ELF Professional Crease Brush and Professional Eye Defining Brush

ELF Professional Crease Brush and Professional Eye Defining Brush

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Ever since I saw the ELF brushes on an online shopping site, I thought that I would review the brushes that I have, so I can give you all an idea as to which of the available brushes are good and which are not. I have majority of the range that they show, so today I am going to review two more brushes from that range. These are the brushes which do their job well and can be used. They are a real bargain for $1. So, let us move on to the review.

ELF Professional Crease Brush and Professional Eye Defining Brush

  • ELF Eye Crease Brush:

Product Description:

Blends and contours in the crease and corners of the eye. This domed bristle brush picks up eye color and sweeps it on to the eyelid to create bold definition. Great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a smoky effect.  All ELF professional makeup brushes have been designed and tested by our professional team of makeup artists. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application.

ELF crease Brush



My Take on ELF Professional Crease Brush:

I did not have any crease brushes before this one. So, when I used it, I found it so easy to do my crease. I thought that this brush would be like the other two scratchy brushes that I got from this range, but this one was totally different. It was very soft and smooth. Although, there is a little bit of shedding, but it is nothing really prominent. It is so easy to put eye shadow on the outer corner or the crease. This does it job well and can be used for blending eye shadows too. I have also used it to blend eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line and it performed well.

ELF crease Brush

Although, it is dome shaped and not as stiff as a pencil brush, it can be used for smudging eye shadows anyhow. I also have a smudging eye sponge from this range which I shall be reviewing later, but I am happy with the performance of this brush. It is good value for money and performs its job very well. So, if you guys get your hands on this one, and you are just beginning with makeup, you could definitely give it a try. I don’t think you will regret it.

Pros of ELF Professional Crease Brush:

  • Soft.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap.
  • Good for lower lash line too.

Cons of ELF Professional Crease Brush:

  • Sheds a bit, nothing too prominent.
  • Highly overpriced in India.

So, for beginners, this is a really good brush which is also inexpensive.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase ELF Professional Crease Brush?


ELF Eye Defining Brush:

ELF Eye Defining Brush

Product Description:

The soft bristles of the Defining Eye Brush add a beautiful wash of color to your eye for added depth and definition. The angled bristles are shaped to contour the crease of the eyelid or right underneath the brow bone for added color.



I have used this brush for highlighting my brow bone and applying shadow to the inner corner of the eye. This is not as soft as regular brushes, but its not even that hard to use.  I have not used it for the crease or applying shadow.  Its not that soft for that.  In fact, I have such sensitive skin that at times even MAC brushes irritate me, but for all of you, who are just beginning to use shadows, this will serve as a good brush, although its not as soft, but it does not irritate either.

It can also be used to apply shadow on the lower lash line. This falls in the category of “not-so-often-used” brushes, but I still don’t mind having it. For $1, I have no complaints.  It also does not shed any hair while washing.

ELF Eye Defining Brush

Pros of ELF Professional Eye Defining Brush:

  • Easy to use.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Cheap.

Cons of ELF Professional Eye Defining Brush:

  • Not that soft.
  • Expensive in India.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase ELF Professional Eye Defining Brush?

No, considering I don’t use this often.

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      1. I think its pricey here because its imported. Also, there are no standardized prices in India, so the websites who import elf products just price them however they like. I am sure if elf retailed in India the prices would be much lower and I would definitely be first in line to buy loads of products from them. Otherwise, the price and the quality just doesn’t go together.

    1. Thank ya. Its actually a girl. I have 2 girls, this one is Ally, the other one is Tia. Shes busy sleeping most of the time, thats why does nt show her face much.

  1. i have one shader brush from elf and it is awesome. These sound pretty good as well 🙂 awwww!! your doggieee is so adorable. 🙂

    1. yes Rati di. i got so many brushes from ELf and they do their job well. 🙂 i have another doggie too, will feature her next 😛 shes a bit camera shy

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