L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze Review

L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze

I am back with my last ones from LA Colors; a lipliner Copper-Bronze and Eyeliner Mahogany. I have had enough lip liners by now so I don’t intend to pick anymore and so is with eyeliner pencils because I just use them on water line. I prefer a felt marker for upper eye lash line. Let’s see how these random picks turned out to be.

L.A. Colors Pencils- EyelinerMahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze

Product description (for lipliner pencil):

Smudge free, smooth formula, accentuates lips.
Extra ordinary smooth formula defines & accentuates lips beautifully. Enriched with shea butter to help nourish, moisturize and protect skin.

Product description (for eyeliner pencil):

Smudge free, smooth formula, accentuates eyes.
Extra ordinary smooth formula defines & accentuates eyes beautifully. Choose from our amazing color collection. A must-have beauty essential!

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Price: $ 1.25 each – made in USA

L.A. ColorsPencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze

My take on L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze:

Both the eyeliner and lipliner pencils have identical packaging. Sleek black pencils with the bottom end displaying the shade of the product for easy approach in pencil holder. The cap closes tightly so no issues with the packaging safety and the possibility to carry in bags and clutches. The only negative aspect in packaging is that it looks pretty outdated; for even drugstore brands are coming up with innovations and cater-for aesthetic purposes in the products. The brand should consider redesigning the pencils. These are wooden pencils and the best thing is not much product wastage during sharpening and you get a crisp pointed tip of the lead.

L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner CopperBronze

Starting with the eyeliner Mahogany, the shade is a deep plum mixed with brown. The texture is neither too creamy nor hard. It glides easily on my upper lash in one swipe but for color to show up on water line, I require multiple swipes. The tip doesn’t break too easily and that is good because I get irritated when tips break in between the application. It doesn’t irritate eyes in either case of upper lash line or waterline. It doesn’t smudges on upper lash line and wearing time is around four hours. For water line application, it budges after two hours and displaces and disappears from water line. But atleast it doesn’t smudge like Essence eyeliners do! They make me a real zombie! I am not satisfied with the shade to be used as an eyeliner pencil; instead I might convert it into my lipliner.

L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany andLipliner Copper-Bronze

Now for the lipliner Copper-bronze, I absolutely love it. The shade is sating copper brown shade with really creamy soft texture. Glides on like butter without tug or pull, stays put in place and gives no troubles to me during sharpening or application. If I take it as a complete lip color, looks adorable and lasts for four hours without a meal. It doesn’t survive a meal because I prefer topping it with transparent lip balm or lip gloss. This way, it takes care of the dryness you feel with lip liners. For outlining of lips, it increases the longevity of lipstick remarkably. The swatch is without lip balm/lip gloss to show the actual finish of the lipliner. Overall, great for the price, these are fragrance free and water resistant. You will need harsh rubbing with moist wipe or make-up remover to get rid of them.

L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and LiplinerCopper-Bronze

Pros of L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze:

• Water proof eye liner & lip liner.
• Carry no taste and no fragrance.
• Mahogany is a deep brownish plum shade with soft texture.
• The eyeliner glides on easily and doesn’t irritate eyes even on water line.
• Stays for four hours on upper lash without smudging.
• Copper bronze is a lovely shade of lip liner.
• Really soft and creamy texture with satiny finish.
• Glides on buttery way.
• Can be used on its own and added with a transparent lipbalm/lip-gloss top layer for glossy effect and for taking care of dryness on lips.
• Light weight and non-sticky on lips.
• Longevity of lipliner is four hours without meals.
• Lip liner increases longevity of lipsticks.
• Sturdy packaging.

L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze

Cons of L.A. Colors Pencils- Eyeliner Mahogany and Lipliner Copper-Bronze:

• No ingredients mentioned.
• No sharpeners included.
• Outdated packaging.
• Eyeliner Mahogany doesn’t work well for waterline applications.
• Lipliner Copper bronze doesn’t survive a meal.


Eyeliner pencil in Mahogany 3.5/5
Lipliner pencil in Copper Bronze 4.2/5

Recommendation & repurchase: I have enough lip and eyeliners so I don’t want to pile them up on my dressing. I will recommend these for who don’t like spending too many bucks on lip liners and for the beginners who like practicing with eye liner applications.

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  1. Wow Sumera… *drool* *drool* These look so nice and are so inexpensive.. *woot* . And ur swatches… Fantabulous darling….loved them *clap* *clap* *drool*

  2. Both look super on u…not many people are able to carry the mahogany color on eyes so beautifully..but it looks so beautiful on u *jai ho* *jai ho*

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