Skin Care for Mature Skin: Lotus Quince Seed Nourishment Cream

Skincare with Lotus: Lotus Quince Seed Nourishment cream and Shea Moist Moisturizer Review

First of all let me tell you this is my first review on Lotus skin care products, what’s more-this is my first review based on the feedbacks from my mom! She is an avid fan of Lotus Herbals products and seeing me writing on makeup and beauty products on IMBB, she asked me to convey her experience on two (amongst her many) of Lotus Herbals skin care products that she uses regularly. I actually felt like a journalist while asking her about the pros and cons of these two products which I am going to write about over here..(and there were lots of giggles :)).

1. Lotus Herbals Quince Nourish: Quince Seed Nourishment Crème: Price: Rs 285

I have seen mom using this for years since she first saw it in stores. She loves it so much that she refuses to switch to any other face cream. She says it’s creamy, moisturizing and tightening as well. It makes her skin smooth and glowing as well as prevents skin from sagging.

I don’t mean to brag, but my mom has the most flawless skin and beautiful hair that I am totally in awe of-it’s glowing, supple and spotless. And she has this nourishment cream in her regular beauty regimen.

Lotus Herbals Quince Seed Nourishment cream

Recently, Lotus has updated the look of the container of this cream. It now comes in a glass bottle in a carton. The carton says: Especially good for mature skin. Vitamin E, Quince seed and other herbal extracts provide essential nourishment to skin. Regular use imparts a radiant smooth glow to face. Suitable for women above 30 years

Active Ingredients: Extracts of Quince Seed, Ginseng and Ashwagandha. Also contains Almond oil and sunflower oil
Directions for Use: Wash face with lukewarm water. Apply Quincenourish crème all over face and neck. Moisten hands with cold water and gently massage for 5 minutes using upward and outward strokes. Leave for 10-15 minutes and remove with damp cotton. My mom doubles it up as a face massage cream rather than an everyday moisturizer.

Lotus Quince Seed Nourishment cream

That’s a dab of the Lotus quincenourish crème And that’s my mom. 🙂

It is a creamy concoction with a mild sweet smell. Like many others my mom utterly dislikes strong smelling skin care products.
Pros: Moisturizing and softening. Makes skin supple and glowing and prevents sagging with regular use. My mom never found it to break her out or make the skin feel oily. It appears rather heavy but gets absorbed to skin entirely. The remainder-if any should be washed off.

Cons: Nothing my mom could remember

Rating: Mom says  :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.9

2) Lotus Herbals Shea Moist: Shea butter & real strawberry 24 hour moisturizer:

Price Rs 110 for 60g. This is an intensely moisturizing lotion. I and mom both love using this because it keeps skin hydrated for hours. However, I have a pimple prone skin so I found it to break out on application. It also has a lovely smell of strawberry which I love but mom doesn’t. Because of these reasons both me and mom use it mostly as a hand cream.

Lotus shea moist
Lotus shea moist

Lotus Shea Moist Pack says: This innovative 24 hr moisturizer containing Shea butter and strawberry extract moisturizes the skin for extended periods. The Time release formula ensures there are bursts of moisture at regular intervals.

Directions: Apply daily morning and if needed for extreme hydration then in the evenings too.
Active Ingredients: Shea Butter and strawberry extract.

Pros: Truly hydrating and the effect stay on for a good daylong. Use it once and you don’t have to worry about skin feeling dry or stretchy. It is nether neither oily nor sticky in texture –rather it gets absorbed to skin easily making it smooth and soft. I suppose this will be an excellent facial moisturizer as well for those with dry/normal skin. The price is reasonable.

Cons: I would not suggest this one for people with oily skin because I found it to break me out. Also my face looked darker after some time of application 🙁 It has no SPF-so I don’t think it will be nice to wear it and go out in the sun. The strong strawberry smell as well may not be liked by everyone. However anyone can use it as a hand and body lotion-it requires only a drop of this lotion to be sufficient for the arms and hands

Rating: :-* :-*:-* + 0.5

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43 thoughts on “Skin Care for Mature Skin: Lotus Quince Seed Nourishment Cream

    1. Awww :-)) :-)) :-))thats so sweet !!! I thank God that I am still enjoying the shower of care n love of my mom while many of my friends are away from home for their careers and miss their family soo much..

