Lacoste Joy of Pink Eau de Toilette Review

Lacoste Joy of Pink Eau de Toilette

lacoste joy of pink eau de toilette
Joy of Pink is the vibrant new fragrance for women from Lacoste; an exhilarating scent inspired by the lively exoticism of a Curaçao cocktail: colourful, sparkling and full of energy. Featuring effervescent citrus notes underpinned by a smooth musky base, Joy of Pink is a delightfully uplifting addition to the Lacoste Pink Collection, capturing the same light-hearted ethos of the brand’s best-selling Touch of Pink, Dream of Pink, and Love of Pink fragrances. Released on October 2010.

Top note- Grapefruit.
Heart notes- Blue Curacao, Peony.
Base notes- Musk, Virginia Cedar.

My husband really likes the preppy polo shirts of the imported clothing and accessories brand Lacoste. Being a fellow perfume lover, he checked out their fragrance collection and came home with a carded sample of the Lacoste Joy of Pink Eau de Toilette for me to try.
lacoste joy of pink sample
I had seen the bottles of the Lacoste Pink fragrances before, which are in varying shades of pink, and I thought they looked pretty cute (I do love pink, girly stuff), but never bothered to check them out, so this was something new for me.
lacoste joy of pink tube
Joy of Pink has a grapefruit top note that I really enjoy. It’s a sunny, sparkly grapefruit, and it’s as light-hearted and pretty as the neon, but dainty pink color of the bottle of Joy of Pink. The opening is very feel-good, it smells cool and quite refreshing to my nose, and I think it would be liked by pretty much everyone. It’s not sour or too citrusy, and I tend to dab on a more ample amount than usual since it’s very light. It’s a rather enjoyable grapefruit scent and if the fragrance smelled just like that all throughout, I would totally have been itching to get myself a full bottle.

However, after twenty to thirty minutes the pretty grapefruit starts fading away and the fragrance turns into a floral scent that is heavy, but flat and quite synthetic. It’s mainly floral, and it might be the way my personal chemistry reacts with the perfume notes, but it simply does not smell pleasant. It smells stale. I also get some musk after a while, and the scent at this stage seems to go right to the back of my throat—it makes me feel like coughing. It’s such a change from the bright, easygoing grapefruit top note that I can’t help but be disappointed and a bit annoyed.

The drydown is a simple, and thankfully, light musk on my skin. Joy of Pink Eau de Toilette lasts only four or five hours on me, which I don’t mind, as I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this scent often. It’s available in 30, 50, and 90ml sizes and costs $35 to $70.

I don’t think I’m a perfume snob and I’m actually easy to please, but I know what smells good on me and what does not. And Joy of Pink just does not. It’s quite expensive, so I recommend to anyone thinking of getting this fragrance to test it on their skin first. While I personally didn’t like how it developed on my skin, I think those who like grapefruit and peony scents should give this summery fragrance a shot and see how it turns out on theirs.

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