Marks & Spencer Per Una Blusher #10 Brick Red

Marks & Spencer Per Una Blusher #10 Brick Red

marks spencer per una blusher
According to the company: Create a glowing complexion with the soft illuminating powder blusher.
Shade: #10 named Brick. A deep red colored blush.
Quantity: 4.5 gms
Price: Unknown but on ebay one can get it in 4-5$.

My Take on Marks & Spencer Brick Blusher

I have already reviewed the lipsticks and bronzing powder I have from this brand. For me, M&S makes awesome makeup stuff but the only problem is availability in India otherwise this brand could be earning huge respect in the field of makeup too.

I own just this shade of blusher from the per una brand under Marks & Spencer. It is a lovely matte brick color with a satin finish that adds nice flush of deep red on your cheeks and makes you stand out in some special occasions. I would not call it an everyday wear kind of a shade as I tend to like my pink blushes more on a daily basis for the subtle glow they provide and have reserved this particular blush for marriages/parties etc.
marks spencer per una blush
This blusher is super pigmented and goes on smoothly and evenly on top of my foundation and stays intact for a long time. Just one swipe of my blusher brush is enough to pick up enough product and I have to tap it first to let go of the excess and just apply on my cheeks and ta da, I am ready to rock. 😛 For me, one swipe is enough but the color is easily buildable and one needs a light hand application only to give a nice flush of color on your face.

This color would easily suit our Asian skin tone and so one should keep a red blush in their blusher palette always. A light application of Brick blush yields a surprisingly natural looking soft red which is bright yet wearable.

Pros of the Marks & Spencer Brick Blusher

• Silky smooth in texture.
• Easy to blend with any normal blusher brush.
• Stays on for long-easily for 5 hours.
• Highly pigmented and one swipe is enough to add a nice flush on the cheeks.
• Little goes a long way.
• A bright yet wearable red color that looks quite natural on the face.
• Nice elegant packaging.
• Cheap if bought online.
• Hypo-allergenic.

Cons of the Marks & Spencer Brick Blusher

• Available online only.
• More blush used can turn you into a clown 😀
• No brush or mirror provided with the packaging.

Top: Brick blush 1 swipe and bottom is 3 swipes

Ratings : 4/5(-1 for non-availability)

Recommend: Yes. A red blush always adds a nice glow to the face and looks cool on some special occasions. This color has a universal appeal and would definitely suit our Indian skin tone so keep a red blush handy always and this Brick color is a great choice. 😉

Now just a snap of me wearing the Brick blush with a light hand as I had applied a Red lipstick so did not want to highlight the cheeks much. But still the natural flush of red that this blush has imparted can be seen.

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