      And truly mom simply adores this Lotus product-have seen her using it for 3-4 can surely gift this with assured good reviews from your mom!!!! :-)) :-))

        1. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 ….I will be undone without her!!..I can’t so a single thing by myself..except for arranging my wardrobe and dressing table.. :-(( :-(( :-((

            1. seeing ur post made mr miss my mumma tooo… but im going to see her in 10 days 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 and going back home to maa ke haath ka khaana and filter coffeee 😉

    1. :-)) :-)) ..Yep surely!! and I cant wait to show this post to my mom !!! Its actually her review and I dint tell her that I have added her pic in it 😀 😀 😀

        1. is so happy with this product..she may advertise for this product without taking fees :-)) :-)) She has already baptized many of her friends and women who visit the same parlour 😀 😀 (I just hope she doesnt see me doing all hee hee on her)

  1. today is mom’s day….my mom will be happy if I get this for her :-))
    She always complains for her dry skin :-((
    Thanx Anuradha….me getting this for my mom.
    And you mom’s skin is so glowy… :-* :-*

    1. Heyyy thaanx!! :-)) :-)) And really my mom’s skin glows with health and she sticks to only a few skincare products and salon treatments..I must say she follows a strict diet too..has lots of fruits n veggies..
      I think this cream will be even better for dry mom has oily skin, and uses this as a face massage cream coz this she says is heavier than a daily moisturiser :chic: :chic:

      1. Anuradha, you should make your mom write another article – her regular skincare routine/food that she does for her skin’s health…she seems to be having a good tried and tested routine which seems to be working too…and maybe we all can learn something from it :-)) :-)) :-))

        1. She has the most simple yet most disciplined routine..I can’t imagine a breakfast with fruits like cucumber and papaya (hate these two :pain: :pain: !) and she has them..follows a diet with least fries and spices..and uses all herbal products form only 1/2 brands

            1. 😀 😀 😀 ..I just hate and hate this cucu n literally wrestles them in my mouth.. 😀 😀 .even if I dont eat that way..she makes me raita with it after lunch.. :-X :-X :-X

  2. ohh I see….then it would work just perfect for my mom with dry skin na!
    thanx to your mom for sharing her ‘raaz’ of healthy skin :giggle: :giggle: :-)) :-))

    1. Anytime Jinal!! My mom sticks to a very basic and simple skin care fries-good sleep and loads of fruits..-she makes her packs herself and never switches brands (however I love trying different brands and gift her night creams and lotions which she uses only grudgingly) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  3. Wow!! Your mom has amzing skin…. :-* :-* :beauty: :beauty:

    Wish I would have such skin at her age… :-)) :-))

    I have used Shea moist and lovved it.. Am thinking that despite the cream is for 30+, I may still use it as per the directions once in a while, on my “especially dry skin” days.. :-/ :-/ :-/

    1. Thank uu!!! and I think this cream can work for below 30 ages as well-when my massage cream finishes off I often sneak this out from her cupboard 😀 😀 ..results are gr8!! and even I have oily and pimple prone never broke me I guess this will work gr8 on dry skin without fail!! but as I see n say-this is quite heavy a better used for skin massage than moisturiser..good results guranteed :-)) :-)) :-))

  4. Anuradha! Aunty looks so beautiful! Do tell her that, I said she looks like one of those yesteryear hindi actresses with those thin eyebrows! & that shawl looks beautiful too! :inlove:

    1. Thank u Uzma..thanx a lot!!!! This is really becoming a end of the year present for my mom..all gals praising her skin n all!!!! till now..seeing her no one believes she has a 33 year old son as well 🙂 🙂 🙂

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