MAC Power Point Pencil “Engraved” and MAC Creemsheen Lipstick Review

MAC Engraved Eye PencilMAC power point eye liner pencils are the best thing that could happen to a girl who loves black eyeliner and kajal. I absolutely love wearing kajal. You can never spot me without it. If I don’t line my lower water line with a thick black line for some reason, people come up to me and ask if I am not feeling well?! 🙂 I think every Indian woman should wear kajal, if you are not; you are missing out on something. 🙂

Ok, let cut to the chase and do a review on the MAC power point pencil in “engraved”.

Price – Rs 920 (India Rupees)

Shades available: So There Jade, Navy Stain, Bountiful Brown, Forever Green, Buried Treasure, Duck, Grey Utility, Industry, Bordeauxline, Permaplum, Prussian, Tealo, Stubborn Brown, Engraved.

MAC describes powerpoint as “Waterproof. Longwearing. Metallic, shimmer and matte finishes. Smooth to apply. Won’t transfer, smudge, or budge… Draws the line: powers your eyes. Makes its point. Lasts”.

Pros for MAC power point eye liner pencils

Most of the stuff they claim is true.

1) Waterproof: I apply it on my waterline and on my lower lash line. I smudge it up with a q-tip for a smoky look. I do this in the morning and this thing stays on till night. Even if I wash my face the liner stays on intact. That’s awesome, right?

SEE Photos and Swatches

2) Smudgeproof: The pencil gives you about 30 seconds time after you apply it to smudge. But, once you do that it stays put. Both as eyeliner and on the waterline.

3) Super creamy: The pencil glides on like a dream. No pulling or tugging of the area near the eye. Most pencils I have tried are super harsh on the eyelids and I would have to pull my eye around the corner to apply. Not this. Nah-uh!

Here are some swatches and pics of the powerpoint pencil .

MAC Power Point Eye Pencil- Engraved
MAC Power Point Eye Pencil- Engraved

CONs for MAC power point eye liner pencils

1) Not intense: The eyeliner is not jet-black as I would like it to be. Perhaps I should convince myself that it is not the traditional “kajal”. I feel nothing can come close to the intense black that our kajal gives.

2) Does transfer: Even though it’s supposed to stay put and not budge, I found that after a good 5/6 hours, I find that some of the liner form the lower lash line has transferred to the outer corner of the eye. Yikes, I hate that!

3) Sharpening: Another thing I don’t like about this pencil is that it needs to be sharpened and only MAC sharpeners work with this pencil. I have tried a couple of times with my other sharpeners and had very bad results. I almost wasted half my pencil and then had to go and purchase the MAC sharpener which is again 6 $ USD 🙂

4) COST: Rs 920

Apart from these cons, I really really like this pencil. It’s become one my staples. I will definitely repurchase it. I am dying to try Prussian. Such a pretty military blue.

But the only eyeliner that has surpassed all my high expectations is Urban Decay’s 24X7 eyeliner pencil. OMG, this thing is a blessing from almighty. It’s expensive as hell. 18 dollars a pop. But its da bomb! ‘nuff said. If you can afford it, try one. You’ll know what I am talking about.

MAC creemsheen lipstick in “Crème In Your Coffee”

MAC Creamesheen Creme On CoffeeEver since lip glosses became popular, I have almost stopped wearing lipsticks. Gloss is much more forgiving and is more fun. But, I stopped by a MAC store recently and started testing their lipsticks. I fell in love with them instantly. The sheer variety of colors impressed me. So while I was there, I found my MLBB shade, guys! MLBB is “my lips but better”. So it’s a shade that comes close to your lip color, but it’s much prettier :). This shade is mid-tone pink with a hint of brown mixed in. It was love at first sight for me. There are about 19 shades in the crème sheen range. All colors or more or less light/nude shades.

PRICE: Rs 920 /- Indian Rupees

PROs for MAC creemsheen lipstick in “Crème In Your Coffee” :

  1. Crème sheen lipsticks are obviously much creamier than mattes but not sheer like a luster one. It’s kind of a cross between the two. While you get a good color payoff, it’s also a “bit” moisturizing compared to mattes.
  2. It’s highly pigmented. Just a swipe gives a nice wash of color on my lips and I am good to go.
  3. Staying power: The lipstick stays on for about 4 -5 hours for me. Considering that this is the maximum time any lipstick has ever stayed on for me, this one scored brownie points.
  4. This one is a general for all MAC lipsticks: If you have been to MAC you’ll know that their shade selection is just amazing. You will definitely find a color that fits your bill.
  5. The vanilla flavour: I personally seem to like the vanilla-esque flavor that comes with MAC lipglosses and Lipsticks. Many people seem to dislike it. But to me , its very mild and not overpowering at all
  6. Packaging: It’s very much a signature MAC lipstick with its nice black case with the silver MAC letters engraved. It’s pretty sophisticated.

