Sigma Brushes Shopping Experience and Sigma E10 Brush Review

Sigma Brushes

Hello babes, I’m back again with another post on sigma brushes. Actually all you guys were really encouraging by giving your valuable comments. It makes me write more (in turn to buy more products for reviewing :P, which is new to me and I’m loving it)

As a newbie to make up, I had no idea about how much brushes help to seamlessly apply your makeup and how awesome the result could be. And that ignorance ended when I became a regular visitor of IMBB. I understood the vital role brushes play in applying makeup.

Before laying my hands on expensive brushes I wanted to get an idea of how brushes work. I picked a QVS powder brush and Flormoar blusher brush from NewU. I was not so satisfied with their performance. They shed bristles and spread after every wash.

And then I was eyeing on Sigma brushes, so called MAC dupes. I was so fascinated by their Make me Up brush sets. I did extensive research on the sigma brushes and watched so any review on youtube. Finally it decided to buy Sigma Sigmax HD brushes as I don’t do much eye makeup.
sigma brush e10
I also wanted a fine tip eyeliner brush to use with my MAC Blacktrack. So I ordered the eyeliner brush E10 ($9) along with the Sigma Sigmax brush set ($42).

I got a 10% off by using the coupon code STYLE2011. So I got a discount of $5 😀 . Though I picked the USPS First Class International shipping option the shipping was fast. I ordered on March 26th and I got the brushes on March 31st . The total bill was $56 including shipping.
sigma brush e10 look
I was so excited when I received the package. I couldn’t wait to get to my cube to open it and see the brush. And when I opened I was totally shocked :O . The F80 brush was missing and they have not included the free E25 travel brush L . I e-mailed them immediately and got a reply the next day. They apologized for what has happened and said they’ll send the missing F80 brush and the E25 brush as soon as possible. That made me feel better. And I received the missing brushes in one week . At the end everything was fine. Ahhhhhhh, such a long story. I know we ladies like to listen/tell stories 😀
sigma brush e10 stroke
So here are my beauties (missed to include E25 in the pic). I’m enjoying the brushes. You can purchase Sigma brushes from the Sigma website.

Sigma E10 Brush Review

As Rati has already reviewed the SIGMAX brushes, lets come to the E10 review.

Reason for choosing E10 over E05

1.E05 was looking pretty thick for eyeliner application. Rati has also mentioned in her review.
2.I may buy one of sigma’s make me up brush kit later, which includes E05. So I picked E10 now .

Why I Like Sigma E10 Brush

1.The bristles are stiff enough for lining.
2.You can get the line as thin as possible. I just dip the tip for thin line and dip more for thicker line.
3.Gives more control
4.Can be used on lower lashes. I use it for waterlines too.
5.Can be used with liquid and gel liners.

Why I Don’t Like Sigma E10 Brush

I actually don’t have any dislikes. If I could think of one, its just that the brush needs to be cleaned after every use. If not it becomes too stiff and pokes during the next application. Also it is a lil pricy.

Would I recommend it :
If you have tried any cheaper variant which works just fine, you can skip this. Do let me know if you know any good cheaper variant.

Have a great day gals.

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  1. Oooh..nice review Karpagam!! 😀 😀 …Sigma Brushes are really great na…me also will order a set soon now!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. I just love to look at these cute and chubby Sigmax brushes!!! I saw Rati’s F80 and I know how soffffffft it is!!!!

    Congos on your fantastic buy Kaps!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. nice review karpagam…. :)) :)) :)) i have both the sigmax brush set and E10 brush :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: i looooooooooove them a loooooooottttttt!!!!!!!! :aajanachle: :aajanachle: :aajanachle:

  4. I am so short of brushes. I’ve just a very few. Guess it’s time to stock up. For eyeliner , I use teh brush which came with the maybelline gel liner which is ok

  5. :shout: i don’t have a single brush with me.. :shout: nd u girls show off sexy sexy se Brushes all the time. :spank: :spank: . Me want sale on Brushes.. :smug: :smug: . i can’t do web shopping as im a Pocket-money gurl… 🙁 :(( 🙁 :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2:

  6. swati me too…… :smug: :weep: :X :duel: …………..

    we so have to get them all………. jab inka kharaab ho jayega… humara good good rahega …….. :tongue:

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