Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser Review

Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser

Hey IMBB, Today, I am going to review Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser.

Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand and Body Moisturiser

Like any other girl out there, I also love to pamper myself. I was quite bored of using Vaseline and Jergen’s Body lotions. I wanted to have some backup lotion with me as my current lotions are on the verge of getting finished. So, I was in desperate need of a new body lotion. Although, I have 3 body lotions with me at present, but I am fond of stocking up body lotions :shying: :shying:, especially in winters, when I love applying different lotions on different parts of body. You people might laugh at me, but I use separate lotions for hands, legs, arms and back .:shying:  I just love applying so many of them at the same time, I can never get enough of them. :toothygrin:

While checking out my favorite online shopping website, I saw this lotion as a new addition. I was quite tempted by the name of this lotion and its claims of cell renewing.

Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand and Body Moisturiser

Product Description:

Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser is a rich cream that penetrates quickly and deeply to soften and smoothen skin while cell regenerative Phyto Placenta renews your skin. This double action moisturizer leaves your skin feeling refreshed.  Living Proof supports the fact that healthy glowing skin comes from healthy growing cells. All its products are scientifically created using Bio-Active Phyto Placenta embryonic cells proven to ‘kick-start’ cell growth and renewal.


Rs. 180 for 150 ml (I got it for Rs. 160 after discount).

Shelf Life:

3 years from the date of manufacture.




I liked the packaging of the lotion.  The lotion comes in a slim and easy-to-carry bottle. It has ulta-pulta type packaging. It will stand only upside down. The bottle is see-through type, so you can see how much product is left.  It has a transparent cap which is flip-open type. The cap is tight enough and prevents any leakage of the lotion.


My Take on Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser:

The lotion is light baby pink in color.  It is of medium consistency, neither thick nor runny. It gets absorbed easily with no extra efforts, leaving behind really soft and smooth skin.  You might forget that you have applied a lotion. It is not at all heavy on skin, so I think it can also be used in summers.  It works great as a hand lotion also. It doesn’t leave any greasy film on the skin.

body lotion

It has a very mild fragrance which is not bad at all. At the moment, I can’t say for sure that it stands true to its cell renewing claim, but it definitely provide a subtle glow to the skin.

Pros of Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser:

  • Packaging is slim and travel friendly.
  • It moisturizes the skin pretty well.
  • Skin feels amazingly soft and smooth.
  • As it is not heavy, it can be used during summers as well.
  • Has a mild fragrance to it.
  • No parabens.:yahoo:

body cream

Cons of Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser:

  • Availability might be an issue.
  • Contains mineral oil. :spank:

I couldn’t find any other con about this lotion. I am quite happy with this.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Living Proof Cell Renewing Hand & Body Moisturiser:

Yes, I will definitely recommend this lotion. It gets absorbed easily and there is no greasy feeling after application; only soft, smooth and glowing skin. You would love the feel of your skin after applying this (as I do).  I might have to finish the bottle to decide on its cell renewing claim, but this lotion can be given a try.

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