Lux Body Wash in Soft Luxury and Uplifting Firm Review

I have used a lot of body washes, from Dove to Aveeno to Bath and Body works, to Olay just to name a few. But I think Lux was probably the first one I used when it was launched in India a few years back. I loved it that time and I still like it. Lately I switched to Aveeno and then Dove body wash. But when I saw the buy one and get one free offer, I bought both of the available varieties. I got 250ml + 250ml for an awesome price of Rs 80 only. And what more I got 2 free mini Dove soaps with them!

lux body wash

From the official promo:

Lux – a brand synonymous with beauty and Bollywood stars has relaunched its four Body Wash variants to beat the summer heat. The relaunched variants promise to give your skin a softness, smoothness and lingering aroma that is sure to make every bath a surreal, satisfying and refreshing experience. This sensuous Lux Body Wash range was relaunched by none other than our Bollywood Diva and the Lux brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra. The sensuous Bollywood Diva is all set to beat the heat and pamper her skin this summer with the new Lux Body Wash range, available in 125ml & 250ml packs for Rs.45 & Rs.80 respectively.

The 4 variants are White Glamour – which nourishes for fair and radiant skin, Silk Nourishment – which moisturizes for irresistible silky skin, Soft Luxury – a creamy moisture treat for beautifully soft and fragrant skin and last but not the least Uplifting Firm for smooth firm skin.

Lux Bodywash

‘Soft Luxury’ is a creamy moisture treat for achieving beautifully soft and fragrant skin. This moisture-rich cream is a luxurious blend of creamy rice milk and gentle white lilac. It is also accented with the lingering and elegant fragrance of velvety rose, leaving your skin beautiful and petal soft.

‘Uplifting firm’ is an extra-rich shower cream blended with Collagen and stimulating Mediterranean Sea Minerals. This formulation is designed to help condition the texture of skin to reveal beautifully smooth and firm looking skin. Gently massage your way to more beautiful and firm looking skin with this innovative Body Wash variant from Lux.

lux body wash

I tried both of these and except the color of the bodywash and their smell, I personally did not find any difference in them.

Soft Luxury is light pink in color, and has a subtle floral rosy smell, but not overpowering,
since I hate too rosy smells in cosmetics.

Uplifting firm is light green in color and has a nice fresh smell, I prefer this just on the basis of the fragrance.

I love everything about this bodywash, its the right consistency, not too thick nor too thin.
Smells nice, does decent work.

lux bodywash soft luxury

To sum it up-

PROs of Lux Body Wash

-Great price(even without the discount).
-Good quantity.
-Great smell.
-Works pretty well.
-Decent moisturizing quality.

CONs of Lux Body Wash

-Nothing much, except Dove deep moisture bodywash which I use is much more
thicker and moisturizing than Lux.


If you find it in a store with this discount, go for it. Even if you don’t I suggest you should go for it. Its decent for the price. Anyways came upon this old Lux ad with Rani Mukherjee – its a little cheesy and little adorable:

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22 thoughts on “Lux Body Wash in Soft Luxury and Uplifting Firm Review

  1. Haaaaaaaaa… good old lux!! I had almost forgotten about it..This post reminded me of some good old memories!! 😀 😀 Will love to check this out too now!! 🙂 Nice reivew Nikki!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. i have it and it went into trash half way .. somehow i hated it .. :(( its like they diluted ten rupees wali lux soap and filled it in a bottle :weep: :weep: :weep:

  3. hellO gUrLs,,, gOod mOrning… :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Nice Review :woot: but :secret2: i’ve used daT nd i stArt sneezing after bAth…sO my mOm advised me dRop this Lux bOttlE frOm ur Mind :(( 😕 .. :stars: he hehe.. but oFFer soUnds gOod.. :yes:

    :thanks: :thanks: FlyguRl…

  4. I have used lux body washes long time ago and I used to like them a lot. Don’t remember which ones I have used but I used to love the smell of these body washes. Rani looks cute. :))

  5. i never saw the add any time… but its very oldie oldie typeeeess. thanks for sharing and nice review,, i vl go for it with the offer… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  6. I have soft luxury..I like products that smell of roses so I bought this but its very mild…and the scent vanishes quite soon too! I was hoping it’ll smell something like yARDLEY’S English rose and Red roses perfume smells like O:)

  7. I’ve used the Soft Luxury one, decent for a bodywash, left it to try new ones, but with the discount, I am surely going to get one again! 🙂

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