6 Lipstick Mistakes you Need to Stop Making Right Now

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We all know the power of a pretty pucker. It not only makes you look pretty but, also does so much to make you feel confident, right? So, why not master the right lipstick tricks and avoid mistakes like your lipstick going patchy, feathers at the edges or the lipstick sliding off completely after a few hours! If you have been making these and other mistakes with your lipstick, scroll through our guide to apply your lipstick like a pro.

Lipstick mistakes you need to stop making now

1. Chapped Lips:

Applying lipstick over dry, flaky lips leads to patchy looking lips. To avoid this, scrub your lips gently before applying your makeup. Then, apply a moisturising lip balm and let it stay while you apply makeup on the rest of your face. Use a tissue to absorb the excess lip balm before applying lipstick or liner.


2. Mismatched Lipstick and Liner:

While many of you might like this effect, we suggest having a good match between your lipstick and liner for a flawless finish. You can use a liner that is slightly darker than your lipstick to contour your lips. But too much difference would make your face look drab.


3. Bleeding Edges:

A great pro trick is to give your lip colour some extra staying power by topping up your liner again, once you’re done filling in. Having a good match between your lippies and liner is essential for this, and make sure to soften the edges with a brush, if the finish is too severe.


4. Undefined Lips:

The best trick to line your lips is to begin at the centre. Define your cupid’s bow first, and then move to the corners, working your way in. Do the same while lining the bottom lip. Start at the centre and join up the line by working from the corners inwards.
To get fuller lips, apply your liner slightly outside your natural lip line. This technique, known as ‘overlining’ makes your lips appear plumper and fuller. Also, remember to keep a magnifying mirror handy while lining your lips. This would help you in getting the best shape.


5. Skipping the Corners:

You surely do not want to have lipstick-free patches visible, especially when you’re applying a bold color. It is pretty common to miss the inner corners of your lips while applying a lipstick. To avoid the same, open your mouth and use a thin lip brush to apply lipstick to the corners. You can then blend any harsh lines or finish any touch-ups.


6. Quick Color Fade:

If you’re not applying your matte shades right, chances are that they will not last as long as they should. One great trick is to line your lips as normal, and then use the same liner to fill in all over your lips. This will create a base, similar to a primer. Then go in with your lipstick, blot with a tissue, and apply a second layer. You can also cover your lips with a tissue and blot some dusting or translucent powder over it to mattify your lipstick and thus, enhancing its staying power.

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