Lakme High Definition Eyeliner Review

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner Review

When I joined college, eyeliners became a trend, so I also thought of purchasing a nice and not so costly eye liner. When i went to but it, was amazed to see the cute little bottles. I decided to go for LAKME, as it is a trusted brand. I bought LAKME High Definition Eyeliner. The bottle was tini tiny and very sweet. The packaging looks quite impressive.

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner

Instead of a brush, the LAKME High Definition Eyeliner comes with an applicator, which makes applying the liner ever more easier. So, anyone can easily apply it. I can tell you that, as I was a novice and was using eyeliners for the first time in my life, I could easily apply it without any problem.

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner produces a clean thin line close to my eyelashes. I can then go for a thicker line by just adding a second application. LAKME High Definition Eyeliner gives a pretty look to the eyes and also removing it is quite easy. For most of the eyeliners available in the market, clean up is big problem but with LAKME High Definition Eyeliner that’s not a big deal, you can easily remove it with the help of a cleanser without making it gross. I use gulab jal (rose water) to remove the eyeliner.

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner

As for reacting with the skin, it suited with my skin perfectly. I had no problem what so ever of any reaction on applying LAKME High Definition Eyeliner. So can’t say whether it is reactive or not. Even my sister applied it, she also never complained about any reaction, so I guess it might be safe. And girls, it is LAKME, we can have faith in it.

The LAKME High Definition Eyeliner is water proof, so you need not worry about getting it washed off due to sweat, and giving your eyes that blackish dark circled look which most of the eyeliners do. My eyes are quite big but when I wear LAKME High Definition Eyeliner they seem prettier and even more defined. LAKME High Definition Eyeliner is long lasting. I sometimes went to college wearing it and tell you what it remains there the whole day.

LAKME High Definition Eyeliner is a good purchase and I will recommend to give it a go atleast once, I can assure you that you will fall in love with it instantaneously. I will surely buy LAKME High Definition Eyeliner again.
Price of LAKME High Definition Eyeliner: I bought it for Rs 125 for 5 ml at that time, I am not sure of its price now.

Pros of LAKME High Definition Eyeliner

  • The color of the LAKME High Definition Eyeliner is jet black… Not a tinch of gray… that makes the definition of eye more prominent.
  • LAKME High Definition Eyeliner comes in a very cute little bottle… A good enough reason to buy it.
  • The brush in the liner is very good.
  • The bottle is designed in such a way that the liquid inside wont spill even if help tilted.
  • The quantity required for each time use is very little.I bought the LAKME High Definition Eyeliner about an year ago and still it is not finished yet.
  • LAKME High Definition Eyeliner dries off very soon. You don’t have to wait with your eyes closed for the liner to dry.

Cons of LAKME High Definition Eyeliner

  • The quantity they give is very less.
  • The bottle is not see through, so one can’t predict as to how much of the eyeliner is left in there.

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  2. I think this is sold at a much higher price nowadays…around 200 or so..i have used this but couldnt spot any difference when compared with the old insta liner from lakme…but price difference is huge!!!

    1. Ya Shyna,, because now Lakme has introduced new Black Impact Liner… i am big big lakme Fan & haven’t find anything interesting in thier Liners… but i Love their 9 to 5 Intense Shine Eyeliner.. they have “Smokey Grey” & “Olive” at their best

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