L’Oreal Color Riche Made For Me Intense Deep Garnet 296

L’Oreal Color Riche Made For Me Intense Deep Garnet 296

loreal color riche made for me intense dark blondes
Price: INR 690

Review, swatches:l'oreal color riche

No, I’m not a dark blonde 😀 and yet I picked it up :P, God knows why. One major reason is that I end up buying bricks and mattes and rusts all the time and it’s time that I start investing in some kind of reds and some deeper plums. I have already acquired some mauves and pinks that I think suit my skin tone, but I’m still loving experimentation with reds and for a change, some shimmer rather than crème and matte finishes. No, that doesn’t mean all you ladies are going to see lesser bricks, but I thought many of us may like reds and may need some bridal red and a party wear which goes best with Indian wear. So, here it goes:

I have some 10 L’Oreal lipsticks, best of which I like are the Color Riche Crème ones. I have been eyeing mocha, chocolate, and one more nude shade, but still unsure whether to get it. This was an impulse buy because of such limited stock on the L’Oreal counter and I have most of the shades I would mostly wear, so I thought I would pick up an offbeat red.
swatch 1
These “Made For Me Intense” lipsticks are really like they say “intense.” Most of them are deeper plums and maroons more for brides and parties with dimmer lighting, rather than for day wear. These do have a lot of gritty glitter and shimmer, not my personal favourite, but then we should all have some “out there” noticeable lipstick for our dull days or for parties where you really don’t want to go with a nude lip but rather a bolder statement with your heavy saris. So, this is one such color for me which would instantly perk up the look and literally jewel the lips with all the multicolour glitter “thingy” happening.
swatch 2
The lipstick feels a little sticky and has that oily kind of texture which frosts and shimmers may have. The shimmer is mainly silver, but shines multicoloured as well and shows up alright, not very shiny but when the red shade fades off, a lot of shimmer is left on the lips.  You would be surprised to know that the glitter remnants on the lips actually look gorgeous, even better than the dressy lipstick.

The lipstick fades off unevenly because it doesn’t feel creamy, but rather heavy and opaque. The pigmentation is very good giving opaque shimmer red in one swipe.  The finish is like an oily-sheeny gloss and not a crème one.  It would stay for four hours leaving behind some shimmer which looks so pretty on nude lips.

I am happy with the L’Oreal packaging and the size too (least bothers me ), but L’Oreal has to do away with the rosy floral smell to all its lipsticks, but the crème ones will still be my favourites. These intense shades are best used for special “dressier” occasions.

Last word:

This is a very “dressy” lipstick, I would say suited best for bridal wear, night parties and dim-lit occasions and very apt for Indian traditional wear with some gold work on it.  There is some silver and multicoloured shimmer to it and it is a red. So, many of us may think twice to carry a red, shimmery lips.  Please try it out for your complexion at the counter before picking this one up 🙂

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  1. hiee neha…good review..i have purple coloured loreal with silver shimmering:-( dunno where to wear it:-( just kept it inside..will not see it till it expires..

  2. Nice review Neha… :pompom: But me no like Loreal :yuck: :yuck: I had a glittery one which was was so sheer and short staying..and then left me looking like i rubbed my mouth on a glitter paper :sick: :sick: and pricey too :smug: :smug:

    1. :happydance: i took some 10 odd pics and all looked chamku 😐
      so i thot “gawwd i have bot such an expensive lippie and i cant carry it :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:
      so i avoided the pic :yuck:

  3. Hey Neha…Where’ve you been ?? Long time !!
    Pretty shade and nicely written :yes: Where’s the LOTD ?? :spank:

    1. hey deeps
      my sis had come down from oz with her baby so we both were at parents meeting each other’s ka baby :toothygrin:
      now im back to chennai

      lotd bht chamku tha :yikes:

  4. What a pretty tomato red :love: wish I could carry off such bright colours but I’m so worried how they would look on me 🙁

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