Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick: 155 Rose Fantasie

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick: 155 Rose Fantasie

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick 155 Rose Fantasie

Powder matte lipsticks have been a dream for me since those were reviewed on IMBB.  The post had the swatches for the lipsticks and almost all were to die for. I love matte lipsticks since the time I love lipsticks and have been into coral mattes forever, but somehow, I have never ventured towards the Chambor counter for some reason and now that I have, I can promise matte lipstick lovers that I am going to review most of the gorgeous shades from “Powder Matte,” the Orange Flambe is already reviewed on IMBB.

Black Case

The shades I dream about from this range are Desert Rose, Brique Rose, Coral Reef, and Pink Devil to name a few and I hope I can review most of them in detail for you. What strikes me about these lipsticks is that they are called powder matte, which I somehow connect to matte finish when I sometimes use a base under my lipsticks and then dab the layer of lipstick on a single ply tissue and there it goes so beautifully matte. Of course, you can do this twice with repetition of application and then it will last you for 6 hours at least, but this applies to matte lipstick lovers only.


The shade that I got is called “Rose Fantasie” and very aptly named, it reminds me of a nice, soft rose and the color is soft as well. Its not a stark pink, neither hot nor maroon based, but it’s a mauve based color. Another color called Pink Devil is almost as close to this one, but its lighter and pinker.

The lipstick is shaped in a strange manner and honestly I don’t like the shape as it does not provide ease of application at all. I prefer soft, flat tops and creamy finishes, but this one is a little edgy and makes it tough to shape the lips I feel.

Rose Lips

The texture of this lipstick is supposed to be soft and creamy and then it goes matte.  It does not set, but still forms a thick layer and goes totally matte. Now, whenever I swatch these at the counter, I find them very smooth, but somehow this new pack that I got is not soft and buttery. It feels a little hard to swipe and the texture is unlike the testers I tried. Perhaps the temperature difference and the usage made it softer, but still, I had hoped for better.

Lip Swatch

The lipstick smells like agarbatti! I hate it to the core, its not floral or anything like Lakme, but this is pure agarbatti smell. It doesn’t last for another 10 minutes after application, but still, it makes application very difficult for me.  The smell does go off soon though.

It stays easily for four hours in one swipe too as it leaves a layer of thick color on application. I would say a good one for a matte lipstick. I really don’t know why I am so happy in the picture while applying the lipstick 😛

Last Word on Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick:  155 Rose Fantasie:

Overall, if you tolerate the smell, it’s a good thick lipstick, though my friends have found it softer than mine. Mine feels hard for some reason and I am yet to try the other shades. The shades are to die for and I think Rs. 450 is a little steep for this one, but still matte lipstick lovers can shell out the amount for this one.

IMBB Rating:


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46 thoughts on “Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick: 155 Rose Fantasie

  1. lovely shade!! perfect for summers! sorry the texture does not sound that great!! maybe it was old stock?

  2. Beautiful shade it is Neha…I’m also experiencing the same problem of hardness with the one I got from Chambor in red! :-/

  3. Awwww! ♥ this was the first lippie i ever chose at a store for myself…not a hand me down from my mom or sis but my own was th late 90’s! gosh i’m old! 😀 i love this lippie so much!

  4. Chambor orange flmbe is my new love!!!!! Seriosulyyy Chambor has the most gorjeous shades in lippies!!!! Love them!!!!

  5. Wow looks so nice on your lips. Beautiful colour. I also love mattes but I find it uncomfortable when they dry my lips. Nice review

  6. This is such a pretty Rosy pink Neha. U know like you i am intending to pick the powder mattes kabse but muhurat hi nahi nikal raha 😛

  7. Vow fabulous colour!!! I love this pink !! Neha ji aapke paas aur kitne lipstick hai??….. he he 😀
    Thanks fr sharing Neha and those lips…vow 😉

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