ELF Professional Concealer Brush Review

ELF Professional Concealer Brush Review


Product Description:

  • Creates flawless and smooth application with the synthetic bristled brush for wet or dry products.
  • Conceals blemishes, red spots, and darkness with precision treatment.
  • Creates even and full coverage.


1 USD (May vary marginally, depending on the store).

My Take on ELF Professional Concealer Brush:

Wearing concealer is an indispensable part of my makeup routine, which is why I like to explore and experiment with products that will allow my concealer to deliver even better results. Most people prefer to use concealer with their fingertips, but somehow I have always been drawn to concealer brushes.

ELF professional concealer brush is the latest addition to my set of brushes. When I looked at the price, I knew I wanted it immediately. Even if it turned out to be a dud, it would hardly be any loss.

Concealer Brush

I use a cream concealer (MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer) to cover my dark circles, red spots, blemishes, etc. It is my HG concealer and I rarely use any other. Keeping the consistency of my concealer in mind, this brush is nothing great.

Let me first describe this brush to you. As you can see, it is a very small brush. The bristles are synthetic, making it fit to be used with all kinds of concealers: liquid or cream. It is a stiff brush. The bristles are very, very compact and do not bend. Given all these features, I find this brush useful only for a few purposes.

ELF Concealer Brush

I have a lot of area on my face that I like to cover with concealer. This brush is not ideal for that. For instance, I would like to use a much larger brush (bristles that have more surface area) for that. However, if I have nothing else at my disposal, then this brush can possibly do an okay job of covering up, but it is surely not ideal. When it comes to covering up my dark circles, I like to use this brush in the inner corners of eyes since it is small and therefore more useful to maneuver around less accessible areas. It is also a good brush to cover up precise dark or red spots on your face.

Apart from using this as a concealer brush, I think this would also make a good eye brush—for a smudged look, perhaps. I haven’t used it as that yet, but perhaps it won’t be bad as that.

ELF Professional Concealer Brush

Overall, I would say that this is an average concealer brush, at least for my cream concealer. I don’t know how it would fare with liquid concealer, but I think I can say that you could give this one a miss.

Pros of ELF Professional Concealer Brush:

  • Precise, compact, small brush: can be used to cover up precise spots on face.
  • It can cover up less accessible regions, such as the inner corners of your eyes, effectively.
  • The synthetic bristles of the brush make it suitable for liquid as well as cream concealers.
  • Can perhaps be used as an eyeshadow brush.
  • Very inexpensive.

Cons of ELF Professional Concealer Brush:

  • Not a great choice of brush if you have a lot to cover up on your face. For instance, it won’t do a great job of covering up dark circles.
  • This brush doesn’t allow you to blend the product in very well.

My Verdict on ELF Professional Concealer Brush:

I wouldn’t say that this is a terrible brush, but it’s not great either. It doesn’t do much for you and it doesn’t enhance the look of the concealer on your skin. It is okay for covering up precise spots and regions on your face.

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12 thoughts on “ELF Professional Concealer Brush Review

    1. Jomol – I wasnt either until i found this smaller size brushes from MAC. Now I pretty much do all my makeup with brushes and sponges..

    2. Thank you, Jomol 🙂
      I think with liquid concealer it is probably easier to use fingertips. My concealer is a lot thicker in consistency so I find that I have to use a brush.

    1. You’re right, Neha. It does get streaky if I try to use it over larger areas. It’s only good for very precise application.

  1. Richa, good review.. I have this brush.. as you said, not very good as a concealer brush, but does a good job as an eye brush..are there any good brushes available from elf for applying foundation?

    1. Thanks Soumia 🙂
      What kind of foundation do you use? I use a powder foundation, for which ELF has a superb powder brush.

  2. Well written & nicely described post Richa 🙂 I am not too good with brushes so I use my hands for blending but for smooth applications I thinks brushes are best & this one at this this price is a steal 🙂

  3. good one richa.. am nt good in handling brushes & all bt i’ll definitely suggest them to every lady in my family as per ur reco.. 🙂

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