Kryolan Lip Pencil

Kryolan Lip Pencil

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I cannot tell you how happy I was when I accidentally bumped into a Kryolan showroom! While strolling down a mall at Chennai, I saw Kryolan showroom and was delighted. I went in to check out. I drooled over all the products and wanted to get something to try out first. So, I got a lip pencil. Read on to know how it fared.

Kryolan Lip Pencil

A little about Kryolan Cosmetics:

For 66 years KRYOLAN Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe. KRYOLAN is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector. The headquarters has been located in the Berlin Papierstrasse in the north of the city. Today KRYOLAN Professional Make-up delivers to customers in more than 80 countries on all continents of the world and is an acknowledged trademark for professional make-up artists. KRYOLAN is the global brand for professional make-up.
What the website says about the product: Soft textured contour pencils in three ranges:
Classic, Iridescent and Fashion.17.5 cm Pencil length, made of cedar wood, with metal tip protector.


Rs. 175


It comes in a silver-colored body with words engraved in silver. The cap is a small metal one. There is no name to identify the shades, just numbers.


My Take on Kryolan Lip Pencil:

I did not want to invest much on any other product without knowing how it would fare. So, I went for a safe bet – a lip pencil! I swatched the colors and settled for this one. I was not impressed at all on swatching as I felt it was not creamy enough! When I inquired about the price, I felt I was wasting money (“cheap products don’t fare well concept” :toothygrin: ).


I came home and immediately applied it on my extremely dry lips. I was amazed at how smooth the application went on, not a bit of a tugging! I was extremely pleased! The next morning, I exfoliated my lips and filled my lips with this pencil and wondered if a gloss was necessary or not. I wanted to check its moisturizing capacity and came to the office without a gloss. I asked my friend to guess what I was wearing on my lips – a lipstick, lip cream or a lip pencil and she told it was a lip cream! This pencil did not moisturize my lips nor did it make my lips dry! I was actually able to smudge the color on my upper and lower lips, it was that creamy. It stayed on my lips till lunch, that is 3-4 hours, which I feel is pretty decent for a pencil!


This is how the tip looks before swatching. After swatching a few strokes, the tip slanted. I mean to say that the pencil is that creamy.





Pros of Kryolan Lip Pencil:

  • Creamy formula which gives a lip cream kind of finish.
  • Does not tug or dry the lips.
  • Very cheap for the quantity (the pencil is 17.5 cm in length, more than half feet).
  • It is sharpenable, so it is hygienic.
  • Has color band at the end for easy identification (though the color of the band and the original shade has a lot of difference).

Cons of Kryolan Lip Pencil:

  • There were no ingredients list mentioned anywhere.
  • Availability is a big problem (this showroom in Chennai is their first store in India apart from their manufacturing units).
  • No names for the colors, they have some weird numbers.
I want to mention one more thing. The store had a few pink, brown and red-colored pencils on the right side and some blue, black, green and purple pencils on the left side. When I asked the SA which ones were lip and eye pencils, he told these can be used as a lip pencil as well as an eye pencil!

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Kryolan Lip Pencil?

Yes! Go for it girls!!

Will I Repurchase Kryolan Lip Pencil?

Definitely, I am going to get all possible colors!

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  1. Kryolan kryolan kryolan 😛 love kryolan :yahoo: :yahoo: after my examz ,i am gonna go on a kryolan spree :woot: I want something from their HD range :woot: :woot:

  2. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: guess who is going to rami mall on saturday :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. OMG..!!!! i am so poor in makeup & also d products brands… there are so many… :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: which one to purchase….???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :waaa: :waaa: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :announce: :announce: :announce: i’m confused……

  4. Wow… gorgeous color.. :love: :love: which mall in chennai?? pl pl temme.. :methinks: :methinks: i’m not able to find their showroom location tru google or tru their website.. 😥 😥

  5. gr8 revu n nice pencil.. awesum color :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: … this is not available here.. wud try searching online though :pray:

    1. I could not find that detail in their website or online catalogue. Will enquire the SA at the store during my next visit and let you know

  6. hey thanx for the info def gonna pick up somethin from kryolan when I go to chennai next time..probably in April….My bridal makeup artist used kryolan foundation n concealer n it was so good :woot:

  7. Thanks for review! :yes: Where can i get Kryolan in Hyderabad? 🙁 I’ve been eyeing it ever since I’ve followed NickieTutorials & MissChevious on YouTube!

  8. hi..nice review…am definitely interested ..where will i get Kryolan in Delhi?? the products seem to be suiting indian skins ,,

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