MAC Eyeshadow – Mylar

MAC Eyeshadow – Mylar

MAC describes this shade as creamy white with shimmer in satin finish.

Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Create a customized palette of shades. Fits into Pro Palette case for easy storage and transport.


INR 720/pan

Mac Eyeshadow Mylar

So this is the ninth mac eyeshadow in my collection, dont ask me why I keep counting, probably because i treasure them a lot, I keep them safely and wont be able to take any breakge or nicks in these pretties, not all of them have lived upto my expectation but I still would use them, mainly because of the awesome variety they provide to my collection.
Mac Eyeshadow Mylar  (4)

This one ofcourse is an out and out highlight shade, not many of them would like to spend as much only for a highlight shade, you must have heard of vex and vellum for highlights, but this one, trust me if different from all, its actually a whitish cream shade, hard to work with, it might look white on many indian skint tones, I think you can love it or hate it, you cannot ignore this one as a highlight.

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If you dont really bother about highlight under the brows, or go really intricate with you eye makeup, then you can skip this shade altogether. If you like to keep a shade or two of highlights, then you can consider this, let me tell you about its attributes.

Mac Eyeshadow Mylar  (2)
If you dont like shiny highlights under the brow, you need something matte, and light and something to really keep makeup clean, or maybe blend the colors well, just to give a clean sweep under the brow, without adding any shimmer or sheen , just keeping it matte still helping the arch of your brow, then this is your color. I add it in the end when i feel like keeping the makeup neat, I apply a sweep under the brows and it really enhances the look without any color.

Mac Eyeshadow Mylar

The shade is a satin, I would not say its a silky powder, it feel smooth but you dont really pick up much in one sweep, it is not velvety and I think this way it keeps the shade safe, I mean you really dont want a lot of white under the brows or on your brush, so that way I am happy. I also wont call it chalky, as when I use just a bit, it barely shows up, it blends very well with my skin.

Mac Eyeshadow Mylar  swatch
When I say my skin, I mean, that we all have seen, under the brows, the skin looks way brighter due to all the threading and tweezing as compared to the dark circles or lid color, so i feel this shade goes just right for me.If you think you are dusky, then this will really look creamy white on you. But you can never go wrong with it because you need to pick up very less color, and it barely shows and blends to perfection under the brows.

Sweep of Mylar under the brows

The pigmentation and the texture is nothing to die for, it is functional, not chalky or powdery but kind of safe to play with. I personally love it because I can use it for simple looks just to neati-fy the makeup, i go wrong with sheen under the brows a lot of times, so this is a safe bet, I dont know if it shows but at the end I sweeped a bit of this under the brows, it barely shows still looks neat.

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Not a must-have, but if you prefer matte highlights for eyes, then try this 🙂

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8 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow – Mylar

  1. i loooooved the color of the eyeshadow neha. I personally like these kind of highlighters that are easy to pull off even during the day. Loved your eye makeup as usual. *puchhi* *puchhi*

  2. I love this shade… It is so perfect for d days u don’t want to over do yet highlight! I personally am fond of these shades *drool* *thankyou* for the review:)

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