Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On

Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On

Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti Perspirant Roll On

I pick up deodorants and roll-ons once in a while.  Most of the deodorants come with high alcohol level that sting badly and that’s one reason to keep me away from deos.  Another major reason is that I don’t use deodorants on a daily basis since I do not suffer from body odor.  I don’t smell bad however hot or humid the day might be even without a deo or perfume :dance:  But after reading so many reviews of Nivea on IMBB, I really could see myself liking the fragrance.  I wanted to pick the deodorant, but when I saw that Nivea has a roll-on too, I opted for the latter.  Here’s my review of the Nivea Pearl  and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On (err….later on, I realized that the label had “anti-perspirant” mentioned on the BACK).  I should read labels before buying  :headbang: :headbang:

Product Description (taken from the net):

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant for beautiful, smooth underarms. Together with NIVEA’s 24-hour protection against underarm wetness and odour, its caring formula with precious pearl extracts leaves underarms feeling soft and looking beautiful.  It’s the perfect combination of NIVEA‘s mild care and reliable protection.


How it works:

  • Beautiful underarms.
  • 24h confidence, anti-perspirant protection and gentle Nivea care.
  • No alcohol or colours.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


Rs. 165 for 50 ml.



My Take on Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On:

The roll-on has the trademark “Nivea” fragrance, very mild, soothing, and pleasant.  The scent is not at all “loud.”  The milky white deodorant is in a liquid form and comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a plastic cap.  The liquid is not at all sticky and does not sting on application.  The deodorant applies wet, but then the “wet” feeling disappears within 30 seconds to 1 minute.  With this deo on, I smell pleasant throughout the day.  Even while I have been out throughout the most part of the day, I could feel the “mild lingering fragrance.”  It might be because I don’t sweat that bad and don’t get white patches that helps the fragrance to stay a little bit long.  For someone with a body odor problem, I don’t think this would suffice.  Also, I haven’t tested it for 24 hours yet.  For me, it works in two ways, it does not sting like alcohol-based deodorants and second is that I can wear it while I am at home too.  I think this would be great for ladies with small babies around who are apprehensive about exposing their little ones to aerosols.


Summing up the pros and cons of this deo:

Pros of Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On:

  • Carries the typical Nivea fragrance, which is very mild and soothing.
  • It does not sting like other alcohol-based deos.
  • It did not irritate my skin.
  • For someone like me, who does not suffer from body odor, this is perfect.
  • Mild fragrance lingers throughout the major part of the day.
  • Contains hydrolyzed pearl, I guess that might be good.
  • Comes at a good price.
  • It is an anti-perspirant deo.
  • It is not sticky and the “wet” feeling when you apply disappears within a short time.
  • Good option if you do not want to use an aerosol spray.


Cons of Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On:

  • For people who perspire a lot, I don’t think this would be adequate.
  • The 24-hour protection I am not sure about.
  • If you want a much stronger fragrance or scent, this might not be for you.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On?

Yes, I think, its a good product, but if you sweat excessively, you can give it a miss.

IMBB Rating:


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27 thoughts on “Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll On

  1. Sounds perfect for me! I love products with mild scents & Nivea’s fragrance reminds me of my good old bachpan! 🙂 :teddy: i’ll surely pick this up! :yes:

    1. 😀 pucca pucca gettin this ! :secret2: i also roll on such products on my lower brassier line :blush: :blush: it keeps it “drier” esp in horrid hot summers!

  2. Jomo i think i have used some version of nivea deo and it was nice. I do use rolls ons when i wear sleevelss tops. I think they do help but otherwise I am a perfume person. 😀 I miss the green wall :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

  3. Am in lurrvve with the brand Nivea in general for their pleasant fragrances..but me not Deo person at I do have practically no body odour..!! Back home in Ahmedabad..used all talcum powders designed for Men…aka Denim & Park Avenue & wat not.. :tongue: as I love its dry & slippery feel on body.. :stars: Gimme perfumes anyday & night too…but A Big No-No for feminine shweety shweety fragrances.. :nonono:

  4. Oooh! :woot: :woot: I didn’t know that Nivea still made roll-ons! :happydance: The last time I used a roll-on, I was 11 and used to think that deos were the height of cool. :tongue: BTW, what exactly do the pearl extracts do? :waiting: Thanks for the review. :woot:

      1. Oh! That idea is a total fail whale. :spank: I don’t think mere deodorants can “whiten” underarm skin alone. By the time the customer realises the false claims, she has already spent her money and become an idiot at the hands of the deo company. :tongue:

  5. I use this! Its really good! 🙂 Nice review Jomol!
    Jomol..of you dont mind can you tell where I can find NYX counters in hyd? I’m not finding 🙁

  6. by the way guys just a tip , by all means we all need a nice roll on when we dont want our underarms to get sweaty, however turns out these roll ons do more harm than good if used non stop. basically these deos have some form of aluminium oxide or salt, not sure (should have listened in the chemistry class) that work by plugging your sweat ducts. these do get washed off, and its not like they will plug it for good, but as far as possible we need to keep their use to bare minimum or else we might end up with super clogged sweat ducts and boils.

    if u do use a roll on, make sure to wash your underarms with warm water and soap.

    1. :methinks: ya too read in the skindeep website to avoid deos and antipersp with Aluminium..It is very harmful to the body….

  7. Nice review jomol… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: tomo me going shopping with mom to buy dresses for office n also my shampoo,deo r over… yippeeee will get this one for sure… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  8. whitening of underarms with hydrolized pearl !!!! will better wear some pearl :toothygrin: anyways I love roll ons too..i will pick this one..n i like the nivea smell too :teddy: :teddy:

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