Miss Claire Eye Liner & Lip Pencil Review

Hi girls, have any of you heard about this brand called Miss Claire? I hadn’t heard about it on any beauty blog and so when the SA showed this to me, I was very very skeptical. However, it was cheap. Dirt cheap! And that was the time I was beginning to experiment with colour. After a brown and a black liner, I wanted blue. So I said, what the heck, let’s just try with this one first. It is a twist up pencil in a beautiful midnight blue (or is it navy?) with such fine shimmer that you see a shine to it, but cannot make out the shimmer particles. For 140 bucks, I think Miss Claire is worth every paisa!
miss claire eye liner lip pencil

miss claire lip pencil

After I’d used Miss Claire for a while, I was happy with it enough to try another colour / product from the same brand and I ended up getting a lip liner. Now, I normally do not use a lip liner. But I bought this one to arrest the bleeding of my few dark lippies (again, thanks to the beauty bloggers, I now know this). The shade I bought is called Nude Wine, a dark berry colour. It cost me just 75 bucks. This is what it looks like–

miss claire eye liner

miss claire eye liner

And now for the swatches–
miss claire eye swatches
With Flash

miss claire eye swatches
Without Flash

This is how it looks on the eye
miss claire eye swatches
And Finally, the pros and Cons of both –

Pros of Miss Claire Eye Liner & Lip Pencil

1. Both the pencils are quite pigmented as you can see from the swatches. The swatches as well as the eye pic are a single swipe only.
2. They are very creamy and do not tug at the skin. This is very important because the VoV pencils I have used do tug at the skin
3. The eye pencil is smudge proof and fades very little. I have super duper oily lids and even Colorbar i-glide fades on my lids after a few hours. This one did not!
4. The colours! Have I gushed about them yet? OMG, they are pretty!!!
5. This one is for the eye pencil only which is a twist up. No wastage and no messy sharpening.
6. I have used the lip pencil underneath a gloss. It worked as a nice lip colour
7. The lipliner is of decent length. You get a lot of product!
8. Once I am bored with the lipliner, I can use it as a Sindoor, it is the perfect maroon to use in summer when I do not like to use the liquid sindoor which will flake off with sweat.

Cons of Miss Claire Eye Liner & Lip Pencil

1. There are no testers available and it is a bit of a gamble.
2. The pencils come packaged with a cellophane wrapping. No ingredients or manufacturing date mentioned
3. No Expiry date either. This is a big con specially for the eye pencil
4. The lip liner is a wooden pencil and I hate to lose product while sharpening.
5. Since the eye pencil cannot be sharpened, you do not have a pointed tip after a few uses. I can’t make a fine line with it. But that just maybe my lack of skill
6. I can’t make a sharp defining line with the eye pencil, but can with the lip liner.
7. They may not be easily available everywhere.

Overall, I am happy with both products. I think these are very good for beginners who are experimenting with colours and are not yet sure what will suit them. Even college going girls would like these. There are a host of colours available right from green to blue to purple to gold along with the regular blacks and browns. Even the lip liner had quite a few shades to choose from. They do defy the notion that quality always comes at a very high price. Sometimes, you get good products that don’t burn a hole in your wallet. As someone who gets bored of her makeup and shows some product love and ignores it for a long time, these are just perfect. My heart would ache if I were ignoring a MAC! Wouldn’t yours???

My Ratings

Eye Pencil: 4.5/5
Lip Liner: 3.5/5
Are you game to try these?

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69 thoughts on “Miss Claire Eye Liner & Lip Pencil Review

  1. h anks ..yes i have tried a few products of this brand.
    i had a lip liner but forgot the shade now,was a plummy one. and it was quite nice.I also had a black liner which is in acake form ..you need to wet the brush and apply it on your eyelids.gave a mattish look….have lost both the products though:(

  2. ankita I have the mechanical lipliner in red n its very creamy,pigmented n nice…I jus wanted to get it for the heck of it..I have never worn a red till now…but these r super nice wen u want to experiment.. :yes:

  3. I saw Ms Claire products at the nearby store the other day and I was wondering if anyone has even heard of this brand. 😛 but not bad for the price… and really Anks, can’t ignore MAC. Still trying hard to use my stoopid lip conditioner only coz I have paid 800 bucks for a lip balm. :stars: :stars:

    1. 🙂 these are imported na, we don’t even know the country of origin…. too bad abt your lip conditioner…. i saw one of the girls at work use it, she said she loves it and is on her second pot!

      1. Hey Rati, same here….I love MAC eye shadows and all base products like primer, foundation and powder….actually those are bit cheaper than most high-end products like Makeup Forever, Sheisido etc. but for rest of others ( brushes, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners)…..I try to look into other brands….mix and match keeps me out of guilt thing na….but I always make it a point to return anything I dont like…specially if I am spending big bucks….. :haanji:

  4. YUPS HAVE HEARD AND SEEN LOTSA products form MISS CLAIRE BRAND … they re dirt cheap and i had tried a lipstick just like dey hav lakme 9 to 5 collection one .. where they hav liquid lipstick on one end and clear gloss at the other end …

    i must say i was pretty impressed with it because not only the good was gud .. it stayed on ma lips for GOOD 4 HOURS !!! the color also lookd gud !! 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi anks

    same pinch… :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
    i have the liner and lip pencil from Miss Claire in same shades. I got my eye pencil for Rs 110 however… I have two blues from this range… a matte and a shimmery…

    good review…

      1. And i got it for 100 😉 The same blue eye pencil !!!
        i love the colour collection in eye pencils of Miss Claire and the stay is pretty awesome.

