Lancome L’Absolu Creme De Brillance Review

Lancome L’absolu Creme De Brillance

Price : Rs 1500 L’absolu Crème de Brilliance–a cream gloss enriched with the highest concentration of pro-xylane™ and hyaluronic acid that replumps lips, giving 10 hours of moisture, comfort and full volume!

Lancome L’absolu Crème de Brilliance

Available in 7 shades inspired by the best selling shades of L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick, the L’absolu Crème De Brilliance embellishes the most elegant step in any woman’s beauty routine with a creamy hydrating texture leaving lips exquisitely shiny, enhanced with luminous colours, comfortable and visibly smoothed.

Embodying sheer luxury, the Crème De Brilliance is enriched with an essential care complex, from glycerine, proxylane, and acide hyaluronique for lip-care, the result is subtly homogeneous, smooth, velvety and nourished lips.

This advanced replenishing & reshaping shiny gloss comes with a specially shaped applicator to facilitate smoother application and maximize the potentiality of the formula for a uniform and precise result.

Dressed in a luxurious outfit of lacquered black and transparent hues, the voluptuous body is enveloped by an exceptional transparent double hood whilst adorned with elegant gold and black color codes warmed by the Lancôme gold rose!

Indulge in a whole new lip beauty routine with L’absolu Crème De Brilliance to perfect those lips with unprecedented comfort.

Shades Available : Champagne, Rose Mythique, Berry Noir, Sienna Ultime, Amande Sucrée, Cherrywood Luxe, Exotic Orchid, and Blush Classique.

Lancome L'absolu Creme De Brillance

Shade I have is Rose Mythique. It’s a rosy pink colour with golden shimmer to it. Lancome L’Absolu Creme De Brillance is a lip cream with a little  glossy finish to it. The lipstick is moisturizing and especially in a way that it does not make your lips dry or sucks moisture out of your lips. Your lips would be in the same condition as they would be before you applied the lipstick. It has an amazing staying power.

L’absolu Crème de Brilliance Rose Mythique

I wore this at a recent wedding that I attended. My saree was of the same colour as the lipstick. I applied it at 7 p.m in the evening and the colour and shimmer was still there when I returned at 2 at night. During this period I had a couple of drinks, snacks, dinner and gave a few pecks to some of the kids around. 😛  It was there and I did no touch ups in between. The glossiness of course fades as the hours pass by. Infact, it didn’t bleed or settle in my fine lines even though I had not applied a lip pencil underneath. It has a faint rosy smell to it but does not taste of anything once applied on lips.

L’absolu Crème de Brilliance Shade

It comes with a bent doe foot applicator and fits in exactly the shape of your lips, making the application easy.

L’absolu Crème de Brilliance

The shade Rose Mythique , I would say is in between a sheer and a opaque side.The colour is buildable and can be built up.

Rose Mythique Swatch

And moi. 🙂


Nothing to complain about actually. I was picking up the shade Blush Classique (I think) the last time I was at the store but they were out of stock of it. Might pick that up a few months down the line. 🙂

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*

Have you tried Lancome L’Absolu Creme De Brillance?

Note : The product shown in this entry was sent by the company for consideration.

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54 thoughts on “Lancome L’Absolu Creme De Brillance Review

  1. Suweet! Guess Lancome can’t go wrong with their lip-glosses! I am a sucker for Lancome Juicy Tubes – although they are a bit sticky, they are long lasting with some fragrance like this one.

    1. You know only glosses that are a little sticky stay well on lips otherwise the non sicker ones are just there for a few minutes on your lips.

      Check these out. These are newly launched at Lancome. 🙂

      1. hmm guess you are right! all things good got to be sticky in make up?! :p
        yep. will do (and the chanel!) but gonna be a while – seem to have truck loads of glosses on me now :S

    1. Sarah, I am making a lot of mistakes these days. The other day I was asking everything “have you sued (used) XYZ products?” :rotfl: Rima corrected me at the right time.

  2. You are glowing!!!!!! what have u used on ur face??

    The shades are sooo lovely!!!! Loving Rose, amanda, blush…oh I am loving all of these!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I think these are gr8 for parties and weddings coz u dont always get the time n opportunity to do touch ups…so lipsticks with good staying power is kind of a must for such ocassions…I will def buy this…maybe for some special ocassion 🙂

    1. HD , MAC mineralize SPF 15 foundation.

      You know I forgot to apply lip liner underneath so I was really worried that I won’t be able to do touchups and the lipstick would be off in awhile but it stayed and I was so happy to see that it was still there after so many hours. 🙂

      Yeah, is some special occasion coming up? 😉

      1. Only foundation?? no blush??

        Nothing coming up…I just keep on piling my luxury buys for ‘special ocassion’ :laugh:

        1. Oh the blush is apna Colorbar peachy rose. Does it look different?

          The “special occasion” will cost you a bomb if you keep piling on things like this. :rotfl:

          1. naah..nothing different!! just looks awesome!!!! tooo natural…I hope this is in stock atleast 🙁

            I’ll have some good enuf reason na….wont feel guilty then 😀

            Hey possible for u to do the coral pack review by this weekend? and maybe a quick review of the lotus pack too…I plan to go to the beauty store this weekend so will help me to buy…

            1. Peachy rose is one of their running shades. I think it should be available easily. Thank you. 🙂

              Coral pack review is gonna be up tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Rati, do you have any idea how beautiful you look these days???? Your skin, hair is like PERFECT!!!! So is your makeup application!! One of these days I am coming to Delhi for you to solve my foundation/base makeup problem…. 😛 😛

    1. Urmi, thanks a ton. 🙂

      Btw I sent you a mail a few days back. Did you get it??

      And you are most welcome to come to Delhi.We’ll have fun. 🙂

  4. hello rati
    looking gorgeous …. the color is looking so tempting in tube and on u also ofcourse…
    i just mailed u … n called u also …
    have to see the new lancome range but m sooo much keeping an eye on dior’s stuff …. aahhhh

  5. i think i know what’s keeping rati’s skin so beautiful! it’s the humidity! my skin’s glowing too. we people with dry skin benefit with the moisture in the air. rati, you do look absolutely gorgeous! it’s amazing how long this gloss stayed on your lips! i too read somewhere that the stickier the gloss, the longer it stays on. sticky does not mean THICK, so now i know what kind of glosses to buy!

    1. h aha !! that’s a good explanation. 😛

      I learnt this” sticker the gloss thingy” during my classes. 🙂 Yes, it doesn’t have to be thick- sticky. Infact the MAC lipglass is also a bit sticky but it stays so bloody well on lips. 🙂

      Thank you. 🙂

      1. really? so what seems better to you, mac or this? mac does have so many shades! i don’t have much knowledge about lip glosses. i’m more of a lipstick person, need i repeat that? 😛

        1. This is more of a lip cream than a gloss. MAC lip glass is a pure gloss. And the staying power is definitely not comparable. MAC stays on for 2-2 1/2 hours, which is pretty good for a gloss. This one stayed on excellently on my lips.

  6. Oh Rati… are looking so good, and you are one lucky lady, getting to review these goodies. As you already know, I love Lancome (its not available here) but I have never got to try their glosses as yet. Exotic Orchid looks lovely, and also Blush Classique. I think I need to make a trip to Delhi very soon.

  7. The shade looks lovely on you.. though the swatches are so deceiving..

    God why cant i have my birthday once every month..!!!
    No money and so many wants.. what to do..???

    Im so bad with spending money on myself… i can spend absurd amounts an my bf and my nephew and niece but when it comes to myself i become that stingy money pinching miser.. dont know why.. i have been like this forever..!!

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