Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask Review

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask

Okay so this is my birthday week and I went birthday shopping a few days ago. Since this is my first birthday after getting a good job…I had to splurge. Apart from a major clothing and novels haul, I bought my 2nd tub of LUSH Hair doctor by LUSH which is a Hair conditioning mask: D

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask


INR 450 for 100 gms


It’s a typical LUSH black tub with a product sticker on it.

Shelf life:

3 weeks when refrigerated.

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask 2

What LUSH says about Hair doctor mask:-

Cleansing, stimulating reviving hair moisturizer for mending poorly heads. Hair doctor will make house calls to inspire sad scalps and revive hair in need of help. There is fuller’s earth, clay which degreases your hair and scalp, stimulating peppermint and rosemary, and chamomile to soothe sore scalps.
Water, Irish Moss powder, fuller earth, Irish moss decoction, Extra virgin coconut oil, Organic jojoba oil, almond oil, peppermint oil, rosemary absolute, chamomile blur oil, yeast, red henna, lanolin.

My experience with Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask:

LUSH products have always been in news for their freshness and success. This one is no different. It’s basically an anti-dandruff mask which also conditions the scalp with the amazing oils in has. I will first tell you how I use it. It last for about 4 uses for me and I have mid length hair. I mix it with a little water and apply throughout the scalp and hair and gently massage it into the scalp. I leave it for half an hour and then wash it. You can use regular shampoo and conditioner although you don’t require a conditioner after this. The smell of this mask is so refreshingly peppermint-y and as soon as you put it, you can feel the tingling cooling sensation on the scalp. People with extremely sensitive noses may not like this. It has made my scalp squeaky clean and has removed all flakes on my scalp. It conditioned the hair and made them really smooth and amazing smelling. It removed all the greasiness and dirt. Overall, it’s a great hair mask for conditioning and cleaning your scalp for dandruff. And by the way, please take the mask out of fridge an hour before applying if you don’t want to catch a cold.

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask 3

Pros of Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask:

1) Makes hair smooth and moisturized.
2) Cleans scalp and degreases it.
3) Hair smells amazing after using it.
4) Contains no preservatives so no harmful chemicals for my precious hair.
5) Removes flakes from the scalp and helps to eliminate dandruff.
6) Cooling sensation on the scalp so great for summers.
7) Not over priced.

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask 4

Cons of Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask:

1) Just 3 weeks shelf life although I will manage to finish it before that.

Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask  swatch

IMBB rating: – 4.5/5

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8 thoughts on “Lush The Hair Doctor Conditioning Mask Review

  1. Lush *jogging* *jogging* *jogging*
    I just applied a mixture of rosemary, argan and grapeeed on my hair anf y hair is sooooo happy… *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*
    I loved the ingredients here *happy dance*

  2. wow yaaa this looks great *hifive* even i can manage to use it for 4 times *happydance* *happydance* where will i get this? available online ?? *woot*

  3. I will get this I will get this *happy dance* *happy dance* It’s so tedious making hair masks from scratch! Anything which can make my hair soft, I will get. I need to tame those wild rascals. I love them but still…! Ok, enuff of my rant and Belated Birthday wishes, Mily. *pompom* *pompom* And thanks for the review 🙂

  4. Wow 🙂 …good review, but do you think it would work for a sensitive scalp with dry hair? I am apprehensive with the pepperminty thing…Please suggest

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