Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing a lipstick from Lotus Herbals.  The lipstick is called Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Colors.  These lip colors are available in more than 25 shades and the one I bought is called “Caprice.”


Product Quantity:

4.2 gm.


INR 245, but I got it on discount for INR 216.

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The lipstick has a general rectangular shape packaging in beige color. One section has Lotus Herbals written on it which has a flower shaped design too. The inner section of the lipstick is golden in color.

Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color 2


Enriched with the botanical extracts of aloe vera and jojoba. This is the only thing written about the ingredients on the Lotus Herbals official site. Nothing is mentioned on the lipstick.

Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color 3

Product Description:

Pure Colors is a range of exciting moisturizing lip colors in pinks and browns. The shades have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. This is a 100% vegetarian range of moisturizing lip colors available in peaches, pinks and nutty browns. It is available in more than 25 rich, sophisticated shades.

Uniform dispersion of pigments.  Rich payoff.  Smooth application.

Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color 4

My Take on Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice:

Caprice is an unusual shade, at least for me. I usually love to apply shades of pink and rarely brown, but this time, I dared to get something out of my comfort zone. Caprice is a shade of lavender which looks extremely stunning in the packaging. I saw it in a shop, but wasn’t sure of getting it, but when I came home I wanted it, so I searched it online and got it, that too on a discount. The first thing that I noticed when I applied it on my lips was that it made me look darker. I can’t say whether it is due to the color or some other factor, but till the time it was on me, I was looking one shade darker than my actual complexion.

Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color 5

Now, coming to the properties that a lipstick should have, the lipstick is smooth to apply. I won’t say it is as smooth as butter because it would be a lie, it is smooth but not much. Pigmentation wise, the lipstick is just okay.  One swipe does not give much color to the lips especially if you have pigmented lips. The color needs to be built up and for that you will require at least 3-4 swipes. The lipstick has some kind of smell, I won’t rate it good or bad, neither it is too strong to disturb me, but it does have a weird smell.

Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color 6

The color is amazing and the lipstick does not dry my lips. Like some other lipsticks, this one is non sticky and I personally feel that I do not need to apply a lip gloss with this as it looks better without a gloss. On the lips, the color looks like a shade of pink which I of course love but more than that I love what it looks in the packaging.


The lipstick does not have a good staying power, on me, it didn’t stay for even 2 hours and if in these 2 hours you will have your snacks, then expect even less.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice:

  • Affordable.
  • 100% vegetarian, that means no cruelty to animals.
  • Good color selection available.
  • Affordable.
  • Smooth, but could have been better.
  • Does not dry lips.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice:

  • Not so good staying power.
  • Makes my complexion look a shade darker.
  • Has a weird kind of smell.
  • Needs 2-3 swipes to build up the color, average pigmentation.

Would I Repurchase Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice?

Overall, this lipstick is an average product for me and I bought it due to the shade, so I might not buy it again.

Do I Recommend Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice?

I will recommend buying this shade as I love it and if you want to try something different than pinks and browns and do not want to spend much, this is a perfect option. But except this color, I am not very impressed with these lipsticks. Many other brands do offer better stuff in similar price range.

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11 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Moisturizing Lip Color – Caprice Review

    1. after getting it, i would also say that not my color either but i still like what it looks in the container 😀

    1. the color is not exactly shimmery ….its one of those that gives a frosty finish and so, might appear shimmery with the flash *scared*

    1. thanks jomol *thankyou* and for me too just one of this kind is enough….i will not buy this family of shades again 🙂

    1. thanks aditi *thankyou* yes its a very different color…i have actually seen way more funky colors for lips but i don’t have the courage to try those, so i tried to get something that still looked fine 😀 it looks lavender in the stick but thankfully gives a shade of pink on the lips *happydance*

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