Kryolan Ultra Underbase Review

Kryolan Ultra Underbase Review

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Kryolan Ultra Underbase Review

Today, I will be reviewing Kryolan’s Ultra Underbase for you. Kryolan as a brand is really catching up with their fabulous and affordable products! I love their TV Paint Stick and its the only foundation which matches my skin tone perfectly and makes my skin look flawless! Kryolan has huge and I mean really “HUGE” range of products and its a dream come true for every makeup enthusiast! I have a few products from Kryolan and after using them, I have become a fan of their professional range!

Today, I will be reviewing their Ultra Underbase.

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

So, what does Kryolan say about it:

Under Base is the preliminary step in making up. Ultra Under Base, applied ultra-thin, allows professional application of the Ultrafoundation line and of TV Paint Stick. A synergistic effect enhances the durability of the make-up.

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Ingredients List:

Kryolan Ultra Underbase


800 INR for 60 ml.


All Kryolan products come in silver case type packaging with Kryolan’s symbol engraved on them. The packaging is simple and quite sturdy.  It is very travel friendly, but at the same time, I find it a bit heavy as well. Ultra Underbase comes in a pump bottle. The packaging is definitely not one of the strong
points of Kryolan, but I really don’t feel that is much of problem if the product delivers!

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

My Experience with Kryolan Ultra Underbase:

The product is white in color and has the texture of a lotion.  Its not thick, but not too runny also. The base is very moisturizing on my combination skin and I would definitely not recommend this for extremely oily-skinned girls! It would be best suited for dry-normal-combination skin types.  When I visited Kryolan store last August, I had no idea I would be so impressed.  The SA’s are really helpful and knowledgeable!

They first cleaned my skin using their cleanser and next used this base on my skin to prime it. On asking, the SA explained that this ultra base basically acts as a barrier between the makeup product and skin! It prepares the skin for makeup as well as protects the skin from it!

I don’t use this every day as Kryolan products are quite heavy and I always keep them for special occasions only.  I have combination skin and this base is highly moisturizing for me, so I don’t apply a moisturizer beneath if I am using this. Once applied on to the face, it easily gets soaked in without leaving the skin oily or shiny, which is a huge plus for me as I hate looking like an oil factory!

Even though the ingredient list says that it has silicones, it does not feel that smooth once applied as it also has glycerine and other moisturizing agents. So, this will not give you that smooth feeling on the skin. It does not even work on pores, at least not on me, nor does Kryolan claim to do so.  It basically just prepares your skin for foundation and protects your skin.

It definitely helps to enhance the stay of makeup and with this base, my makeup stays in place for 8 to 10 hours easily! This base can also be used on eyes as an eye primer to enhance the duration of eye makeup. I have used it on my eyes on many occasions and it really helps my makeup stay fresh for 8+ hours even in the hot sun or bike rides, etc!

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

I have been using this for special occasions and never once it has broken me out even though its quite moisturizing. So, it will suit all skin types, but I would not recommend this for extremely oily skin. It photographs really well, I have even used this and topped it up with just compact and had no issues. The oil control property is reasonably good though I always set my foundation with powder, but it never made my skin oily. Also, this is not matte; rather, it gives a very dewy effect.

Kryolan Ultra Underbase

So, if you are looking for something to double up as a moisturizer and a base for foundation which keeps your foundation fresh all day long, this is perfect for you, but if you want something to work on your pores and make your skin silky and smooth, then you can skip it.

Overall, I do like it a lot and would definitely recommend it though I found the price to be a bit on higher side, but Inglot’s primer is 800 bucks for 30 ml and this is 60 ml. You just need one pump for the face and neck, so it will go on for a long time! Kryolan also has a version of this with SPF 20, its moisturizer+primer+spf in one!

IMBB Rating:


Hope this review was helpful to you.

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32 thoughts on “Kryolan Ultra Underbase Review

  1. I just got the dermacolor camouflage cream and I love it – its just perfect for the humid weathers , it stays put even during rigorous swimming practices , and the shade matches. I have hunt the products down since kryolan doesnt have an official store here , but I do find them available in cal (which is a blessing 😀 i mean better some than none 😀 ) Check out Kryolan`s lipsticks they have priced it at 25o bucks for 4 gms and with fab shades and qualities 😀 I was thinking of getting the paint stick and translucent powder next 😀 great review 😀

  2. Parita…thanks for reviewing such stuff from Kryolan…..I want that concealer and foundation palette from Kryolan 🙂

    1. welcome jomol 🙂 kryolan products are the best i have come across for coverage and staying power plus they photograph really well 🙂 do try out

      1. Niki….here’s the address….Kryolan has launched its flagship store in Delhi – Address A-7, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi.

    1. niki kryolan will be perfect for you if you want high coverage for blemishes and scars..check out their TV paint stick foundation and camaflouge concealers and foundation..they give flawless finish and will not irritate your skin! also their loose powder is fabulous i use it to set my foundation and under eye concealer everyday! you can also check out their lipstick range..its huge and very reasonable. hope this helped 🙂

  3. Thanks Parita , for ur suggestions , Iam now armed with sufficient knowledge on wat i shud buy and will Raid the kryolan delhi’s outlet…..i just hope they dont look cakey on me , i am aiming for a “No makeup Look”.

    1. kryolan tv paint stick can get cakey but if you moisturize your skin well than you wont have any issues 🙂 I personally have not tried their camouflage range but i think its more creamy 🙂

  4. Hey parita, great review! *jai ho* i have been thinking about buying something from kryolan for my face.. something that i can wear everyday to offc and occassionally for speacial occasions. Plz suggest a product that would do the needful and not cost me a bomb! 😛
    I infact live nearby the delhi store of kryolan, should i go there and check out something *scared* , i hope they won’t guide me wrong jst to sell off their products! ( i just detest that) *pan* Hence looking for your help!

  5. Primer also work as a layer between makeup nd skin..
    Other than kryolan which primer is good..lakme, Revlon or color bar..
    Please suggest

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