Here are some pictures of some swatches.

MAC Creamsheen Lipstick
MAC Creamsheen Lipstick- Creme In Your Coffee

CONs for MAC creemsheen lipstick in “Crème In Your Coffee”

  1. I only said a “bit” moisturizing coz I would personally prefer if it was much more moisturizing. So I always to tend apply some clear gloss on top. But, that’s just me. You may like it as it is. Or you can apply some lip balm 10-15 minutes before application and blot it off before applying the lipstick.
  2. The lippy costs about 920 Indian rupees. That’s a bit much to invest in a lipstick. But MAC being MAC is always known for their premier prices. That is why I just have one MAC lipstick and one lipgloss . 🙂 Don’t want to become a MAC addict !

I do not have any other CONs for this product. It’s absolutely become one of my favs. Do try some lipsticks at MAC, you sure to fall in love. They have a shade for everyone . 🙂

Hope you guys liked the two reviews. If you have tried or planning to try these products, do let me know what you feel.


34 thoughts on “MAC Power Point Pencil “Engraved” and MAC Creemsheen Lipstick Review

  1. Poornima you got the name confused there. This article is by Jane 🙂

    Yes it is well written…but before I buy anything else from MAC, I want to try their foundations

  2. Oh wow, Jane.. Great review.. And I agree with you.. Can’t let ourselves become MAC addicts.. It’s just not possible… :-((

  3. @Ki – You go girl 😉 I’ll try and do a foundation review soon 😉
    @Rati – What’s a beauty blog without some temptation , uh ? 🙂
    @Mrunmayee – Yeah , We’ll become bankrupts then !!

  4. Dear Jane,

    wonderful double review, Jane! Yet to explore MAC, but not sure if I will explore it the same way I did TBS! U too kajal girl? Count me in! Agreed…girls miss something without kajal….fool proof product in anybody’s stash…

    I love the names Jade, Bountiful brown, Tealo….

    U apply on waterline? It says so? Watch out, dear! I heard MAs say its not recommendable for waterline…i too like my liner jet black…blackest black possible, but I dont find my Bobbi Brown gel liner so black 🙁

    I tried Mac lipstick in Plumful, which is lustre! I love lustre finish to pieces…Cremem in your coffee looks like my pick 🙂 thnq very much for the reco, doll….

    yes…ppl do talk miles abt MAC pros, but hard to find cons…BUT, I can find cons in MAC 🙂

    I like the way MAC lipsticks smell, just like vanilla, but Body Shop lipsticks do smell the same way…and we do get more product….MAC lipstick is 3g whereas TBS is 4 g…PLs…no intentions to degrade MAC or no revolutionary statements like I wont try MAC, but I didnt like the way ppl projected themselves at MAC….

    1. Divija, I agree on what you say about the quantity. Recently there was a big hullabaloo on the reduced quantity of their pigents as well. Somone really big has to come up to give a tough competition to MAC. Makeup Forever looks like one but again it will take time to make its presence felt. MAC is also a cult brand IMO. 🙄

  5. 1950 Rs? God, i thought indian rupee was similar to Pak rupee….tats double the price….luks like sarah shd also cover india in her tour…..

    i didnt know that they reduced the amount of pigments, but yes…it might take some time to give a tough competetion….

  6. Hi Jane,

    Nice review.I too have a problem with kajal/eyeliner getting collected at the corners of my eyes with almost every liner including MAC – and i just hate this.I had tried the MAC technokohl liner few days back, in abt 4 hrs i had all the pigments all over my under eye area.glad i didnt buy it.

    I love kajal on my waterliner – the dark intense black kinds, still havent found out one which stays put and doesnt get collected near corners of my eyes.

    Dont know if sth is wrong with my eyes or the liners. 😥 😥

    Still hunting for a liner that suits me.

    Any suggestions? tips? tricks?

  7. @ Divija – Yeah if you ask the makeup artists they’ll say you can’t apply on the waterline coz they are legally bound too , but the sole purpose of me buying black liners is for my water and lowerlashline 🙂

    Yeah sometimes people at MAC can be big time snobs. But , I have learnt that we need to ask clearly for what we want. After all we are customers and MAC products are expensive as hell..So they better treat us well 🙂

    @Rati – I don’t know if you have seen any MUFE brands in India , but MUFE is usually super duper expensive , even in comparison with MAC. MUFE eyeshadows cost more than 20 $ while MAC ones are 14 $. So I don’t even try to go near them.

  8. Hey Anoma ,

    I have the same problem too. But i found that urban decay eyeliner (that i mentioned in the review) is really really good. You sould try if you have access to it.

    If not i find that If I set my kajal with black powder eyeshadow , its stays put without collecting at the corner. It also adds a smoky effect. Try this and see if it helps 🙂

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