Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SunScreen Gel SPF 20 Review

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SunScreen gel with SPF 20 Review:

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SunScreen Gel SPF 20 : Sunscreen is an essential part of our daily skincare regime. Harmful UVB and UVA rays can cause skin irritation, wrinkles, per-mature ageing and even cancer. So it is necessary to protect yourselves from those harmful rays by applying a good sunscreen is a must before stepping out in the sun.

People with oily skin often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to the application of sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must in the countries with tropical climate like India, but on the other hand most of the sunscreens happen to be heavy and greasy. It makes your face more oily causing breakouts. I have seen some people avoid sunscreen to avoid breakouts, which is bad. So, it is not an easy task to find out a non-oily yet powerful sunscreen to combat UV rays. Such a sunscreen is Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SunScreen gel with SPF 20. When I first came to know about this, I purchased this without giving a second thought. Please note the fact, that time I had no idea about SPF, full spectrum sunscreen etc. etc.

Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20

What the product claims:
“A revolutionary gel, the only one in sun care range, containing Babchi Seed extract, provides full spectrum sun protection. Also contains ‘Phenyl Banzimidazole Sulfonic Acid’, the only water soluble sun screen agent to provide synergistic protection against full spectrum ultra violet rays, therefore lightens the complexion and retards ageing process.”
Quite a long and mouthful claim, eh?

Key ingredients:
Phenyl Banzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Babchi Seed extract.

Phenyl Banzimidazole Sulfonic Acid: it is a common sunscreen agent. It provides protection from mainly UVB rays, but provides a very minimal protection from UVA rays. This agent alone can not give a full spectrum protection unless paired with some other chemical agents. It is water soluble and very light in nature.

Babchi Seed extract: scientific name: Psoralea corylifolia. This comprises a substance named psoralen which helps improve skin pigmentation. It is used to cure several skin pigmentation related diseases such as vitiligo, leprosy etc. psoralen enables skin to create new pigmentation when out in the open to sunlight.

Price:Rs. 175 for 100g, I bought it almost an year ago,so don’t know the current price.
Shelf life: 3 years from the manufacturing date.
About the product:
The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump system.

Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20

The substance inside the bottle looks more like orange mermalaid than sunscreen. Yes, the sunscreen comes in an orange colored gel form. It has a very mild yet refreshing fragrance which won’t stay long after application. Has a mild cooling effect while applying. It gets easily absorbed into skin giving a perfect non-greasy finish. But it does not make your skin dry, rather moisturizes a little. This product claims an improvement in the complexion which I have seen true. It did make my complexion brighter and clearer.

Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20

Can you see in the above pictures, how beautifully it got absorbed into my skin without any greasy finish? It also moisturized my skin.
It is very thick, so I needed a very little amount. I have been using the bottle for over six months daily, but still a lot is left in the bottle.

Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20
Lotus Herbals Sunscreen SPF 20

Sun protection:
It contains SPF 20. So, if a person can in the sun without any skin irritation, say, for 15 minutes, then Lotus Herbals safe sun sunscreen gel would protect her for 15×20= 300 mins, i.e., for 5 hours ( courtsey: Jomol’s article:)). That means you have to repeat application every 5 hour. But it is not actually 5 hours in practice, because you have to keep in mind that this is not a water-proof, rubbing off-proof sunscreen. So for full protection you have to keep applying it every 3hours roughly.
However, if you want to know more about sun protection measurements, u may read this article by Jomol, /.
What I love about this product:

  • It’s oil-free, light, and non-greasy.
  • Requires only in a little amount.
  • It has a moisturizing effect, so no need to apply a moisturizer separately.
  • Regular use improves your complexion. Please remember, it does NOT make you fairer, but makes your skin brighter.
  • It has never ever broke me out.
  • Comes in a pump top bottle, so u can carry it in your bag easily and apply it anywhere.
  • It is a herbal based product, so no problem of harsh chemicals.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • It comes with a very low SPF, only 20 :(, which is not sufficient in the tropical countries like India.
  • It is neither water-proof, nor sweat-proof.
  • Requires frequent application, which is kinda impractical.
  • Company did not enlist the whole ingredients list. Only God knows what else chemical agents they used in it.
  • It makes your face oily within an hour of application.

This is not moisturizing enough for dry skin people. They can use it along with a moisturiser. It is low on SPF, so I think you can use it only if you are not staying in the sun for a long time. But if you have a plan to do so, go for a high SPF one.

My suggestion is, use two sunscreen simultaneously, one with a low SPF and another with high SPF. Just apply according to your situation. I use Nutrogena oil-free sunscreen along with it. I apply Nutrogena during the summer and Lotus herbals during the winter. Hence I solved my problem:).

My rating: :-* :-*:-*
Take care 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SunScreen Gel SPF 20 Review

  1. Hi bulbul,
    That was a nice review in one of my favorites. :jump: .
    I use this religiously every single day through out the year and its my HG sunscreen.Suits my combination sensitive skin to the T :-)) .I don’t know abt the face getting oily after an hour part,doesn’t happen 2 me.Guess it depends on whether u have combi or oily skin.

    I do agree with u on the moisturizing bit,that it doesn’t moisturize at all..But since I use an aloe vera gel after bath and 15 mins prior to the application of ths gel,it works well for me.. :dance: :dance:

  2. Hi bulbul.Nice review :-)) :-))
    I use lotus sunscreens too.Try the anti tan cooling gel wid spf 30.Its higher spf and has has all the other properties u described here.Hope u like it as much as i do 😀 😀

  3. I really like lotus sunscreens. But i dont use anything less than SPF 30 so I have never used this as well. But gel texture is great for summers na.. 🙂

    Nice review. :))

    1. yes, actually i bght it when i was in college. i did not stay for long in the sun that time. so i bght it. the gel form attracted me very much. 😛 for higher SPF, i use nutrogena( after reading IMBB review) :-))

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