MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara Review

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara Review

Hello everyone!

I hadn’t tried any MAC product before because there are no outlets in Trivandrum *waaa* sad nah?! I tried to shop online, but the shipping prices were way too high *nababana* I kept my patience and decided to buy from Kuwait, but I was shocked to see the prices here. The lipsticks cost KD 6.750 which is almost INR 1400 while the MAC site sells it for $16 which equals to INR 900. I don’t know why it costs so much here, but I always wanted to buy them, so after second thoughts, I bought two lipsticks and a mascara *happydance* Today, I will be reviewing the mascara I bought.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

Product Details:

A mascara that instantly creates a starburst dazzle effect. The trick lies in a new compact-sized, slightly sculpted brush applicator that singles out and pushes lashes to go bigger, bolder, longer, with a plush, glamorous curve. A rich application that delivers what you want: dazzling long lashes.


MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

Price and Quantity:

KD 8.500 (approximately INR 1800) for 8 gm.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

My Experience with MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara:

I have been using this mascara for 3 weeks. I must say that I am not all that impressed. It does provide length to my lashes and dries fast. However I find that my lashes tend to clump up at the tips giving my lashes a fake look which I totally hate. But when I apply it to my lower lashes, I do not see my lashes clumping.  I now apply one coat to my upper lash and two to three coats on my lower lash.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

This definitely opens up my eyes.  The colour is jet black and it’s not that lifeless black – just as the name suggests, it’s more of a dazzle black.  There is glitter to it, but still it’s a healthy shiny black (hope you get what I mean) which I love and it’s the main reason for which I haven’t dumped it yet.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

What I Like about MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara:

  • Even if I don’t use an eyelash curler, I get quite a curl on my lashes when I apply this mascara.
  • Post application, my eyelashes do look longer as it claims.
  • I have thin eyelashes, but this mascara really does add a lot of oomph to my lashes and gives them a dramatic look. There are some days when I go out without applying the kajal and just this mascara which opens my eyes a lot.
  • I like the dazzling cap it has, it looks elegant and shiny.
  • The bristles are closely packed and hence cover every lash.

Cons of MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara:

  • It has a creamy consistency which makes the application easy.
  • It is highly pigmented and gives a healthy, shiny black colour on lashes with one coat itself.

Without mascara:

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

With one coat of mascara. Can you notice the tips of my lashes clumped up.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

With two coats of mascara.

MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara

What I Dislike about MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara:

  • The tips of my lashes get clumped up a bit which I absolutely dislike.
  • It’s not waterproof and does not claim to be so.  A splash of water can make this mascara run down and another splash can give you raccoon eyes!!! Please do not cry while you have this on. *nonono*
  • Quite an expensive mascara.
  • I dislike the applicator, I prefer the ones that are curved like the Lakme ones.

Would I Repurchase MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara?

No, it’s a bit pricey and not waterproof.

Would I Recommend MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara?

I feel that there are other mascaras that give curl and volume to your lashes. This one does give me a dramatic look, but I dislike the fact that the tip of my lashes get clumped up.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (-2 for the tip of my lashes getting clumped up).

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9 thoughts on “MAC Dazzle Lash Volume Pro Mascara Review

  1. nice review Dhivya….and we tend to buy these high-end brands from outside India, hoping they will cost us lesser there…but u paid more money…. *scared*
    this mascara can be skipped i guess…

    1. I thought of not buying the products after seeing the price, the foundation cost double!!! but sadly my place in India doesn’t have any MAC outlets and that is why i am tempted to buy them at this rate. *headbang*

  2. Good review, Dhivya! 🙂 And wow, the ‘after’ shot looks dramatically different from the ‘before’ shot!

    1. absolutely Purva. mascaras must never clump up your lashes…. each lash must stand out… i’m really sad that this purchase is a thumbs down for me *waaa*

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