Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: 413 Blue Fever

By Triya B.

Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: 413 Blue Fever


It feels great to be writing another review for IMBB. Today, I want to review the first eye shadow that I had purchased for myself. I must introduce myself. I’m Triya, 19 and studying in IIT Kanpur. I’m very fond of blue eye makeup, I don’t know why! I think I’m the girl who knows most about makeup on campus, no one here is pretty much interested in makeup of any sort, but I have become crazy about it after IMBB came into my life 😀

Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Eyeshadow Blue Fever

I’m pretty much a newbie to the world of makeup.I did use some eye shadows before this, but they were all gifted to me. As this was my one of my first eyeshadows, I did not know what to expect from it. But I did learn how to apply it from IMBB. 😀


I bought this online. Though its MRP is arpound INR 625, I got it for Rs.175! So no complaints there.


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I haven’t seen this in any stores though. Not even online.I think it is not available in India. I don’t know how many trios are there.  I do know about two more,Chocolate Addiction which i own, and a plum-pink kind of trio which i think is called Addictive Plum.

About Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Blue Fever:

Revive the color of your eyes with Color Appeal trio pro. A new range of eye shadows to intensify the natural color of your eyes by using complimentary colors.


They come in an adorable round packaging, with a curved applicator in one level and the eye shadow in another. Now, the curved applicator looks cute , but it’s really a hassle as it cannot be used properly even if you want to. Also, only one applicator for three colors is of no use really, though I have used it to apply the lighter blue sometimes. It does a good job at that. But generally, I use an eye shadow brush instead. Otherwise, I love the packaging and it looks travel friendly, though I cannot say anything for sure.


At the back, it says, “Color Appeal Trio Pro” tailor made for dark eyes, which I suppose is the most common color of Indian eyes. My trio consists of three shades,a light-ish kind-of shimmery blue (I forget the name), a somewhat darker blue, and a white highlighter.


The light blue is decently pigmented, and when you pack it on with a brush, the color looks pretty, even on its own. It has a shimmery finish, which I like, but some people may not like it.The dark blue looks pigmented in the packaging and swatch, but I don’t know why, it doesn’t show up on my eyelids! I keep trying to blend in the color into the crease, but, I cannot distinguish it from the light blue, which looks more pigmented than the darker one. It also has some amount of shimmer.As for the white highlighter, I love it! It’s a beautiful pearly white highlighter, perfect for applying on my brow bone. It can also be used as a pearly white eye shadow as it is very build-able.


Here, I applied the light blue one all over the lid, I used the darker blue in the crease, and used the white one as a highlighter.These are the swatches.


Generally I use it with my turquoise blue eyeliner, but  I used it with Lakme InstaLiner today because it was not being used much. Though it looks fine,but it totally ruined everything because it transferred to my upper lid before drying as usual.

Pros of Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Blue Fever:

  • All three colors of the trio are nice and go well with each other.
  • All the three shadows contain light shimmer and so you can wear it as day or evening wear depending on the shades (Chocolate Addiction has day wear shades).
  • Easy to apply, and has good enough staying power of more than 6 hours. It did crease slightly because I did not use a primer underneath. I have very oily lids.
  • Decently pigmented, and the color is build-able.
  • The highlighter is very pretty and can be used as an eye shadow itself.
  • It is ‘tailor made for dark eyes’ and it looks good on Indian skin tone.
  • The eye shadows are easy to remove either with make up wipes,makeup remover, and even cleansing milk.
  • The round packaging is really cute with “L’oreal Paris” embossed in gold on top.
  • You get 3 eyeshadows for around Rs.325  which is not expensive at all.

Cons of Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Blue Fever:

  • I noticed some amount of fallout sometimes. Also, it gets transferred to the lower lash line while applying .
  • The applicator, though cute, is not very useful.
  • The dark blue doesn’t show up on the lids much.
  • Availability is an issue.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I repurchase Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Blue Fever :

I don’t think so. But, I do want to buy the plum-pink one in this range as it looked lovely.

Do I recommend Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Blue Fever: Yes, if you want to get three decent eye shadows at a good price, and want to try out new colors without burning a hole in your pocket, then this is for you.

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