Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Intemporel Smoky Review

Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Intemporel Smoky Review

Radiant Smoothing Eye Shadow Palette-Divine Hold

  • Experience the all new Ombre Absolue Palette
  • The Velvet™ texture glides on the eye lids creating a luminous effect.
  • It is a unique combination of very fine powder and light charge for longer and flawless hold.
  • Available with 3 different applicators to achieve accurate results, Ombre
  • Absolue gives a very radiant effect.

Price : Rs 2200 (Indian Rupees) Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette

What I love about Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette:

Actually everything but I’ll still explain. 😛

  • Packaging: Sexy black Packaging. And the palette is not very big also. You can just toss it in your bag and carry it around.
  • The mirror: A  *big* mirror is fitted in the palette. It’s useful and removes the need for an extra mirror to do your makeup.
  • The sponge applicators : All three eye shadow applicators are useful and soft but my favorite is the thinnest one. It applies shadows on the lower lash line extremely well.
  • The Staying Power: They stay fresh for hours and hours. No creasing at all.
  • The Texture: They look so rich and vibrant on eyes. Especially these shades have a very silver metallic feel. *my hubby was going ga -ga over my eyes whenever I wear this quad. :P*
  • The Bendability: The shades just flow into each other. You really don’t need to have special skills to do eye makeup with this eyeshadow quad. It’s easier to work with.
  • No fall out during application.

Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Divine Hold

  • It’s a complete smokey eye quad: The white and light gray have a silky texture, the dark gray has very fine silver shimmer and the black is a delicious matte black. The white highlighter is so fine that you can use it every single day to highlight your brows.

Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Intemporal Smoky This black smokey eye shadow quad is also called Radiant Smoothing Eye Shadow Quad  Divine Hold.

It is available in 8 shades. Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Shades

  • G-10 Intemporel Smokey
  • F -10 Murmures du Desert
  • A -10 Rose du Bonhuer
  • B-10 Parures d’Etoiles
  • C-10 Renaissance Printaniere
  • A-40 Chant de Lavandes
  • F-20 Chic
  • G-20 D’Or et D’Exces

Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Smokey Eye Swatches (without base) Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Swatches And Me!! 🙂 Although I am not sure how much of my eye makeup can you see…

Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette G 10Pouty Moi! 😀 Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette photos Indian Makeup And Beauty Blog Rating : SmileySmileySmileySmileySmiley

Have you used Lancome Eye Shadows before?

Note : The product shown in this entry was sent by PR for consideration.

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34 thoughts on “Lancome Ombre Absolue Palette Intemporel Smoky Review

  1. you look absolutely gorgeous….ah and the long awaited pout..what are u wearing on your lips?? :-* :-* :-*

  2. Rati,
    You look extremely nice.Your face looks bright,your features look quite sharp and I don’t why but you look a bit different from your other photos.Its probably because of your hairstyle.This makeup and look suits you a lot.Your earrings in this picture are very pretty.

    1. Thank you, RS. 🙂

      Yeah I think it’s becasu of the hairstyle only that’s making me look different. Other than I am the same old self. :))

      Thank you for the earrings compliment. That’s one accessory I go crazy about. Have loads of them. 🙂

  3. WOW….my Poutmati is back !!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ….But you know what, I like the first too a lot coz the picture shows a lot of innocence…….oops….this post is about smokey eyes isnt it, forgot about that…….the silver pigment is so lovely….hai na…

  4. @Jomol

    he he he. 😛 Thank you. :-* :-* :-* :-*

    Each shadow is different and you know you would actually feel the difference from the regular shadows. The quad in general looks very simple and you tend to think oh!! just the 4 regular smokey eye shades but seriously, they are very impressive when they go on your eyes. Jomol you need to come to Delhi. There so much to show you. 🙂

  5. Hi Rati… look smashing. I think I went into withdrawal symptoms all the time I was away & couldnt access your website!

    1. Yeah, this name is given by Jomol. 😀

      Would you believe that both the quads are different? This one is more towards silver metallic side while the Estee Lauder one is more towards its whites and blacks. But with this one you can do crazy whacky smokey silver-black eyes. Estee Lauder’s one is more towards elegant side. The black has a pretty rainbow shimmer, the grays are softer…so depends on what you are looking for. Both the quads are to die for. I would be doing injustice if I rate one over the other.

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