Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam Review

Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam

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Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam Review Photos Swatches

The much-awaited Lakme Absolute range has arrived at the stores, though I believe that there are many more products to arrive soon too, all a part of this new range. So far, I have seen the matte lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, eyeshadows, mousse foundation, liquid foundation, lip palette, a highlighter duo and a bronzer duo. I picked up this lipstick in the color 201 Pure Glam, which I will be reviewing now, a blush in the shade Night Sparkle (reviewed yesterday by Nupur), and a pink lip gloss.

Lakme Absolute Range Lipstick

The Absolute range of cosmetics from Lakme claims to have mostly long-wearing products, I saw that their foundations claim to wear up to 16 hours. I looked for information about this lipstick under review, as well as all the other products too, but the SAs just had one rather large booklet (which none of them are willing to part with!), and they say that the pamphlets and literature about the products for the customers have not yet arrived. I also looked for information on the Lakme website, but it has not been updated till now.

So, with lack of information from the company, I cannot give the correct product description of these matte lipsticks, but I will just go by my experience and what I saw at the stores.

I saw about maybe 8 or 10 (not sure) of these lipsticks at the store, and swatched quite a few of them, but being a bling thing, the shade that attracted me the most was this one, because of its golden shimmer particles that shone through the shade swatch, and also the pretty plum colour. I would describe it as a purply-plum with golden shimmer finish.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

The lipstick casing is a gun metal silver, and comes with no outer packaging except a cellophane paper wrapping. I thought that the fragrance reminded me of Lakme’s 9 to 5 crème compact, in fact, it’s exactly the same.

Lakme Lipstick

The texture is completely feather-light and sets to a dry matte finish. I needed to swatch it quite a few times in order for the true colour to come through, but this was not the case with the matte shades that did not have a shimmer finish. Amongst those kind of shades, I saw a few violets, in fact, one was quite bright, and a beautiful rust-burgundy color too.

Swatch with flash:

Lakme Absolute Lipstick Swatch

Swatch without flash:


On my lips with flash:

Lip Swatch  1

Without flash:

Lip swatch 2

Let’s list down the Pros and Cons for you :

Pros of Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam:

  • It’s a shade that in my opinion would suit all complexions quite well.
  • It feels absolutely lightweight and comfortable on the lips. You will not feel as if you are wearing anything.
  • Dries to a long-lasting dry matte finish.
  • Is non-transferable.
  • Lasts through snacks and meals too, and thereafter fades to a lip stain look.
  • Doesn’t look patchy.
  • Wear time of over 6 hours at least, but it doesn’t disappear completely until you remove it.
  • Good variety of shades, along with quite a few unique and uncommon colors.

Cons of Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam:

  • It can be a bit drying, especially in the winter season.
  • The fragrance can be a little bothersome for those with sensitive noses.
  • I do so wish that Lakme had built up the suspense/anticipation for us by updating their website before the launch of the Absolute range.
  • Lakme should also see that full literature is available for the customers as soon as the products hit the stores, as I was one amongst many eager customers who wanted to know more about this range, but had to go away disappointed without any details whatsoever.


3.5 on 5.

Final Word:

I would like to commend Lakme on their innovation in introducing the Absolute range of cosmetics. The quality of the products all seem to be really good, with some classy grey packaging containers, and I’m sure these are going to sell like hot cakes in the Indian market.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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56 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam Review

  1. Seems like a nice product , I would like to try it in other shade though.. Peach and hot pinks are my bets 😉
    But the color looks gorgeous on you Sabrina !

  2. i agree about the last con sabrina, this time I havent got the press release also. so really atleast the customers should know about the range after the super big launch with kareena.

    Any way, the range looks promising. these do remind me of the lakme nine to five lipsticks in genreal. I liked that the shade is quite buildable. A lot of girls who are scared of such dark shades can experiment with it. I likes and I am happy that the lipstick is pretty good. Btw most shades are in the peachy pinks only. So that’s awesome :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Hi Rati, that’s right. I would really like to check out the peaches and pinks too, I wonder which shades they have in their creme lipstick range too. :)) :))

    1. good morning Rati. :happydance: Monday morning but trying to get out of lazy/bored mode :ghost2: :ghost2: and get into enthu mood :yahoo:

      me had misunderstanding with good buddy for the past couple of months.. :headbang: :headbang: will never get ok..but life goes on ..made new friends in the process.. :jiggy1:

  3. Good morning Rati !
    yeah , I just saw the shade selection is a LOT better than last time .. Have to pick atleast one shade :toothygrin:

    1. Hi shilpic, as far as I can remember, their mousse and liquid foundation is for Rs. 550 each, the lipsticks and glosses were for Rs. 375 each, blushes for Rs. 550 each, lip palette was over Rs. 800, highlighter and bronzer duos were for Rs. 600 each…err…can’t remember the rest. 😀

  4. Am definitely picking up something from this range :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: n gud news everybody. its available on healthkart :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. hey i din’t know its your b’day. :woot: :woot: many many happy returns of the day Sukanya :yahoo: :yahoo: :cake: :cake: :cake: :clap: :clap: :present: :present: hv lots of fun :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  5. I want everythng from this range, bt i will wait for all the reviews and will pick the best..
    This one looks awesome on u… :rose:

  6. Wow..the shade is really pretty Sabrina ! :woot:
    I am still waiting for this range to launch here…so excited :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  7. i am not a big fan of this shade :nababana: i already have similar colours :toothygrin: …i hope there is like a coral colour in this range coz lakme always comes up with dark shades most of the times :spank: …thanks fr reviewing sabrina :thanks:

  8. :shying: Nice lipsticks,Nice range…But Lakme really should provide more info on the products,as you mentioned! :waiting:
    Nice review,Sabrina! The color suits you well! :teddy:

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