Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush

Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush

Dear All,

After reading Rati’s review on MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush, I desperately wanted to try one, but the price of MAC was totally out of my budget, so while browsing, I came across Bharat and Dorris’ products and boy, I was super impressed! Bharat and Dorris are our own leading makeup artists since the last 25 years and have recently started their own professional line of makeup. Their products are affordable and quite cheap! So far, I have tried their matte eyeshadow, lip gloss and makeup brushes and they will not disappoint you! The only problem with this brand is availability as its currently available only across Mumbai and Pune, plus their online website is not updated and you cannot order their stuff online either 🙁

Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush

Product Description:

Great for buffing and blending! Bristles are specially designed with goat hair and synthetic fibers to give you the perfect lightweight application. This flat-topped, full circular brush is used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures.

Bharat and Dorris

My Thoughts on Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush:

The foundation stippling brush is available in 3 sizes – “Small, Medium and Large,” and the one I am reviewing today is the “Medium” one. The bristles are soft and pick up the right amount of foundation.  It blends foundation like a dream and gives you that flawless look! The bristles are made of goat hair and synthetic fibers and don’t shed, though while washing, it did shed a couple for the first time, but since then, it never shed and I always wash my foundation brush 2 to 3 times a week!

Bharat and Dorris


Rs. 590.

Bharat and Dorris

Pros of Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush:

  • Blends foundation like a dream!
  • Super soft bristles.
  • Can be used for all kinds of textures/liquid/cream/mousse.
  • I have also used it to apply blush and it does the work wonderfully, in fact, I love this brush a lot for blending blushes, it gives the most natural look.
  • No more streaky foundations.
  • Does not shed hair.
  • Price is really affordable as compared to high-end brushes like MAC/Inglot/Sigma.

Cons of Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush:

  • Limited availability is the only con I can think of!

IMBB Rating:


If you come across B&D, do check out their eyeshadow refills and makeup brushes!

Till next time, cya!

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63 thoughts on “Bharat and Dorris Stippling Foundation Brush

  1. tnx 4 sharing . It luk clasy yt in budgt. .me despeo want stiplng brush. .i dnt use foundatn mch jus concealrz n cmpact bt stil want my colctn 2 luk rich hahaha. .

      1. applyn fce pwdr blush wd stipplng . .shock shock. . .me have fluffy ones 4 dat . .i jus cnt imagne usng stipng 4 aply blush

  2. B&D have amazing brushes 🙂
    I have few of their brushes and they are amazing~!! 😀
    I need to get me this stippling brush!!

  3. wow….good review Parita :yes: Actually I have ordered my SIGMA and I am eagerly waiting that to reach 🙂 :teddy:

      1. Parita, F80 is good for buffing the foundation after applying….i dont get that stipple stipple stipple-dot-dot-dot effect with it :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. i love stippling brushes. They totally make the foundation and blush application many times better. I liked that this is no too wide or flowery 😐 Looks good! :yes:

        1. yeh toh kooosh bhi nhi, i washed one makeup broosh today n kept it in clean water for some time… the water has turned black now and the bristles of the broosh which were black have become white 😐 😐 😐 😐

  5. Nice review Parita.. :)) :))

    saw some good reviews on other B&D products too… any idea where can I find their products in Mumbai?

  6. Parita, I have been looking for stippling brushes, but there are not much around except MAC and of course this one. I want a stippling brush now…do you know of any other brand selling such kind of a brush :))

    1. Hi priyanka..Bharat and Dorris products are not available can find them in Mumbai and Pune only currently..B&D have exclusive showroom in Phoenix Mall Pune and Infinity Mall Malad Mumbai

  7. it looks grt Parita… I bought Vega proffesional stippling brush which turned out to be dud. :struggle: . it comes in the same price range.. good that u got this … :woot:

  8. nice review Parita…I saw the bigger stippling brush at B& costs Rs.700 and looks exactly like 187 MAC that I have… :yahoo: ..wil check out some other brush now..I have B&D very close by as I stay in Malad.. :happydance: :happydance:

      1. :happydance: :happydance: Jomo..I have all brands near me..MAC,MUFE,TBS,B&D,Inglot,Faces… :yahoo: :yahoo: ..thats y am askin you to visit my place…come come… :puchhi:

        1. hey you stay near Infinity Malad :yahoo: :yahoo: most happening place in mumbai and inorbit is also so near na :))
          yeah even i saw a bigger brush but found it too big for my face so thought to give medium one a try :))

          1. haan Parita..happenin place..but these brands are so tempting…I end up spendin so much every month,main reason being these brands 😆 😆

  9. Hey Guys……… looks like quiet a steal for 500 bucks :yahoo: ….where do i get this Bangalore :woot: :clap: have they started their stores in Blore by any chance..

  10. Roopa, as of now, Bharat and Dorris products are available only in Mumbai, if you know someone in Mumbai, you can ask them to pick this up for you and send O:)

  11. ThanKs Jomol. Had been to Mumbai only recently, but this prod rvw was not up, hence missed it…….booo hoooo. :waaa: :scream:

  12. Nice review Parita…
    I bought the same brush after reading the review ….the price has been increased
    small one 590
    medium one 690
    and big one 790…..
    my friend bought medium one yesterday from city mall andheri and will courrier me from there :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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