Kryolan Theater Lip Liner Pencil in Pink

Kryolan Theater Lip Liner Pencil in Pink

Hi to all lovely ladies,

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on the Kryolan theater lip pencil. I was not impressed with their regular silver grey lip pencils and I complained it to the SA, and then she asked me to try this one. I was in hurry and bought this one without testing it properly at the store. Read on to know how the Kryolan theatre lip pencil fared on me.
Kryolan Theater Lip Liner Pencil in Pink

Product Description:

Soft textured contour pencils in three ranges:

Classic, Iridescent and Fashion. 17.5 cm Pencil length made of cedar wood.


INR 200


The Kryolan theatre lip pencil comes in a pink-colored long sleek body with the name Kryolan engraved in gold. The cap is a small bullet type gold color metal which has a pointed end. The cap gets stuck tight, you need to put a little pressure to open it. There is no name or code to identify the shades. The colour of the lip pencil can be located with the help of the pencil body itself.

Kryolan Theater Lip Liner Pencil in Pink 2


The shade of the Kryolan theatre lip pencil is a bright blue based pink. The colour is vivid and intense in the pencil. The shade is bright but definitely not neonish. This shade will suit people who have no or less pigmented lips, I have terribly bad pigmented lips and the color turns out more purplish on me.
Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the lip pencil is super dry. It is like lining your lips with a color pencil, the texture is very dry leading to tugging. The pencil crumbles and sets into fine lines on lips. The product gets wasted while sharpening. The pigmentation of the pencil is very low, after some three swipes it shows up color.

The Kryolan lip pencil is completely matte will accentuate dry areas of the lips. It is highly recommended to moisturize lips before applying these. I would use it all over the lips as a base for my lipsticks, still the problem of dryness accentuating my lips arises. I did like the shade for my bright pink lipsticks but the dry texture is a big disappointment. The staying power of the Kryolan lip liner would be around 4 hours on my lips.

Kryolan Theater Lip Liner Pencil in Pink 1

Pros of Kryolan Theatre Lip Pencil in Pink

 The packaging helps to locate them easily.
 Matte finish.
 Price.

pink lipstick

Cons of Kryolan Theatre Lip Pencil in Pink

 The pencil tip breaks easily.
 Low pigmentation.
 Sharpening the product is a pain – too much of product wastage while sharpening as the product is very creamy.
 Texture is very dry.
 Sets in fine lines.
 It crumbles when applied on lips and you can notice my lip swatch has pencil color bits on the lips.
 It cannot be worn alone without a lipstick.
 The shade doesn’t have a name or code number.
 The bullet of the pencil gets stuck and it is quite difficult to open.
 Moisturizing lips before application is a must.
 Availability – Kryolan stores are not widely spread.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Kryolan Theatre Lip Pencil in Pink?

No, this product did not really work again for me. I am so disappointed and will not recommend it to you all. Please stay away from them.

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  1. I can see that it is sooo drying *cry* and it might have taken soo much efforts to just apply this *headbang* but the shade is lovelyyyy *clap* *clap*

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