  6. I have a gloss from this company. Got it for 75 bugs from mumbai. Can anyone tell me where can i find this brand in bangalore ?

  7. Hey rati can you tell me where u saw the products??i hve a palette frm miss claire n its so versatile it has gorgeous eyeshadows n three blushes.cnt seem to find nythng frm ds brand nymre near my place.cn u tell me wt place.it wud be really helpful.thank you.

  8. Even I have a blue and green eye pencil from Miss claire but they are the sharpening wala.. I totally love them 🙂 they are sooo much pigmented naa… and they last long too.. liked ur eye a lot- as in the blue looks grt on u 🙂

  9. wow iv the blue is gorgeous!!!! like soopper gorgeous!! i have seen this brand but never bothered to stop or buy anything… now on everyones recco and thos review i will try it..!! and i will buy this billooooo colour!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  10. i hav not seen this brand in Hyd but wud luv to get sum as every1 here is praising the products…thanxx for informing about a new brand Anks… :haanji: :haanji: :clap: :clap:

  11. I have a red lip liner from this brand..I was looking for true red shade and couldn’t find one in Revlon, chambor , Maybelline ,tried in Miss claire and found it! I think it ws for 40 bucks at Alpha store in Irla, Andheri. Want to try the eye pencil too after your review. That blue looks gorgeous!

  12. Anks….I have heard about Marie Claire, but never came across their stuff…..good thing you reviewed….I will surely pick them up if i come across………they are good buys for the price….. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. Marie Claire is a footwear brand owned by Bata darling…! I am talking about Miss Claire here! LOL

      you should give them a try… they are mighty good…

  13. wow Anks….thats really a good deal na :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I have seen them but never tried it. At this cost I can definitely give them a try :thanks: :thanks:

  14. Miss Claire liner are amazing :yes: …I have 2 of them in brown and green and they r soooooper pigmented :inlove: :inlove: ..As u mentioned, just one swipe is enough which is a blessing…no tugging, nothing :happydance: :happydance: …And so light on the pockets na? I think its gr8 for those just learning about makeup too…gr8 for trial-errors 🙂 :bravo: :bravo:

        1. No idea darling… i don’t shop at Gurgaon… but u won’t find this in a mall or something. This product should be available in beauty shops or fancy shops as they are called out here. i bought both these during a vegetable run!

      1. hey anks..i was jus chkin ur review on MIss claire..n it sum hw striked dat i too might have same brand eye-pencil in green and brown..and guess wht ..voila..i rummaged my bag n found my Miss claire Glimmer stick for eye in Deep Brown #E-12 pensil..guess i forgot abt it :p..and i jus hav applied dat on my upper eye line…:):)..and this brand is easily available in local beauty shops..u can fyn des colored pensil at POS counters (point of sale) in des shops..i got it from Malviya nagar(south delhi)..:)

  15. Hey can you give me a list of places where i could get it.. irla is a traffic nightmare.. so ne other places ka suggestion is superwelcome.. i am thinking of buying 2-3 eye pencils from this brand,one brown, one green and one matte blue…

    also any idea about the cake liner.. and if it comes in colours..

    1. No idea about Mumbai Supriya. I haven’t done much cosmetic shopping from Mumbai. Check out your neighborhood beauty store. Even if they do not have it, they must have heard of it and can probably get it for you…

  16. hey anks..i was jus chkin ur review on MIss claire..n it sum hw striked dat i too might have same brand eye-pencil in green and brown..and guess wht ..voila..i rummaged my bag n found my Miss claire Glimmer stick for eye in Deep Brown #E-12 pensil..guess i forgot abt it :p..and i jus hav applied dat on my upper eye line…:):)..and this brand is easily available in local beauty shops..u can fyn des colored pensil at POS counters (point of sale) in des shops..i got it from Malviya nagar(south delhi)..:)

    1. Ha ha… i tend to do that too…! I had totally forgotten about a purple VoV liner i had and was romping all over searching for one… 🙂

      where is Malviya Nagar did you get it from? I found them at Jyoti Cosmetics in the main market. I know of only 2 shops there – Saj Sajja and Jyoti Cosmetics. But none of them have a lot of products from this brand…

      1. hey anks ..me tooo go to jyoti n saj sajja..(as i reside in malviya nagar.. :)) )..n i knw here the options r limited.. wud try with priya cosmetics also..and update u on the same.. 🙂

          1. hey anks…i went n chked in d market..but yaar u were ryt..not much of shades r available.. :(..but nevertheless i got two Miss claire eye pencil in copper and bronze.. :)…and priya cosmetics is in middle of vegetable lane….(the famous sabzi bazar in malviya nagar)..u can ask any one its quite popular.. 🙂

            1. haan… i think i know which one you are talking about…. they tried to sell me a fake MAC once and since then i never went in there…. did you see any other products there? and send swatches of ur pencils na…

  17. I have never seen this brands.. But i am curious now!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  18. hey Mrun… you shud definitely check it out… these are the perfect things to take on vacations… even if you lose it, you wudn’t be all that sad (as against a high end one)

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