store these wedges.

Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review4

Basically, latex is the white liquid(a rubber-like substance) produced by plants, which is used in clothes, paints and glues etc. Kryolan contains two kinds of wedges; Art No: 1449 – made of latex, and Art No: 1447 – non-latex wedges. These particular wedges are non-latex, and thus drinks a lot of product. I have few foundations from the high-end brands and may not want to use this product at any cost as it would end up drinking a lot of foundation and waste my product. I would any time prefer a kabuki brush for blending my liquid foundations.

I tried applying the concealer on my under eye areas to conceal the dark circles and as usual, it drank a lot of product, but still, it gave a nice, clean finished look.It is best suitable for dabbing the product and not for blending purposes as it absorbs a lot of product. However, it blends the product evenly without making my concealer look cakey. The angular shape helps in reaching out to the small areas of the face and provides a natural and even looking finish.

Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges Review5

The wedges are fluffy and smooth. The cut of these wedges is nice, clean and neat. The best part of these wedges is that they are reusable and can be washed after every use. Moreover, you get a total of 6 wedges in one pack, and they are durable. But, even though these wedges are reusable and washable, the foundation/creamy products leave a stain on the wedges, and they don’t appear to look new and white like it did before using the wedges. And, it also takes a lot of time to dry completely.

Pros of Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges:

  • Very affordable.
  • You get 6 wedges in one pack.
  • Soft and spongy.
  • Wedges are of perfect shape.
  • Reaches out to smaller areas on face.
  • Blends the concealer/foundation well.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • Provides a natural finish to the skin.
  • Blends the product evenly without making it look patchy or cakey.
  • Best suitable for dabbing liquid and creamy products.

Cons of Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges:

  • Poor packaging.
  • Drinks a lot of product.
  • Stains remain even after washing.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Kryolan Non-Latex Makeup Wedges?
No. I wouldn’t repurchase this again as it absorbs a lot of product. I would recommend you to try latex wedges and not these. Latex wedges are rubbery and may not absorb a lot of product like these.

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