How to Lighten Hair Naturally

Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. Hair colour can really have a huge impact on one’s personality. Are you bored with your regular hair colour? It’s time to take a break! We all want to go lighter but hair dye is a no-no? Today, we are going to discuss about natural alternatives to hair dye. There are so many ingredients offered by mothers nature which are not harmful for the hair, scalp or lungs. Thankfully we’ve found these natural alternatives to lighten hair naturally. Keep reading to know more!

Ways to Stop Hair Breakage

1. Honey and Vinegar:

Mix 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of organic honey. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon ground cinnamon. Mix well. Apply the mixture all over your hair and wrap it with a help of a old towel or plastic wrap. Keep it overnight and shampoo and condition as usual.

2. Lemon:

Mix 3 parts of lemon juice with one part of water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Now spray the solution all over your hair. Lemons work best with sun, expose your hair to the sun to naturally lighten your hair. Shampoo and condition as lemon could dry out your hair.
Tip: Don’t want the tan? Don’t sit facing the sun, wear skin covering clothing and apply generous amount of sunscreen to avoid sun tan.

3. Cinnamon:

Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and mix it with your ½ cup of conditioner. Apply the conditioner all over your hair. Leave the mixture overnight. Use a towel, plastic wrap to cover your hair. Wash it off in the morning.
Tip: since these are natural methods you would not notice any drastic change in one use. However, you could repeat the process 1-2 times per week till you achieve your desired hair colour.

4. Henna:

Lusting for glossy red locks? Henna could be the solution. Henna leaves a reddish brown colour on dark hair colour. Simply add warm water to henna powder and leave the mixture overnight or a couple of hours. Apply the henna paste on the hair and leave it for two hours. Shampoo and condition as usual.
Tip: Henna could be drying, add a hair mask in your hair care routine to fight dry hair.

5. Baking soda:

Hydrogen peroxide is usually found in hair dye’s and baking soda also helps to lighten hair. Mix 4 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon of honey and form a thick paste. Add more baking soda to the mixture if the solution is too runny. Apply generously all over your hair and wrap sections of hair using a foil paper. Keep it for 30 minutes or longer. if you desire lighter hair, keep the mixture for longer and keep checking the shade. Use cold water to shampoo and condition.

6. Chamomile Tea:

Brew chamomile tea, let it cool down. Fill the tea in a spray bottle. Spray the tea on your hair. Air dry the hair in the sun for best results. If you can’t soak the sun, let it sit for 3-4 hours before washing it out.

Do try any of these methods and comment below which worked best for you!

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