L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review

Hair type: Coloured/thin/moderately damaged

Hello peeps,

I’m not very loyal to hair care products because I love trying new products all the time, but there is one product that I am loyal to, and it is the hair spa creambath by L’Oreal. My mum loves it too and, I like using it 2-3 times in a week. Also, I saw the parlour lady using the same product for my hair, so I grabbed a jar too. Read on to know how this product worked for my hair type.

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review1

Price: Rs. 640/- for 490 g
Product Description:
Enriched with natural palm oil and purified water, the vitalizing creambath smoothens, improves manageability and brings back vitality in hair. Through massage, the hair is left smooth and full of vitality.

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review3

My Experience with L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath:

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review

Packaging: You might have seen these blue tubs all over the shelves of salons, parlours, beauty stores and many more places so, no introduction is needed for the L’Oreal Hair Spa Creambaths. But, what needs to be conveyed is that a lot of you might not be aware that these tubs come in different variants meant for different hair types. They have creambaths for dry hair, damaged hair, normal hair and what not! This time, I picked the “Vitalizing Creambath” because my hair is actually very dull as it has lost all the life and shine due to chemical treatments. L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath comes in a big sky blue coloured tub with a silver cap. Earlier, I had spotted a few small packs but, I think they have got discontinued. Honestly, it is an excellent deal because the quantity will last for around 6-10 months. The pricing is great, so no product from a professional brand can really compete with this. The tub is definitely not travel-friendly, but when I want to travel with this, I just take a dollop of the product and store it in a different container.

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review2

Consistency, smell and feel on the hair: The creambath is white in colour and is moderately thick in consistency. The other variants were thick, but this one isn’t as thick as them because it is formulated for normal hair type. Just a small amount is required at once, as it spreads amazingly and will cover the ends and the strands too. I use it in the place of a conditioner after shampooing my hair. Usually, I use it by taking a few hair strands together in partitions and apply it all over my hair.

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review4

By doing so, the cream bath gets absorbed into my hair really well. I can feel that it is working because the moment I apply the creambath, my hair starts getting smoother. Sometimes, I take a steam on my hair, which makes the cream bath work better. I keep it undisturbed for around 15-20 minutes and then, rinse it off. But, even if you can keep it for 5 minutes, it will do the job well. Also, there are some little ampoules available, which give even better results, rather say the most effective results, but they are pretty pricey so, it totally depends on your idea to splurge or save!

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review5

Results: While rinsing the product out of my hair, it detangles my hair but, I could feel some kinks and knots as well. The other variants used to detangle my hair perfectly, but this did not, maybe because it is meant for normal hair, and my hair is damaged. Then, I let my hair air-dry without using a serum as the cream bath makes my hair manageable on its own. However, if you have very dry or unmanageable locks, then you might need a serum. I can instantly feel my hair being very smooth, soft and free from all the kinks and knots. My hair was flying naturally, because most of the times, it doesn’t, as it remains thick in its pace due to damage. I can see my hair colour dazzling at its highest peak. My hair looks frizz-free for around 3-4 days after which my ends start getting a bit frizzy, but the hair strands remain smooth and manageable. Yes, it did show a drastic improvement in my hair, but only when used regularly. I could see that my hair was recovering soon, and they looked pretty natural than they were before. My hair looks softer, silkier and shinier than usual. Adding to it, they have an entire range available, which would show even better results than what I got. So, no more salon visits; just get this range and have an ultimate hair spa session from the comfort of your home.

LOreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath Review6

Pros of L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath:

  • Huge jar, large quantity.
  • Available all around at an affordable price.
  • One tub lasts very long.
  • Creamy consistency and heavenly smell.
  • A little quantity required for one time use.
  • Improves the texture of hair.
  • Takes the dullness away and adds silkiness and softness.
  • Ends look less damaged and very healthy.
  • Makes hair colour look a lot better.
  • An entire range available to have a luxurious hair spa at home.

Cons of L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath:

  • Competitive products available.
  • Did not detangle hair that well like other variants.
  • Other variants have worked better for my damaged hair.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase L’Oreal Hair Spa Vitalizing Creambath?
Yes, they have a lot of variants. I always have one tub with me, and I keep getting it.

Conclusion: Get the entire range if you want to enjoy a nice hair spa at home!

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